BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Showdown. Occupy Baltimore protesters could be in for another clash with police over a proposed youth jail. Occupy Baltimore is gathering again on East Monument Street, after six arrests there just 24 hours ago. Police are making a show of force.

Mike Hellgren has what’s next and new video of their confrontation Monday night.

Troopers made their presence known, sitting in cars inside the massive vacant lot where they arrested six Occupy Baltimore protesters just hours before.

New video shows police telling media to get out before dismantling the group’s tent and tearing down the makeshift schoolhouse they built on the state-owned land while protesting a multi-million dollar jail.

Dozens of officers lined the area in riot gear but Occupiers say they’re not intimidated.

“Just because the city is trying to stop our efforts to organize around a mistake that they’re making doesn’t mean we’re going to stop,” said Koala Largess, Occupy Baltimore.

Police say the property is private and they only arrested protesters after repeated warnings.

The group plans to be back here all week and police are maintaining a constant presence.

Mike McGuire was charged with trespassing.

“Politically, hopefully it’s a threat. Politically, we’re keeping this agenda on the public’s radar,” McGuire said.

“We want everything to be calm. We want everyone to express their views and that’s what we intend to do,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

It remains to be seen whether tensions will boil over again or whether relations with police will be peaceful as they were during the raid at McKeldin Square last month, where there were no arrests.

Occupy protesters also clashed with police in Washington D.C., where at least one person was arrested during a demonstration against corporate greed at the U.S. Capitol.

Comments (3)
  1. Jim50 says:

    Will these morons ever occupy a job?

  2. K. Smith says:

    your job comment notwithstanding, some of the points that the group is making are valid points. Everyone would be much better served with a bigger focus on education rather than on building new jails.

  3. Vince R says:

    Almost all of Occupy Baltimore members have at least one job if not more. Yet even with busy work schedules, taking care of our families, and community responsibility, we find time to work for a better Baltimore and a better America. I wish all the people that told me to get a job would work as hard for our community as I do?

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