By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A Baltimore County man is sentenced to prison time for his role in a dogfighting operation. The animals found in his care were dirty, malnourished and mutilated. Amazingly, some of them survived.

Mike Schuh has the conclusion to this disturbing case.

What was done to the dogs is horrible, but there is reason to be hopeful for their future.

Authorities say lovable animals Michelle, Bridgette and Shelly were used for sport and endured horrendous abuse at the hands of a dog fighter.

“They’re put into a machine to keep them steady while they are raped by the male dogs. It’s horrifying,” said Baltimore Humane Society Executive Director Jen Swanson.

Larry Alston, a 37-year-old Woodlawn man, was sentenced to three years in prison Monday by a Baltimore County Circuit Court judge. Police say when they arrested Alston in 2009, he had numerous dogs inside his home that were malnourished and scarred, living inside feces-covered cages. Prosecutors say those animals were used and bred for dogfighting.

“He did get three years today which is something of a miracle because oftentimes cases end up in appeals forever, such as the case with Phoenix the pit bull,” Swanson said.

The Baltimore Humane Society says they believe this case of animal abuse and dogfighting sends a clear message.

“That dogfighting is illegal and inhumane and will not be tolerated,” Swanson said.

Adam Lippe, the assistant state’s attorney for Baltimore County, released a statement saying, “The disrespect for the animals under his care was willful and deliberate, and hopefully the lesson is that the lives of animals mean something.”

Anyone interested in adopting the dogs can contact the Baltimore County Humane Society, which is located in Reisterstown.

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  1. Sharon says:

    They should put him in a cage and let the inmates in prison rape him on a daily basis. An eye for an eye.

  2. K. Smith says:

    No they should not… Humans are much more important than animals!!! That being said, I do NOT condone the actions of this man in the least. We all need to learn to cherish all life and give it the respect it is due.

  3. inmy_opinion says:

    Three years sentence in the Baltimore judicial system means three months. I agree with Sharon. They should put him in a cage and let the inmates take care of his life in prison.

  4. the mole says:

    Look closely, he is an animal & resembles a pit bull….What is it with these “Tough guy blacks” that all need a posse & or a bunch of dogs to be tough.

    1. George says:

      Let’s leave the race card out. Race is not an issue, this is a man that did wrong and will serve his time. Call it what it is!

      1. ewoc says:

        Please, that’s exactly what it is. how many dog fighting cases do you see in the burbs? Dog fighting is predominately an inner city problem. It’s a shame that these sweet animals’ lives are sacrificed at the hands of these soul-less people. May they rot in hell.

  5. colliemom says:

    K.Smith – Humans are NOT more important than animals; they just like to think they are. Hunger, fear and pain are just the same to any species; dogs hurt just the same as people do. Humans have a magnified responsibility to help other species in pain because we are more evolved and thus have the ability to do so. People who cause harm to or maltreat animals will take pleasure in harming or victimizing people, too. Get them off the streets to keep us all safe (all us creatures). Very glad to see a court taking this behavior seriously; would like to see other cases handled the same way.

  6. rulersback says:

    spoken life a true close minded moron. you embarass yourself, you embarass all of us.

  7. ballsohardclub says:

    This gorilla looks like he fell outa ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down. He won’t be needing handcuffs in prison, just wet his big lips & stick him on a wall.

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