TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)– It was a brutal murder days before Christmas. A teen was shot multiple times steps outside Towson Town Center as hundreds shopped inside. Now, four men are behind bars charged in the killing.

Andrea Fujii has more on how surveillance video helped police crack the case.

Investigators say those four men were targeting the victim. They followed him around the mall, then killed him just steps outside.

Four men are behind bars for a highly publicized killing just a week before Christmas. Rodney Pridget Jr., 19, was gunned down outside Towson Town Center.

His father– who didn’t want to be shown on camera– spoke to WJZ.

“They need to be in jail,” his father, Rodney Pridget Sr., said. “You can’t go around here killing people, you know what I mean, and think you can get away with it.”

Investigators say Jermell Brandon spotted the teen inside a store and called Frank Williams, who drove to the mall with two other men, William Ward and Tyrone Brown.

Police say the four men used cell phones to communicate as they followed Pridget throughout the mall. It all ended outside Nordstrom where the victim was shot and killed.

Hundreds of surveillance cameras inside and outside the mall tracked the suspects.

“The video footage from the cameras in and around the mall was absolutely essential in helping us solve this case,” Elise Armacost, spokesperson for the Baltimore County Police Department, said.

Neighbors in this area are still wary of what happened.

“You don’t really think about the mall being that bad. But I guess it’s gotten worse in later years,” Mike Notzon, a Towson resident, said.

“I don’t know the reason why it happened. But it shouldn’t have,” said Valerie Adams, Towson resident.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family is still coming to grips with the loss.

“It’s like I’m walking around with a hole in me, you know what I mean?” said Pridget’s father. “I love that boy. Plus, he was my only son. I love him and I miss him. I see his face every night.”

Investigators are still trying to determine why the men were targeting the teen.

All four suspects have been charged with first-degree murder and use of a handgun in a felony.

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  1. Thinman says:

    If covicted death penalty.

  2. Robert Long says:

    Yea right.. Omally is getting rid of it. So they will sit in jail until they get released in a few year’s… Look at that animal.. Look into his eyes and see the hate filled animal he is. You can see he values nothing and would murder anyone just because he feels like it. With no remorse.. What is this world coming to?. Sick Sick Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to just put people like this into a trash compactor and get rid of them. There is no room in the world for animal’s like this. Eye 4 an eye. get rid of him and the rest of his clown friends!

  3. Wiseguy says:

    They will be placed into the Maryland Owe Mally’s “Catch and Release” program.

    Out on paroll after 7 to 12 years to kill again. All while getting free room and board,cable TV,education @ the taxpayers expence.

    Fry them and save us all alot of time and money!!

  4. Wilson Bradley says:

    Who is the person in the picture? Why are there never any captions on pictures anymore?
    Also, why do people from Halethorpe come to Towson Town Center? Aren’t there enough malls around there? Arundel Mills?

    1. happyjack says:

      They came to Towson cause that’s where their target was with his swisher. A short ride in a stolen car from a white neighborhood.

  5. Sharon says:

    Prisons do not have cable TV and they no longer allow them to get college degrees anymore. It was stopped 20 years ago. I know because I worked for the prison system. .

    1. me again says:

      You’re absolutely right, they now have satellite tv, cell phones, and Facebook

  6. G- money says:

    that was my lil homey i think these cowards need to get it the same way they did it to him. R.I.P LIL BOBBY.

  7. Jeff Adamson says:

    Folks…do a case search on the victim. You will find that he was a criminal, and his father is a criminal. This is a case of crooks killing crooks. What I want to know is…why didnt our strict gun laws stop this crime? If the victim had been in jail(where he belonged) he’d be alive today. Aint Maryland great?!?!

    1. Tammie Marshall says:

      ,I DON’T care what he was….NO ONE has the right to take another persons life

  8. Lace says:

    I’m so thankful I moved out of Towson and away from these idiots. Towson USED to be a nice mall. It’s no better than Arundel Mills. Two places I will never step foot in again.

  9. Sean C says:

    Towson Town Mall has become a hang out haven for Baltimore’s criminal class. I see undesirables all the time walking though and loitering in parts of the mall–especially around the food court and in the men’s room at the food court. Seriously, take a good look around as you walk through–you’ll see some of Baltimore’s worst citizens, truly hard core looking individuals, just hanging in the mall. I saw the same pattern of criminal class individuals in Owins Mills Mall who came up on the Metro everyday. However, they have succeeded in killing off Owings Mills Mall juts like they will kill of business at Towson Town Mall when more killings occur up there as they assuredly will now that the mall has become a loitering haven for the criminal class. This particular murder proves my point.

    1. M.A. says:

      I have to agree with Sean, I stopped going to this mall for several years now, the low life from Baltimore City shop there. They are rude, obnoxious, loud, and walk the mall like they do in their hood-with no regard to others. Don’t need Sephora, Macy’s or any of the other stores that bad that I will subject myself to this type of low llife. I’ll shop online or visit another mall, it’s worth the drive for a pleasant shopping experience.Unfortunately the business community, the politicans, the police, and most importantly the owners of the mall are in a reactive mode and not a proactive mode, so that when the mall dies(and it will), they won’t have the means to resurrect it, and the housing units that have been built nearby will remain empty..another billion dollar real estate loss.

  10. outkasts says:

    This is a family of criminals, and it was only natural for him to go out that way !
    The father and son cost the state a ton of money in court dates…and trials.
    Only in North America?

  11. chetta-ketta says:

    The “Brothas” killed off Security mall, Owings mills, Haraundale & Glen dirty mall. They are skeletons of what they once were. The thugs contribute nothing in economics, cost merchants $$$ , intimidate shoppers & have a meeting place to do drug deals & plan rapes, robbeiris & murders. Besides, They also are ugly Mo-Fo’s.

  12. Sue Keller says:

    I’ve heard that Towson Town Center hides most of the criminal activity that happens at the mall. Of course, murder is not something you can hide. So, this is the second murder there. I rarely go there anymore and would never think about going there at off hours, when there’s not a crowd.It’s the perfect venue for crime. A huge mall surrounded by parking garages that is under-policed frequented by rich people. The video monitors only help catch someone after the fact.

  13. RustysChaos says:

    Nothing scares a violent criminal more than a random encounter with an armed citizen.
    Support Maryland Shall Issue

  14. john smith says:

    What am I missing…”His father– who didn’t want to be identified– spoke to WJZ. They need to be in jail,” Rodney Pridget Sr., the victim’s father, said.”

  15. Truth says:

    something just dont sound right with this situation. The father knows more than what he is saying. The boy also was aware of something. That would explan why out of nowhere he ask his girl to go on ahead etc.. dnt just lat this case go for what it is…

  16. Jethro Hooper says:

    When I was a child people went over to Mondawmin from all around the area. It was the first mall, of which I am aware, that was ruined by a high population of low lifes and career criminals. Edmonson Village, though not a mall, was alaso a destination for shoppers from miles around, especially at christmas time. Ownership of the village changed, and so did the character of the stores. The list goes on and on. Owings Mills Mall is a shame and a sin, but forseeable due to bringing the metro to the door. The mall developers, and the local jurisdictions, encourage this direction by the changes they encourage.

  17. Pale Face says:

    Another previously nice mall ruined by a bunch of evolutionary throwbacks. These low life breeding monkeys like to kill, lie, cheat, steal, rape, and otherwise do what their criminal parents did.

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