BALTIMORE (WJZ)— The celebration of all things Ravens continues.

Gigi Barnett takes a look at the purple and black parties planned for this weekend.

In front of the Baltimore County Court House, there’s a purple party going on.

Minutes before County Executive Kevin Kamenetz pumped up the crowd, he renamed Patriot Plaza Ravens Plaza. The new name stays for this weekend only—until the Ravens beat the Patriots.

“Monday morning, we’ll go back to that. Right now it’s Ravens Plaza in Baltimore County,” said Carroll Frank, Ravens fan.

The county capped off its Ravens celebration with cake for all. And the party is just one of thousands planned this weekend.

“This year the Ravens fans in Baltimore are going nuts,” said Dan “The T-shirt Man” McClure.

In addition to selling Ravens gear, he also sells party supplies at DePalo and Sons. He says fans want everything from purple napkins to black glasses.

“There’s never too much purple. In Baltimore in the Super Bowl year, you can never have too much black and purple,” McClure said.

Patti Halls owns Beadwear in Towson. With the Ravens now just one game away from the Super Bowl, she says the passion for purple will spike.

“I think everybody will see a spike because everyone will be happy,” Hall said.

WJZ will bring you the AFC Championship game live as the Ravens face the Patriots. Kickoff is at 3 p.m. Sunday.


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