BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Guilty of first-degree murder. That’s the verdict for a Baltimore man accused of shooting his girlfriend in the head and then disposing of her body.

As Derek Valcourt explains, it is justice the victim’s family has been waiting three years for.

When mother of three Mia Nichols disappeared in October 2008, her parents and the rest of her family started a missing person search.

“I knew in my gut something wasn’t right,” said Cheryl Nichols, victim’s mother.

Nearly a year later, police confirmed it was Mia’s skeletal remains found in a wooded area of Baltimore County.

“During the investigation and during the search for her, things started to be a lot clearer that it could only have been one person,” said Clarence Nichols Sr., victim’s father.

Her live-in boyfriend Tyrone Webb was arrested for her murder. Police pointed to evidence of threats and abuse in the relationship and say they found a .45 caliber gun box during the investigation– the same kind of gun used to kill Nichols.

“He actually sat down and thought about this. He executed my sister,” said Clarence Nichols Jr., victim’s brother.

Webb’s first trial ended in a hung jury. But armed with new evidence, city prosecutors took the case to court again.  And on Monday a jury had no doubt of Webb’s guilt.

“It’s a little bittersweet because we’re happy about the fact that we got justice for my daughter, but it’s still sad because my daughter’s not here,” Cheryl Nichols said.

The ordeal has been especially painful for the victim’s three children.

“Regardless of the outcome of the trial their mother’s still not around,” said the victim’s brother.

And family members say they’ll never know exactly what triggered Webb to kill Mia Nichols but say they’ll be ready for his sentencing.

“He deserves life because he took my sister’s life,” said Clarence Nichols Jr.

Nichols’ family members believe Webb should spend the rest of his life locked up in prison. Sentencing is set for April 16.