The warm weather has carried over to February. We topped out at 70 degrees Wednesday afternoon! We didn’t get to the record of 75 degrees, but went way above the average again of 42 degrees. Even though cooler air is on the way, we will stay above average all the way into the weekend.

Tim and I were looking back through the numbers from this warm January and it got us thinking about how cold it was last January. Do you know that the average high for this January was 47.9 degrees and last year we were an entire 10 degrees colder – at 37.8 degrees? The overall temperature this year was 5.8 degrees above average, while last year was 2.1 degrees below. 2012 featured NO days with highs in the 20s and only 9 days with highs in the 30s. 2011 had three days where we only made it to the 20s, and 18 days in the 30s! That made for 25 days at or below average in 2011, while we only had 10 days at or below average this year. And to top it all off, there was 10.7″ of snow last January with only 1.3″ of snow this year.

A cold front will move by to our south Wednesday night through Thursday. That will bring some clouds in and a little bit of rain. It will also keep the cooler air at bay for another day. We will only drop to 42 degrees overnight and top out at 54 Thursday. When that storm leaves us, cooler air will start to take over. We will still make it to 50 on Friday but not get out of the 40s this weekend.

At the same time, there is another storm that will be moving our way from the south. There are still a lot of questions with this storm, but it could bring us mainly rain Saturday night into Sunday. I say mainly rain, because if this storm gets cranking at all, it will pull down cold enough air for some wintry weather. There is not a lot of confidence in that forecast right now, so it’s something we will continue to watch and keep you updated on through the week.

Hey teachers, students and parents of students…

We have a date for our 5th annual Weather Field Trip Day at Camden Yards – Wednesday, May 23. It’s become such a fun and exciting day that you don’t want to miss.

Click here to find out more about it.


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