ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says it’s considering reducing the statewide bag limit for white-tailed bucks from nine to three.

The agency released the proposal Thursday for the 2012 and 2013 hunting seasons. It says the concept is subject to change, based partly on what it hears at a stakeholders meeting Feb. 8 and at public hearings in March.

The DNR says hunters have told wildlife managers the current limit is too high.

The agency says the proposal also would simplify hunting regulations.

Current regulations allow those who hunt with bows, muzzleloaders and modern firearms to kill up to two bucks during each of those seasons in the area east of Clear Spring, plus one per season in the area further west.

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  1. Bone Buster says:

    You need to let some bucks grow up. I would like to see a point limit like PA has implmented. It is starting show in just a few years with them taking some real trophy deer now.

  2. PA/MD Hunter says:

    From 9 bucks to 3…..I’ve hunted for over 50 years and have never seen that many bucks in a year(I hunt at least 3 days a week when possible). As far as PA I’ve owned a camp in Warren County since 1967. The killing off of does has left the area almost depleted of deer. Last season our camp saw a total of 6 does with no bucks. My cousin (PA resident) and his camp saw less deer than we did. Pa changed the doe permit last season and it did not start until Saturday, so I hope we’ll start seeing more does. Finally PA fired Dr. Alt who implmented the program.

  3. Michael Matthew Bogdon says:

    I don’t get it.The state of MD has been uping the doe kill for 20 yrs,the mountain counties hung back.We are told take does,call in checking,increased traffic accidents ,due to infestation of whitetails.Hunted whitetails extensively on the eastern shore and down the Marva peninsula this year and cited very few deer,let alone harvesting bucks.I’m not for quality deer management statewide,and feel hunters with QDM should organize this with their clubs on private land.If this season and the like replies about the lack of doe depletion is (PA&MD) in this forum,real or not ,makes me scratch my head,about what the heck are we talking about limiting buck harvest.Hunters don’t decide to grow trophies statewide We fund the state natural resource depts to,properly managing the ratio of the herd,with health and stability issues at the forefront of management.It’s a numbers and biological issue,not to be decided by growing big bucks for the wall,To concentrate on the doe seed has to be at the forefront.Does the Md DNR got a hold on the large number of does to harvest in a possible diminishing herd is the question,again how did a buck reg come out of this management plan?

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