TIMONIUM, Md. (WJZ) — A wild ride and a deadly crash. A burglary suspect flees police and several innocent drivers get caught up in the mess.

Mike Hellgren has new details about the men police say are behind a crime spree.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 shows the aftermath of a massive crash on Dulaney Valley Road. Police say an out-of-control burglary suspect in a stolen car caused the mess, injuring several innocent drivers.

Aaron Nathaniel McCoy Jr., 20, was fleeing from police after investigators say he committed two burglaries just minutes before. Baltimore County cops were tracking McCoy in their chopper after he refused to pull over. He collided with a Jeep and a truck, careened into a telephone pole and died.

Police say McCoy’s accomplice, Jenard Toliver, fled the car moments before the crash. They caught him and charged him with grand theft auto and burglary.

Authorities believe McCoy was behind at least seven burglaries at homes in a picturesque part of northern Baltimore County that put many on edge.

“It seems poetic justice to me. He created his own problem and it’s sad that he lost his life rather than owning up to and being held accountable for what he did,” said Marge Paulding.

The homeowner came home and saw one of the men leaving his house and recorded the license plate.

Court records reveal McCoy had several prior convictions—one for theft, another for eluding police and recently had a hearing for violating his probation.

“You don’t want to say it’s a price of breaking the law because you don’t want to see it happen to anyone. It’s not a favorable outcome,” said John Hawks.

WJZ did speak to the driver of the Jeep caught up in the crash. He said he was traumatized by what happened and declined to speak further about the tragic events.

Toliver is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on half a million dollars bail.

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  1. Sezmane says:

    ok no comments yet where are the racists???

    1. Eric says:

      Why get them started. That makes you no better than them.

  2. Andy Schneider says:

    Twenty year old with several prior convictions? He was never a Boy Scout, was he? Death is always tragic but he did it to himself. Itr’s just a shame soem innocent people have injusries and damage to deal with because of the incident.

  3. wllHarrington says:

    Fortunately the criminal was the only one killed, saving all of us the aggravation of hearing all about his childhood and problems causing his entry into crime. He has also saved the taxpayer the cost of a trial and numerous appeals as well as the cost of room and board if convicted.

  4. Ernie says:

    too bad the accomplice bailed before the accident.

  5. Scott Karg says:

    That a-hole came within 6″ of hitting me head on, good riddance to bad trash.

  6. Jane says:

    I see no need to mention race! It doesn’t matter the color of your skin it’s just sad that this is the path this young man chose to take! It’s obvious that he had no one to look up to or anyone to mentor him! Everyone needs that regardless of race! I’m thinking about the ones involved in this accident and hope they will recover soon!

  7. Reality says:

    This person made a choice to have a criminal record as lengthy as he did, at such a young age. There really is no reason to bring race into the picture, although some will want to feel better so they will bring it up just for the sake of doing so. While it is always sad a person loses a life at such a young age, there is no way society or the system could have rehabilitated this person – the habits were already formed and there was no way this was ever going to change.

  8. Alex Pratz says:

    if the justice system kept his ass behind bars then this would not have occurred in the first place!!!

  9. Bob Mesaris says:

    “live by the sward and died by the sword” saved us taxpapers a bunch of cash.

  10. Anon says:

    I know all of these people commenting has to be white and not no anything about the struggle that black males has to through to make it. They already are born into the world with two strikes and have to try extra hard not to fall victim to committing crimes and get that third one. They are committing crimes and they are also victims. I 100% agree that no one should do anything to harm people but a the same time society has done nothing to make sure that we all are equal and have the same opportunities..

    1. Diane King says:

      I don’t buy it. These strikes you are referring to have been created by your own community, not anyone else.

    2. backdoorBen says:

      Anon, Maybe if you spear chuckers would keep your pants on, that would be a start.Welfare babies grow up to be criminals.

    3. mac says:

      that is NOT the job of society (in general)! Don’t you remember ‘it takes a village’?

  11. Michael says:

    A favorable outcome.

  12. backdoorBen says:

    Fuc that spook.

  13. Tay says:

    As the cousin of Aaron nathaniel mccoy I find it quite rude and nasty some of the comments you negative people and citizens of this state have made. Nobody makes the right decisions all the time and it is no ones’s place to judge. We will all have to take a charge for things that we do in our lifetime but to call someone a welfare baby or talk about them in a degrading and inhuman manner makes me realize just how evil the world is. If you were eductaed you would know that the face of welfare poster should be a Caucasian American as more whites are on welfare than any other race. As far as taxpayer dollars are concernred its sadens me that it’s spent on taking care of people like you who don’t have respect. IMy family has to deal with his death as well and it has affected many people. I can only hope that for all you “angels” and “saints” out there that no one will speak ill of you or your race when it’s your time to go.

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