HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — Brawls break out at a Maryland mall over shoes. And it’s not the first time shoppers have gone too far for Nikes.

Kai Jackson explains what’s driving the chaos.

The store had more anxious customers than they had sneakers for sale—and that was a recipe for trouble.

Valley Mall in Hagerstown is peaceful now, but a sneaker, Nike’s new Foam tennis shoe, caused near-riot conditions inside the mall on Saturday, like a melee at another mall in December after Nike released a popular pair of Air Jordans.

“Just a fight going on down there at Foot Locker. Arguments; someone said that there was knives pulled,” said mall employee Cassandra Jenkins.

About a dozen officers responded and moved all customers outside. They say the problem was a classic dilemma: supply and demand. There were 150 customers, but only 90 pairs of shoes for sale. They sold out in minutes.

“What we did is we brought in five customers at a time, let them get their shoes and just kept rotating like that,” said Sheriff Doug Mullendore.

According to reports, the Nike Foam sneakers sell for more than $200 at places like Foot Locker, but they’re so popular they can double in price, selling for as much as $500 on the Internet.

“They only release them once a year and when they’re on sale like that, some people buy them for themselves. Others buy ’em to resell and…they can double or triple their money,” Mullendore said.

“Yeah, I could believe that something would happen like that. I mean, it’s just terrible,” said mall employee Porsche Russ.

The retro Air Jordans sold for about $180 a pair.

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  1. Bobby Heuisler says:

    Isn’t GREED an amazing thing!

    1. Dogs Bollocks says:

      White people – always fighting over sneakers. They’re animals.

      1. Robert Boller says:

        Dude, it ain’t the white people killing each other over a pair of sneakers. It be the blacks… Makes white people look like pikers

      2. Nick Renesis says:

        @Robert, I think Dogs was being sarcastic, dude. Where’s your humor?

      3. Mark Christopher says:

        I hear your sarcasm, dude!

      4. BillYBoy says:

        Blacks keep shooting themselves in the foot, literally. Jackson, Sharpton and the other misfits are voted as their representatives, when will it end. Give ’em all millions of dollars and their own city and it’s turned into a dump (Detroit). Not making this stuff up, just reporting it.

      5. 31337 says:

        I’m just not sure why if the victim is something other than a straight white person its a hate crime, but if its a straight white person who is the victim its never a hate crime.

      6. Jerry says:

        White people only get to pay for the shoes.

      7. jaj says:

        Seriuosly? 9 times out of 10 if the victim is white and the perpetrator is non-white you wont hear of the district attorney charging them with a hate crime because they are afraid of the backlash from the special interest groups. I never hear Al Sharpton of Rev. Jackson ever condemning an attack on a white person.

      8. Ghostsouls says:

        WHAT is it about sneakers and food/fast food/restaurants that upset them so?

      9. stfu says:

        Drudge Report commenters — always guaranteed to be bigoted morons.

      10. rexhandsom says:

        CORRECT … But White people will blame Black’s……..come on White people give Blacks credit for fighting for important things in life just once. This could bring back Midnight Basketball, and help young Blacks to be proud of themselves, and give them fast escapes from cleaning out small stores of over aged candy bars.. Pimps faster service for their Ho’s. and drug user’s.

      11. JByrd42 says:

        That’s what I was thinking. Dam crazy white kids always fighting over a pair of sneakers.

      12. genetics73 says:

        And Ghostsouls, commenting here, confirms his own thesis

      13. afsa says:


        That wasn’t a thesis statement meathead

      14. jade b says:

        well the good thing i can say about this story right here is if youve ever been to hagerstown, you know that there arent but 10 blacks in the entire town….so i guess this isnt sarcasm at all

      15. Joe Bite-me says:

        If it had been white people, they would have shown photos and mentioned that they were white. The fact that there are no photos, and no mention of race, is a clear indicator that the thugs were all blacks.

      16. tBone says:

        White People also talk out loud in movie theaters. Drives me crrrrrrrrazy!!!!!!

      17. LaRoger says:

        Dem YTs always have da hands out for the Gibs-me-dats too.

    2. ShoeTown says:

      They is some fine shoes. uh huh.

    3. JN says:

      Yeah, Mitt Romney proves that each time he talks.

      1. billybeer says:

        Nothing like obama, “they bring a knife, we bring a gun”, huh?

      2. JustAGuy says:

        Why is it that Obama always surround himself with the super-rich, yet the Democrat minions always attack Mitt Romney for being wealthy?

      3. Caiden says:

        Justaguy, every democratic voter is delusional. They like to place grade school rebel class warfare and are told Republicans are all rich (boo rich people). Yet as you point out democrats are themselves rich, every Hollywood buttkisser is a millionaire, people like Jon Stewart and Colbert are all millionaires.

        Some may be stupid enough to believe there are no rich Democrats, most know both parties are made up of millionaires but just don’t care. For liberals it’s never what’s real it’s about fantasy, it’s about empty headed name calling.

    4. Jeff Sherman says:

      I’m more amazed at how well Nike has marketed their products. If you’re a Nike marketing person, you stand in awe at the result of your hard work…..a mass of absolute morons who will literally kill each other to be the first in line for your products…..must be a god-like phenomenon. I’m impressed, and it motivates me to improve my marketing.

      1. Gerry says:

        Amen! As long as America has become a human sewer then somebody with brains may as well make a buck from the sordid situation!

      2. Trevor Whitlock says:

        No it just proves that there are plenty of dumb people wasting oxygen. If you wait in line for some sneakers you aren’t crazy, that would require having the mental capacity to think for yourself… The commercials do their thinking. Someone watch idiocracy, its a fictitious movie but so close to the truth.

    5. genetics73 says:

      Correction – the reply was to be to Ghostsouls…my apologies for misdirection, but no apologies for thinking Ghostsouls to be an idiot.

      1. fasdas says:

        don’t forget proving that you are one as well – seems like you’re an example of genetics gone wrong

    6. larryag says:

      LOok at all these little impotent AWM (angry white men) , why don’t you psot ab out oyu boy Sandusky or the white boy that raped a 1 year old BOy . Never hear from you then , and how the hell you know alll these people were black.

      GET a LIFE dudes

      1. larryag says:

        why don’t you post about your boy Sandusky , I meant to say

        Harford man pleads guilty to sexually abusing 4-year-old girl

        this headine you missed , white man rapes 4 year old , I assume this guy from Harford county is white since you had nothing to say about it

      2. LaRoger says:

        How do I know these were blacks. Easy, this is TNB. From the sounds of it a cat3 chimpout.

  2. big tom says:

    crazy people fighting to give away their money

    1. Jerry says:

      They are fighting to give away money which they received for nothing from the rest of us. No offense to the honest people who earn their living, but those are least likely to be rioting over shoes even if they wanted them.

  3. Alex says:

    This is exactly how Jennifer Government begins!

  4. GozieBoy says:

    And these people who fight and injure for the privilege to pay $180 for a pair of sneakers: 1) pay no taxes, because they do not make enough money; 2) get free breakfast lunch and sometimes dinner at school at our cost because they do not make enough money; 3) get free healthcare because they do not make enough money; 4) get free food stamps because they do not make enough money; 5) get tax CREDITS even though they pay no taxes, because they do not make enough money; 6) get free housing and housing credits because they do not make enough money; 7) get 99+ weeks of paid time off (unemployment freebies); and 8) Obama wants to reduce their mortgage principle balance because they do not make enough money. Man, they got it pretty good!

    1. baldowl says:

      I paid for those shoes. I paid for those shoes I cannot afford to wear myself.

    2. RobZ says:

      9) You forgot the FREE Obama Cell Phones with monthly FREE Time added!

    3. Paul Revere says:

      Quit picking on the “proles”!

    4. Shawn says:

      It’s hard to make money when you’ve been conditioned over generations NOT to work. Just get that gubmint check.

    5. Gerry says:

      Obama and the welfare trash all need to go at the same time. This country has become a joke.

    6. IJS says:

      GozieBoy, your statement contridicts itself. Maybe you weny to an inner city school and took your Logic and Reasoning class there.

  5. Reggie Hammond says:

    Communist Broadcast System these are YOUR followers and YOU know YOU can not control these animals. This is what the liberals want MOBS beating down anyone that disagrees with them.

  6. erman says:

    amish people just can’t be left in public…

    1. Caiden says:

      Smart people know when you drive up to a mall and there are alot of horses and buggies outside to just KEEP DRIVING. At some point those amish will drink to much buttermilk and ‘get real’ with a hoe down in the food court.

  7. White Guy says:

    I am Irish. White people are just as disgusting sometimes, and jusr as greedy. Whites tend to act this way while wearing busines suits.

    1. frogman says:

      So, does that mean you’re white too?

      1. baldowl says:

        This is where “Dr.” King would enjoin us to base on content of character.

    2. vox says:

      Make that Shanty Irish.

    3. guest says:

      Show me the video of that lie you stupid liberal moron..
      Id pay money to see white people in suits act like this..

      1. Manny Khin says:

        Knuckle-dragging, cousin-f***ing morons like yourself, and the rest of your ilk, always need proof of what you already know to be fact. Just watch C-Span (it’s FREE btw…) if you want to see white people in suits behave like “this” .

      2. Rotisserie says:

        blind idiot!

      3. FugginMorons says:

        I don’t think the Klan had iPhones in the early 1900’s and there certainly wasn’t any youtube in the segregationist south in the mid 1900’s either. Very few videos exist of Japanese officers cutting Chinese children in half with swords… But every race is capable of being evil. Only partisan bigots with small minds or an agenda push the racist/class angle.

    4. Gr ap e So da says:

      Sarcasm? Or are you just a li bt ard?

    5. Robert Oculus III says:

      Yeah, those coat and tie riots over at J C Penney are brutal.

    6. BDDD says:

      Well, Irish are known to be at the bottom of the barrel! Drunkards, wife-beaters, etc…! The English have know this for centuries!

      1. William says:

        Look up the term Smoked Irish….

      2. Gerry says:

        Looks like the Irish used to act like the friggin’ blacks now!! Any Irishman that condones what urban blacks act like in the United States must also be from the low-class Irish stock that gave their race a bad name.

        smoked irish

        This was the name given to blacks in England and in America. It comes from the theory that the two underclass races would eventually merge together and form one race.

        ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’ – sign posted on many places of work, phasing out a bit before the mid-20th Century. Many Irish pubs have an old sign like this put up above the door for ironic amusement and historical interest. As if to say, ‘This is the way things were.’
        “No — We don’t hire any paddies or smoked Irish here, now get to movin'”

      3. ballsohardclub says:

        You friggin liar. Irish may have been drunks & wife beaters in the past but they never ran out on their families nor did the kids go hungry. Those families stayed the course u effin idiot. The Irish built this country, built the church & still contribute to the arts. What have the spear chuckers contributed besides mayhem.

    7. Caiden says:

      Yeah, sure thing ‘white guy’, alot of guys in business suits riot over ties. You bet, that’s totally believable.

      Notice, though, that we can unsult white people.. but NEVER black people when they commit crimes? They riot over shoes, yet heaven forbid we get angry over it. Just pretend it doesn’t happen.

      Seriously look at the prison population, black committ ALOT more crime sthen whites or asians. If you feel special by pretending that blacks aren’t crime-prone, fine, enjoy walking in ghettos after midnight. The rest of us, the sane ones, will avoid those areas.

  8. Theophilos says:

    If only they would go after honest work with the same fervor.

    1. maxtor says:

      that would be a first!!

  9. Chester says:

    So many of our people seem to be bent on behaving down to the lowest expectations. Consequences are few so there is no reason, other than self pride, to do any better. Please keep in mind while you are judging us, it’s not the color – it’s the culture.

    1. Say What? says:

      When you say “it’s not the color – it’s the culture”, please, please explain the difference. I beg you.

      1. Lazybum says:

        Baldowl could be saying that there are Wiggers that are this stupid too. But it is definitely the hiphop welfare culture that seems to be all about the brothahs and sistahs.

        Methinks anyone white in that crowd was in uniform.

      2. My D Why D says:

        Black is Beautiful.
        Tan is Grand.
        But White is still the col,or of the old Boss Man.

    2. Brent says:

      Actually, its called DNA…………….

    3. Caiden says:

      Yeah, that’s kind of cute… you created black culture? Who voted for Democrats who kept rewarding black people’s low expections? Who supported black rappers who celebrate violence or degrade women? Who had a children’s choir show up to support that rapper who was caught peeing on an underage girl? Blacks embrace their own destructions, they embrace their own criminals, every evil blacks do is excusible is to other blacks.

      Even your own attitude is pretty much “Black people comitting crimes, what ya going to do, huh”.

  10. Josh Williams says:

    Work in that EBT card..

  11. ron2525 says:

    it’s funny because all the things those segregationists warned against in the 1950’s & 60’s have come to pass. from crime, to the destruction of public education to race mixing every bit of it came true. all brought to you by corrupt politicians who sold out the decent citizens to get more votes. history has shown the segregationists right and the politicians to be immoral and corrupt. our only chance at a tolerable society fit to live in is to cut off welfare for these leaches and bring back jim crow. the south was right!

    1. Negrodamus says:

      Who were the segregationists? Democrats
      Who perpetuates the cultural conditions that create the mindsets of these people? Democrats

    2. Jonathan says:

      Yes and while you may wish the Jim Crow laws come back I (A Black man 21 to be exact currently enrolled in Yale university majoring in business law) am still dating your sister. Extreme prejudice ended years ago apparently neanderthals didn’t. What a shame.

      1. r. cohen says:


        “Yes and while you may wish the Jim Crow laws come back I (A Black man 21 to be exact currently enrolled in Yale university majoring in business law) am still dating your sister. Extreme prejudice ended years ago apparently neanderthals didn’t. What a shame.”

        You canb’t express yourself intelligently. Obviously an AA awardee that’s unqualified.

        And if you’re dating my sister it’s because black women are so unattractive and the least desirable of all females. 70% of them are unmarried.

      2. Say What? says:

        That’s the typical, if not the ONLY jab it seems that fellows like you can make at the rest of us. Of course it’s usually a big fat lie. Frankly, the white women I’ve known that were attracted to gangster/thug bretheren of yours were mainly unattractive, emotionally unstable, of low intellect and pretty loose with their morals. These sad women basically had no other alternative but to seek “love” and affection from a, well, you know. So, anyway, have fun with the bottom-of-the-barrel white chicks and think that makes things “right” in your mind. p.s. Where do you think you’d be attending college if evil white folks didn’t create institutions like Yale? No, stop, that’s a TRICK question. You wouldn’t be attending ANY college because there wouldn’t be any. Dunce.

      3. Gerry says:

        If you are a young black man studying business law and can write a response on the internet with no spelling errors (which 99% of the cretins on here cannot), then you are ahead of 98% of Americans anyway. Good for you, education and hard work pay off in the long run.

      4. Caiden says:

        Jonathan, I doubt you finished high school yet alone attend Yale. That whole “I be dating yo sister” thing sounds like a 13 year old wrote it.

        Hope it works out better then when Ernest Joesph III from Laplace LA who murdered 15 year old Taylor Adams. In Aikens SC we have NAACP person of the year Joshua Tremaine Jones who murdered a deputy. he’s also being charged in the death of his PRENANT girfriend Cayce Vice. Shows how well blacks think about their family.

        If you thought MOST of what blacks eat or drink is sickening Christopher Lee McCuin from TX who killed and COOKED his white girlfriend Jana Shearer. Yes, black man was trying to cook the white girlfriend his mudered. To eat her. Black man eat white girl corpse.

        In Hoffman Estates in IL D’Andre D. Howard killed his white girlfriend and her whole family in their home during a fight. Black man kills WHOLE family. Because that’s what black people do. The history of Africa, or evey black city or neighborhood outside of Africa, is blacks killing, raping, or robbing anyone they can when they are allowed to.

        Go ahead, Jonathan, talk about your imaginary girlfriend and your dingaling, you’re very impressive for a man with a 65 IQ. Jim Crow? Eventually the blacks will push humans so far the response may make Jim Crow look like a blessing.

    3. Matt says:

      Ron, don’t be a racist fool. The color of someone’s skin does not define their behavior. This isn’t a race problem, it’s a culture problem. Yes, the ghetto, hip-hop culture has taken over many/most in the black community. This started with FDR’s great society, and accelerated in the 60’s. Liberal ideas have destroyed the black family, so we have feral kids on the loose. You can see the exact same thing with white people in Europe, specifically the UK. Generations of white people who have never had a job, and act the same way. It’s not caused by slavery, or racism. It’s caused by liberal ideas. Read some books by Thomas Sowell, start with race and economics.

    4. Brent says:

      100% correct….its sad actually, we literally ‘inoculated’ America with this hyper replicating pathogenic virus………

  12. Miyegombo Bayartsogt says:

    The problem is supply and demand. There is an over supply of unemployed idiots and no one in authority demands they don’t act like animals. The news clowns desperately try here to tell us there isn’t a cultural rot in the community while they report the community is lousy with criminals behaving like entitlement thugs who are willing to murder each other for cheap mad- in-China shoes. This is the new normal. We are all doomed.

  13. Emilio Juarez-Soto says:


    1. the commoner says:

      Easy for YOU to say…

  14. Nomad says:

    Now, if Nike would just release a limited edition belt……

    1. Duh says:

      I doubt we’ll ever see that in our lifetime. Nice thought, though.

  15. Russ says:

    Too bad they weren’t offering JOBS – the interest level would have been zilch.

    1. Gerry says:

      I don’t care who you are, that there is funny!! Highly educated people of ANY race do NOT get in fights over sport shoes!!

  16. Bob Wood says:

    Next time this happens have someone make an announcement that the job fair will begin in five minutes. The mall and the surrounding areas will be devoid of human life inside of one minute.

    1. GFM2012 says:

      Devoid of humanoid life, anyway…

  17. Rob says:

    This will continue to get worse so long as Obama is still in office. According to Police Departments across the nation the word on the street is leave Blacks alone or the Justice Department will investigate you and file civil rights violations costing you your job and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the City in question. Already 21 departments are under investigation. Obama is attempting to cause a bigger rift between Blacks and Whites. Of course Blacks take advantage of the lack enforcement and are stealing and attacking Whites in record numbers. Obama wants a race war don’t let him have his way.

    1. The sooner the better says:

      White people are buying guns in record numbers, they see it coming are going to protect themselves! Castle Docrine anyone? Shoud have been done 50 years ago.

    2. Caiden says:

      Rob, I believe it. Since the LA riots alot of people have woken up, even if they won’t admit it. Of course the Katrina debacle showed that when a disaster hits a black area the blacks can not act organized at all. Consider all the disasters in the Midwest that has affected mostly white areas, yet blacks make it hard for ever rescue units to HELP THEM.

      The Democratic government is a facist government. Blacks committ crime after crime, to the point where the lawless ‘flash mob’ form of attack is common place. Remember when noone knew what carjacking was? Why is it blacks only invent horrible things?

      The government has lost so much legitimacy. People who support the constitution are potential terrortists but cop killers like Troy David are misunderstood victims of society.

      Kamau Kambon calls for white genocide and Obama and the other Democrats don’t blink, yet liberals are happy to call Rush Limbaugh a Nazi despite he is not a socialist, a la the real Nazis.

      Consider Europe and Africa. Europe can thrive WITHOUT blacks, yet Africa NEEDS WHITE charity to support it’s people. White’s in the US will survive without blacks, but without whites, who will employee unemployable black layabouts, pay for their section 8 housing or foodstamps, or heal them because few have the mental capablities to be real doctors, let alone actually power companies, water companies, or anything more technical then a door handle.

      Look at Detroit. Once a MAJOR US city. In the hands of blacks for a few decades it looks like it was bombed. At least bombed cities can be rebuilt, but the blacks of Detroit are mentally incapable of figuring out to fix their city, let alone have the motivation to do so. As long as someone else gives them foodstamps the ruined crumbling Detroit is good enough. Give them housing projects they turn them into multi story no-go zones. Give them anything and they destroy it.

      This CAN NOT last forever. As more and more black victimize whites, asians and hispanics, at some point they will realize they have nothing to lose since the facist left wing government is working to make sure they can not prosper.

      Such is life in Black Run America, will all suffer for black failure.

  18. alvin_firpo says:

    they’ll kill each other over sneakers; wait until the free cheese, and milk runs out. no wonder gun sales have skyrocketed.

  19. charles says:

    any body wear them shoes gota be crazy dang $200 a pair thats just nuts i wear hinkin shoes i garentee you they last longer then those things plus you wear them you risk being killed for them thoes people should be ashamed of there selfs

  20. Kimberly says:

    I am angry… I am angry that the only news presented about black people is negative. There is a multitude of black citizens who do positive things and lead their lives with integrity. Conversely, I know a ton of lazy white people who receive government help. If I thought like you all, I guess I would hate all white people. I am sad and sickened by the hate that people feel due to skin color. Why does being pale entitle someone to feel justified exhibiting hate? Do you truly think you have the moral high ground? You all need to figure out what it means to have integrity. I would hate you all, but hate breeds ignorance, and my black parents raised me not to be an intelligent, nonjudgmental individual.

    1. Arrow says:

      We judge by content of character, and that of most of your brothers and sisters is severely lacking. Direct your anger at them.

      1. media cover for blacks all the time says:

        So true. Michael King he wanted blacks to be judged by their character and not their colour of their skin and that’s exactly what we are doing. The media covers for blacks all the time while highlighting any crimes by whites. You can bet your life Kimberley knows exactly who Stephen Lawrence is even though he was killed nearly 20 years ago (prob white gang on black murder over skin colour). No chance in hell she has a clue who Danny O’Shea is (recent black gang on white murder over skin colour). Exact same crime with races reversed.

    2. Gregb says:

      Kimberly – you can afford to be ‘tolerant’ – you don’t face beating and stomping for walking through the wrong neighborhoods. You’d have to go way out of your way to even find a place where being there puts you in mortal danger. For whites that live anywhere near a city of any size, such a place is usually within walking distance. And _you’re_ offended? If you’re black, you SHOULD be mad about this _utterly insane_ behavior, but not because of some rude comments about it.
      You don’t realize that these talentless, tactless, angry, hormonally raging thugs are a threat to all black people. Why? Because when order breaks down (which it will, this BS system of looting and fraud is unsustainable) NO ONE will trust blacks that they don’t personally know. The utter lack of humanity and self-control exhibited by a MINORITY of blacks is so reprehensible that it puts you all in danger. Do you think that whites and Hispanics will take a chance on young blacks being peaceful in a time of disorder? In a breakdown of order, where there is no restraint on human action and people are driven by fear and hunger to go outside of their normal ‘stomping grounds’, blacks will not be trusted unless they are known. Sorry, but it’s true – we’re not going to risk murder and rape of our wives and kids just to be culturally sensitive. And if you think whites will be intolerant towards black ‘youths’, you have no idea what Hispanics will do. They will have zero tolerance for blacks coming anywhere near their people. Many despise blacks, thinking that they give all minorities a bad name. Hispanics haven’t been beaten over the head with talk of equality and diversity like whites have been for the last 60 years.
      Everyone should HATE this kind of behavior infinitely more than they hate intolerance. An excess of tolerance is precisely why this stuff happens. You’re still thinking from inside a twisted little box, not realizing that the box doesn’t even exist any longer. The left blew the box to smithereens, just like they destroy everything they touch (such as the black family structure).

      1. keithestabrook says:

        I have made that same argument when speaking with blacks. It cost me my job as a teacher.

      2. TruthHurts says:

        Yes, a lot of us Hispanics aren’t fond of the behavior blacks exhibit. Kimberly and the rest of her people should be angry at their own, not at the persons that state reality .

      3. Jason Jones says:

        VERY well put sir. It’s the behavior we don’t tolerate. Tolerance, and the way the media and schools (from Kindergarten through Grad school) push acceptance of black “culture” onto Whites from the get-go is what’s gotten us into this mess.

        If skin color were the ONLY difference then yes we (and the Hispanics and the Asians) would be wrong to treat people unfairly. However, we’re treating blacks VERY FAIRLY, in fact, more than fairly, given their behavior.

        Sad that you lost your job over this. I almost lost mine over the comment “as long as I’m not paying for it” (talking to a 19 year old black single mom when she mentioned her baby) and have nearly been kicked out of classrooms for even very roundabout suggestions about behavior and culture.

        It’s a shame that our society is this way. Whites are being murdered and raped every day by savages and we’re not even allowed to SPEAK out against it. Perhaps our first amendment rights, when not backed up with a bullet, mean little to the establishment. Lets take our rights back.

    3. St says:

      Kimberly, you obviously watch little television which I commend you for. My local stations in the midwest regularly show stoies about blacks and hispanic families and individuals who are successful by any measure or who have made some success out of little. These stories are a lesson and heatening for all.

      But don’t get your unies all in a bunch over some folks blowing some steam off with satirical comments about this story. Nothing is nore disheartening than know the lifesytle our tax dollars support. Not to mention the off the books ecomony that doesn’t pay any taxes that I have no doubt also funded many of these purchases.

      Through the age of 25 I spent all of my time in a rough integrated area. I spent hundreds of hours playing recreational and institutional football and basketball with a fully integrated population. We had fun and trust me that it was full of racial insults and slurs which would make your toes curl, but the violence and anger that occional occured would have happened even if we called aach other sir.

    4. Cap says:

      “my black parents raised me not to be an intelligent, nonjudgmental individual.”

      You certainly proved your point. You were raised NOT to be an intelligent, nonjudgmental individual…


      1. Kimberly says:

        I would like to apologize for my typo. I was typing and made an editing mistake. It is clear from what was stated in the sentences prior that I meant to CREDIT my parents for instilling those qualities in me. Wow, of all the typing errors.

      2. World_War_Me says:

        Hahahahaha, good catch, friend. Perfect freudian slip.

    5. gatekeeper96740 says:

      spoken like a true brainwashed liberal co ed

    6. Rick Douglas says:

      Your black parents raised you not to be an intelligent, nonjudgmental individual?

    7. bob says:

      Kimberly go get you one if you like them so much o you may allready have a baby daddy if so no white man will have you you probably talk like one

    8. Gerry says:

      See the comment by Jonathan above yours. He is in college and moving his life forward. Those are the blacks in America who deserve respect. The crazy shoe fighting people do not deserve respect from anyone from any race.

      1. World_War_Me says:

        I want to start a band called “crazy shoe fighting people”

    9. Sick of TNB says:

      Hate is not the sole providence of white people. People of all races hold hateful, preconceived notions of people of other races different from them.

      1. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

        stating the truth about the black race is called “hate”….. truth is “hate” to those that hate the truth.
        when it comes to judging and describing the black race, whites are far more polite and forgiving than all other non-black races…particularly in Asia. Asians (unlike white U.S. citizens) are not required by law to speak positive about blacks…they decribe them as they see them…and it’s not pretty.
        worldwide, blacks are frowned upon for many good reasons…too many reasons to type…they are their own worst enemy and are literally too stupid to know it.

    10. Caiden says:

      I’m angry at how many blacks committ crimes, yet we can’t say anything about blacks committing crimes because it’s racist to notice the man killing your neighbor black.

      I’m angry blacks burned their own neighborhoods in Detroit causing massive white flight, and then blacks let Detroit fall into disrepair. I’m angry blacks burned their own neighborhoods in LA yet expect whites to replace, and years later are upset whites didn’t open businesses in the unsafe areas for the arsonist black population. I’m angry that when a disaster hits Katrina the blacks act so differently then the whites who are usually the vicimts of natural disaster that they become a national disgrace and what’s have to be blamed because god forbid we blame the blacks who turned NO into a hell hole.

      Kimberly, really, your opionion means nothing to me. You look at ALL the problems blacks create and think “damn whites are notcing black failrures and that’s racist!” As a white person, I’ve lived my whole life being told by liberals everything wrong with the world is the fault of whites. As I grew and learned more I see whites have done alot more good then bad. The same can not be sad of blacks. Blacks are depentant on whites. Yes, some whites are on government help. but ALOT more blacks are, plus section 8 housing, all the extra money that has to go to try and help black kids in schools that can’t keep up, and job protection because if a black is fired for sleeping in the broom closet he can sue, andwith a black judge or black jury he can bankrupt a white company.

      I am angered that black judge Vanessa Bradley held a rape victim in contempt of court for snapping on the witness stand, and was held in the same prison as her black rapist. That angers me to no end.

      For some reason, as awhole, blacks can not act like civilized humans. It’s only poor black neighborhoods people worry about. Hell, who would feel comfortable driving through ANY black area.

      More and more whites, asians, and hispanics are noticng blacks are not capable of living within anormal society, and less and less of us care if we’re called racist. We’re not angry blacks are eating at the counters in a resturant, we’re angry blacks committ so many rapes, murders and robberies, and we are somehow worse for notcing it’s usually blacks.

  21. baldowl says:

    They make it so easy. America has a serious black problem, and it becomes more evident by the day.

    1. maxtor says:

      starting at the top!!

  22. Eric says:

    I say we airdrop 100 pairs of these sneakers into every outdoor sports arena in the country and then lock the doors for about 1 month once they are full.

  23. Larry says:

    My Mama taught me to never criticize another man until I had walked a mile in his shoes, but she never told me I had to beat him up before he would give them to me.

  24. Kimberly says:

    Society as a whole has problems. You are so quick to call black people “broken” and “sub-human.” What about your own race? I see and read about white people who murder their wives and children on a regular basis. It appears that your race exhibits “sub-human” behavior as well. Is the white race “broken?” Should I judge you all as a whole? I can distinguish between color and character. I know that immorality, criminal behavior, ignorance, and dysfunction cross the barriers of race.

    1. The Color Of Crime says:

      Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
      When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
      Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
      The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

      Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
      Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
      Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

    2. White Guy says:

      Finally, someone ono this page besides me making some sense. This racial hatred, in all forms is destoying the world, among other things.

      1. Kip Noxzema says:

        I wonder what President is urging them on? Think about it.

      2. St says:

        Oh spare me a little….. Racism did not make the morons in the mall act that way. As for most of the farcical stereotype comments by many here, I have no doubt that many of the posters have no issue with blacks that behave responsibly. I highly doubt that folks would fight over some shoes were on their lunch break from work. Anyone who is hard working and paying taxes and not able to buy 200 dollar shoes because they live within a budget deserves to let off a little steam at a story like this

        Besides, why do I suspect you get a good yuck over bighting satire of red-necks and trailer park trash humor?

      3. Hadrian Knight says:

        Word up “white guy”…you AIN’T making sense.

  25. William says:

    The real question is how many of these urban folk would have showed up to buy these $200 shoes in the first place if they had to pay for their own food, rent and healthcare like everyone else does? i am so sick of the welfare state. it is legalized stealing from the producers of our society so certain ones have disposable income for expensive sneakers, big rims etc…after 50 years of government handouts and AA get out and earn you own way!

  26. heatherfeather says:

    The mindless consumer. I long for the day when some bling is dangled just out of reach over a cliff, and the mindless consumers plunge like lemmings…

    1. artemis133 says:

      Best comment on this story yet.

  27. jleinf says:

    Wonder how much the shoes go for in EBT dollars?

  28. Terry says:

    What is the difference between this incident and white people going crazy on black Friday…..none. This is not about race or color, it’s about people being idiots.

    1. Cap says:

      Funny you should mention that…

      If you look at the majority of the “black Friday” violence, it was BLACKS commiting the violent act. Sure, there are a lot of whites in these crowds, but the fighting, etc., is almost always done by the BLACKS!

      1. 248313810 says:

        Not quite…I was at a store during a black friday once and there where a group of white customers fighting over $20 DVD players. And then another fight broke out by the video game section for the Nintendo Wii by some more white customers. Additionally another fight almost broke out over some Christmas trees. There were blacks in the store that day but they sure weren’t fighting lol

    2. ShoeTown says:

      That’s another thing. There is no white Friday.
      Don’t we need a day where we can loot and bring mayhem?

  29. billcrawford says:

    “Brawls break out at a Maryland mall over shoes..”

    This is a black thing and always has been a black thing, ignorance just abounds with this groupand Mrs. Obama with her $500.00 tennis shoes is an epitamy of an extremely bad example but then again it is a black thing and I believe she is black. did I say black enough times to be called a racist by all the truth dodgers and nay sayers who have their collective heads in the sand?

    These high priced tennis shoes are made in China and shipped to the US for less than $10. er pair and Nike charges what? hundreds and who stands in line to get fleaced? and then fight over the privilage of being taken down the road by Nike, what a world!

  30. H. Johnson says:

    What sort of people do you suppose would riot over some sneakers?

  31. Jim Hampton says:

    The Jewish Plan for Genocide of USA
    ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957


    1. David Christian Newton says:

      It might be well to point out that Israel Cohen was an avowed atheist. An ethnic Semite who was born into an observant Jew family and then becomes a communist and an atheist is no longer a Jew. His is cut off from Adam, Abraham, and Jacob.

    2. GobbleT says:

      Who was it that started NAACP? I know it wasn’t blacks, in fact, it was someone Jewish.

  32. Mike G says:

    Ah yes, more of Fuhrer Obama’s supporters running wild. Expect more of this if the Fuhrer is re-elected in November.

  33. a says:

    Black people get over this sneaker thing, what is your obession with it anyway. And for you skeptics who refuse to believe it was blacks, they have had this same thing go on all over the country go look it up.

  34. C.D. says:

    The trouble started when shoppers learned that the store would refuse sales to
    those who were attempting to make purchases with food stamp vouchers.

  35. Ben Diamante says:

    Uh oh…looks like somebody CHIMPED OUT again!

  36. yea ok says:

    Dont ya hate when white people pull knives and fight over clothing! Happens way too much!!!!

  37. MEATBALLOU812 says:

    This would had been a perfect STING operation for the police to nab those with warrants! Sell an overpriced ugly designer shoe and when the mob shows up, I wonder how many arrests can be made. But the comment of opening up a job fair or even throw in a job application would clear the crowd in a heartbeat!! MEATBALL AWARD GOES OUT TO…THE 100 THUGS FIGHTING OVER…A SHOE! NOW, WHO FIGHTS OVER A SHOE? LOSERS!

  38. Duh says:

    The problem is that they were stupid enough to pay $180 for sneakers in the first place. And who is promoting this $#@!? A black man named Jordan. Ironic, huh?

  39. tomfromalgonquin says:

    Phew, just sneakers, for a second there I thought that Beanie Babies where making a comeback.

    1. artemis133 says:

      Not to mention Cabbage Patch Kids.

  40. joe says:

    You want to see white people acting like animals, go no further than the Occupy Movement. Stop blaming race and make a valid point!

    1. ShoeTown says:

      Ouch! Touche’

    2. GobbleT says:

      1 incident compared to everyday multiple times.
      At least they felt it was for a cause.
      TThe reason blacks didn’t show, is because it wasn’t free housing, food stamps or free money.

  41. Marie says:

    While they fight over a pair of $200 sneakers, they are probably getting welfare and food stamps.

  42. pwm says:

    I see Curious George and his “friends” have been at it again! (Which is a real insult to Curious George).

    Proof yet again that Darwin was RIGHT! Lock em’ all down in their Section Ape housing that WE pay for.

    Over tennis shoes…….sheeeeeesh

  43. Ellie Lightt says:

    video shows a bunch of HOOD RATS ~AKA~ OBama voters & future voters

    1. tomas says:

      Those kids don’t vote.

  44. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

    Those crazy Tea Party people!

  45. clay says:

    what’s the difference whether people riot over shoes or soccer games or consumer electronics. if you want to put a face to such behavior and all you can do is blame black people, your deeply deluded. I’m quite sure you geniuses have noted rioting by more than one group of people, but in your warped minds you can only recall blacks doing it. look at what’s going on in Europe, even in China. When you come online just to make racist jokes that’s probably cool, fun and ‘safe’ for you to do, but when you start to throw around what you think is factual information to your race warped minds, it’s just sad.

    1. mike mcghee says:

      when have whites rioted like this. you are the racist

    2. Caiden says:

      Also keep in mind all the Black Flash Mobs attacker over the last summer. Blacks commit a whole lot more crimes then whites. Whites create, blacks destroy.

  46. Ellie Lightt says:

    fighting over 200 dollar sneakers as if I could afford 200 dollar sneakers (I got to feed the family ) walmart 29.00 specials are just fine — they mush of had a special trade in 200 dollars in food stamps for sneakers – HOOD RATS call the exterminators

  47. Realist says:

    What the Hell are “conditins”?

  48. livemichaeln says:

    There is a mob riot with knives pulled over SNEAKERS???

    What would these people do if it were a scarcity of food and water?

    If our currency and economy sink, it may very well happen!

    1. SmithWinston6478 says:

      Stay Ready.

  49. caligula says:

    “”Kai Jackson explains what’s driving the chaos.””

    um, Kai…i think we already know…LOL

  50. Becker says:

    This is a typical chimp out, hardly surprising. I’d like to see how many of these hood rats actually PLAY tennis.

  51. Mark Hillyard says:

    My brother used to fly to Taiwan with the Air Force from Travis, AFB, regularly. He’d ask us if we wanted some shoes. Gave him $10.00 and he’d bring back a couple pairs of shoes. Might be up a bit now but I’d say these people are buying what cost less than $20.00 dollars to import and sell. So maybe the shoes really should sell for about $40.00 max. Just thinking.

  52. Rocky says:

    Did anyone with brains ever look into where Nike Sneakers are made ?
    It may only cost $25 +- to make a pair of sneakers that sell for $200 + ?
    Look into the company’s marketing of supply and demand and then ask yourself if the company is deliberate with the small supply ?
    Isn’t liberal greed great !
    Your American liberals are more Fascist than Liberal and their Keynesian Economic Ideals are based on the Economics of Facism and not of Kenya.
    These kids and their parents are being played !

  53. Hadrian Knight says:

    If we judged them by the content of their character, they’d be begging us to judge them on the color of their skin.

    The Dream is DEAD.

    Deport obsolete farm equipment to Afreeka.

  54. What’s funny is: This doesn’t happen in Canada.
    You do know there are Blacks in Canada dont’ you?

    Then why is it that there.. in Canada.. they don’t have the same race problems we do?

    Think about it people, and don’t hurt yourself while you are at it.

    The country, just north of us.. have black people all over the place, yet they don’t have the same race problems we do.

    Ever been to Toronto, or another big city up there? It’s the most relaxed atmosphere when it comes to everyone getting along.


    1. Hadrian Knight says:

      You OBVIOUSLY don’t get out much.

      1. I’ve spent time in every state in this country, ‘cept for the Dakotas and Hawaii. I’ve been all over Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras.

        I’ve spent time in DC, Cleveland, Chicago, NYC, Jersey, Vegas, LA, San Fran, Miami, Tampa,Toronto, Vancouver, Mex City, and every big border town on the US/Mex line, and many many other major cities.

        I’m a traveler, and photographer.
        Gardens, ghettos, mansions, and cemeteries.

        So, yes.. I do get out.. a lot.

        What’s your point?

      2. ShoeTown says:

        I’ve been everywhere, man, I’ve been everywhere….

      3. Hadrian Knight says:

        The point is Photog, that there are now negro gangs in Canada as well as the U.S..
        I see that you do indeed get around.
        My reply was based on the 5 years I served as a Detective in Quebec.

    2. phillysmart says:

      Its the negro race…they are tribal, animalistic and violent and have not yet reached the level of sophistication to live in an orderly society…just look around the world…Africa…haiti…england and US to start

    3. A says:

      Canadian here; the number of blacks in Canada are minute, they are spread out and not ghettoized (preventing their dysfruntion from growing on itself), and our immigration laws are ‘nazi-esque’ according to American Liberals – most of our blacks are university educated.

      That said, you want to see our ghetto? Go visit a native reservation. Scary places for anyone with the wrong level of melanin. Thankfully they’re far-off from major cities.

  55. Ranger01 says:

    The Shopping malls HAVE to get security to be present to keep order in the malls. NO ONE in their right mind will want to be shopping there if iit is not safe.

  56. HonestAbe says:

    Knee grows out of control over gy shoes.

  57. Mitt Romney says:

    It just goes to show us that there is a lower social order in our society and they just happen to be black in color.

      1. Jas Aub says:


  58. Their Mammy's said says:

    Dey beez good keeids, dey din do nuffin! Dey beez in skoo, dawg. Dat rayciss whitey beez keepin us down. now gibs me dat check.

  59. Eric says:


    Of course its a black thing. That’s all this is, just like the Christmas Air Jordan Riots

  60. John Yaya says:

    Guess what race caused the shutdown? These people don’t know how to act in public. Just imagine what is going to happen once their food stamps are cut off and they have to work for a living.

  61. Jimmy not THAT jimmy says:

    “They say the problem was a classic dilemma: supply and demand”. Ah, the fine officers must have just finished reading Adam Smith. I need to go back and re-read it myself. I only recall the part about “prices increasing when supply does not meet demand”. Obviously I missed the footnote about coarse cultured youths rioting over what they want. And, Nike should really stop marketing high end BB shoes to people who can’t afford them, and can’t apply reason to understand that means don’t go buy them. Sort of fanning the flames.

  62. Rowdy Boots says:

    White or Black, who cares?

    There are just as many thoughtful and polite people in every race, so cut with the RACIST LIES.




  63. Realist says:

    Racism fuels racism…

    1. Hadrian Knight says:

      Realism fuels racism.
      Get real, then get real angry.

  64. Em Spearing says:

    Whoa — hold on now, people! You have to understand that a pair of really expensive, really ugly sneakers is absolutely necessary for scoring drugs in a timely manner, for beating up people in style, and for running way from da pee’-igs, really, really fast. It’s a “cultural” thing — we wouldn’t understand.

  65. Vince says:

    It’s amazing that these people who complain about jobs, opportunities, racism and not enough government handouts, always seem to have plenty of money for expensive shoes.

  66. Yo Yo says:

    Aren’t these the same people who can’t afford health insurance? But they afford these $200+ shoes.


  67. junglejunk says:

    This month in black history….

  68. Homey Da Clown says:

    Gonna Get Me a Shotgun
    Performed by Garrett Morris on 24 Jan 1976 (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see,
    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.
    When I kill all the whities I see, then whitey he won’t bother me,
    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.

    Then I’ll get a white woman who’s wearing a navy blue sweater.

  69. older guy says:

    The racism reflected in these comments wouldn’t shock anybody black. But speaking as an old white guy it sure brings back those good old days on break at work with all those dumb red-necks going on and on — and I’m a bit surprised that the good old days never went away at all!

    1. Jason Jones says:

      I’m 25 and I’m witnessing a revival for the old, and a new-found awakening among young people.

      God Bless it! There are three types of young people today: 1. the blacks. 2. Whites who’ve woken up, gotten jobs, and started families. 3. the ones who are still apologizing for black crime, usually the liberal occupy-wall-street crowd who can’t compete anyway.

      1. Sick of TNB says:

        Thank you for the intelligent post, Jason.

  70. steve says:

    Ever notice these headlines NEVER come from a news station in Wyoming or Maine, just as an example? Maybe it’s the demographics…

  71. Jason Jones says:

    I find it unbelievable that it’s 2012 and we’re still catering to self-destructive, immature, incompetent blacks.

    Come on guys, White guilt of over. They destroy themselves, and they destroy every thing they tough. They destroy families and they destroy nations from the inside out.

    It’s 2012 people. Wake up to the BS.

    1. Hadrian Knight says:

      You can tell the black parts of a city from 3,000 feet up in a plane.
      Trash everywhere, junk cars, caved in houses, even the pavement gets phucked up by niqqers.
      They are toxic to society and should be repatriated to Apefreeka as reparation for imagined wrongs.

  72. The Student says:

    My human rights professor told once said that if you want to see the true colours of people in this day and age, scroll down and read the comments. WELL, its disappointing to see all the racist remarks. He was completely right, Americans have yet to grow where it matters.

    1. Jason Jones says:

      Your professor told you?

      Think for yourself and stop apologizing for them. “Ooooo I went to college, my professor said….”

      Yeah, I went to college too and despite the bullshyt I learned that blacks can’t compete on the same level. They can’t even compete when given every possible advantage and Whites are given every possible handicap.

      F off, please. Stop hiding behind the veil of “equality” (impossible) or “human rights” What about MY human rights? What about human rights for my FAMILY?

      Huh? Consider that college boy.

  73. Ricardoh says:

    How many of them are on the dole.

  74. lee says:

    I came here hoping to see that my suspicion that the mob was mostly black was unfounded. Unfortunately it was not. The responsible members of the black community need to examining the causes of this problem and start addressing it. This type of thing will further alienate the black community from the rest of America. An America that will soon grow tired of feeding and housing a violent non productive underclass that wants to receive more and more while contributing nothing but the false cries of “Racism”. It’s not race people, it’s the choice of life style you’ve made and your expecting others to pay for it.

    1. Diane King says:

      Well said — and, by the way, I’ve already grown tired of it.

    2. Hadrian Knight says:

      Good. Let them become further alienated.
      We are not even the same damned species…did you know that?
      Out of Africa isn’t true.
      Only white people carry neanderthal genetic markers.
      We are the elder race.
      I know some very respectable black people, but they would never be in a tennis shoe riot.
      Those rioters are the devolved blacks, or niqqers as they are commonly called.

  75. H a t er F an 2 says:

    Mo o lie reporter = Coverup of m on ke yshies.

  76. Gary says:

    What else can you say but, “Blacks”! *rolls eyes*

  77. G says:

    What a sad state of affairs when your identity is determined by the price of your sneakers.

  78. Finbar says:

    Why is it that Nike can target a grossly over-priced product to a certain segment of the population with impunity? Jesse? Al? Jesse? Al? Chrpp, chrpp chrpp.

  79. Nick Renesis says:

    Never have I pulled a knife on someone to give someone else my money for something as insignificant as a pair of Jordans. It’s always been a gun and I leave no money.

  80. Aubrey says:

    Is it too late to grant Lincoln his wish for Repatriation?

    1. Jason Jones says:

      Most of the blacks in the US know how Liberia turned out (after they returned there and subsequently enslaved the native population to work a plantation system not unlike the one they just escaped).

      No, they’d rather stay here and be a drain on the American Taxpayer and a blight on society. There’s no section 8 housing in Liberia. There are no EBT cards in Cameroon. There’s no free money for not working in Mali. You don’t get paid in Burkina Faso to have MORE kids.

      Nope, they rather stay in Western countries where they can freely murder, steal and rape White women and get paid to do it at the same time. If my comments happen to hurt somebody’s “feelings” I make no apologies. F off.

      1. tonybaloney says:

        Jason, You be a bad M-Fo, We coons gonna breed you out, the whte Ho’s loves that 11″ Alabama black snake hanging compared to that teeny weeny shriveled pink nubber.

    2. Hadrian Knight says:

      will you marry me?
      Great comment!

  81. Rastis says:

    The shoes can be purchased with food stamps only that’s why the blacks are fighting for them.

  82. sean patriot says:

    Yay, The simians strike again. When are we going to have enough of this animal like behavior before we just start putting them all down or sending them back to where their fathers father came from.?

  83. jawn says:

    There is no hope that america will ever turn back into the shining star it once was.

  84. Sheldon Siegel says:

    Bottom line, if you feel sneakers are worth fighting over, much less pulling a knife out over, please do the world a favor and stick the knife into your heart. You will not be missed and you certainly are not needed here.

  85. watash60 says:

    We should sterilize and eliminate voting privileges for all families (mother, father (if he can be found – else cut the benefits in 1/2), children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

    1. Jason Jones says:

      Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner here folks!

      Thank you Watash60 for understanding the root of the problem. If you subsidize bad behavior you just get more of it.

      1. Hadrian Knight says:

        Motion seconded and agreed.

        We need to put up DO NOT FEED THE MANIMALS signs up around all the “hoods” too.

  86. Jas Aub says:

    Is it too late to grant Lincoln his wish for Repatriation?

  87. Jawn says:

    Would we devolve to a point in the Usa,where we would have a gladiator like event in a colliseum,where people would kill one another over a pair of shoes????

    Yes we would,and this place is called a mall.

  88. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

    the black plague strikes again

    1. Hadrian Knight says:


  89. Stevo says:

    Maybe Nike can make work boots.

    1. World_War_Me says:

      Hahahahahaha, brilliant.

  90. Ryan Mouk says:

    At least they have their priorities straight. Nothing better then risking prison time and your freedom, not to mention the thousands of dollars in court costs and fines, all for a pair of shoes you will be able to find at the Dollar Store in twelve months.

  91. George Davey says:

    Stupid people are fighting over shoes not even made in the USA. What dumb people. These shoes are made in sweat shops by slave labor.
    New balance carries a line of shoes that are 100% made in the USA.
    Why don’t you fight over these? They are actually worth fighting for.

  92. slimpicnic says:

    What do we expect from this culture. Most immigrants are the strong in their home country that choose to attempt a better life and are willing to go through the pains of what it takes to uproot and move for the potential of that better life. This culture is based on folks who were subjugated in their homeland and sold into slavery by those of their same race. Once here in Amercia, they were then provided food clothing and shelter by their ‘owners’, Their family structure was deccimated during this time also. Post emancipation they were given more in attempts to right the wrongs of slavery. These policies were abhored by the democrats of the time and as usual, the politics of weaving this culture into the fabric of society doomed it from the start. Once the democrats realized that they couldn’t keep denying rights to these folks, they found that if they legislated monetary benefits to them (in lieu of policies that fostered the rebuilding of their family structure and dignity) they would get voted into office by them. This is the sad state we are in today. It’s profoundly sad that any leaders in this culture that see this for what it is and speak out are decried as not representing them.

    1. Hadrian Knight says:

      Well said.
      They forget, it was the Republicans who were against slavery.

      1. Steven Jones says:

        Slavery was the worst thing that happened in this nation’s history: now we’re stuck with the leftovers. How prosperous would this country be without them? Very.

  93. Jerry says:

    Just more Blacks Chimping out!

  94. William says:

    They go to bed when they want, sleep as late as they want, get any girl, i think they call them Ho’s, when they want and treat them like they want. Get a young girl pregnant? Oh well. Off to the Planned Parenthood clinic They walk the streets like they own it, and they do. People are killed in their cross fire. What are the statistics on white women being raped by them? They smoke the best grass, take the best drugs, have nicer car than me, gold and expensive clothes on their bodies, drink, wont go to school and wont get a job. If i had the option to live like that, like i was feral, maybe I would be the same way. I choose not to. Their excuse for their crimes? Racism. All of this is getting mighty old.

  95. Jonathan says:

    It amazes me how much hatred, racism and pure ignorance so many people can display off of one event that a couple of bad individuals were responsible for. I’ve noticed since reading a couple of these comments that everyone can voice their opinion in such a negative form that they wouldn’t dare speak it in public or at work by mouth. If you want to leave negative stereotype comments and generalize an entire race off of this or any other media spoon feed negative event, then you are truly are what your word display which is pathetic and sad. I am a black man who is 21 and attends Yale with a pursued major in business law. Its funny how so many want to use this event as a means of saying negativity towards the black community but lets not forget that America’s history is not as long as you may believe and that there was a period in time where Whites once viewed the slaying and lynching of innocent black men, women and children was the norm. Off of events such as those I do not generalize the white community as savages or animals but if I too were like so many of you I would. And I am also guessing that a vast majority of you follow the Christian faith so your words only provide the fact that you’re nothing more then hypocrites. Love thy neighbor Mark 12; 31

    1. William says:

      Mark 12; 31? Did the blacks who rioted over shoes follow the good book? No. But whites are slapped in the face with it for pointing out the blatant savagery evident in the black community.

      1. Kim Bailey says:

        SavagesIts the negro race…they are tribal, animalistic and violent and have not yet reached the level of sophistication to live in an orderly society…just look around the world…Africa…haiti…england and US to start

    2. Diane King says:

      It may be only one negative event in this story, but I’d bet every person spouting off has a dozen more in their personal experience. I doubt your personal experience involves slaying or lynching.

      1. William says:

        Who is slaying and lynching blacks? They kill each other. Check the morgues in Chicago and NYC. Bursting with unclaimed bodies of young blacks.

    3. Southern Man says:

      Buddy that is pure BS.
      I’ll say anything I want and I do use the word niqqer when addressing a niqqer.
      When addressing a respectable Black person I address them as Sir, or Ma’am.
      If more responsible black folks would scold these fools there would be no problem.
      Check this; My black friend MeeChee was stabbed to death by his son because MeeChee didn’t have any more money to give the punk ass niqqer for crack.
      Check the story in the Paris News.

    4. tonybaloney says:

      Jonathan, Listen up you spear chucking knuckle dragging coon. Everything you have was given to you by the white man. You effin nEGRO ONLY RACIST COLLEGES ARE FUNDED by Whites & white government. So, dic head STFU.

  96. Lloyd says:

    Black or white, I thought Nike was part of a nation wide boycott?

  97. jaahs lament says:

    The gov’t enjoys “dum dum” populas. This is just a symptom.simptom.

  98. Rosa Parks is spinning in her grave, y’hom sayin’?

  99. faiello says:

    So much hate, so much anger out here! Live and let live, you all life is to short. Stop blaming everyone else for what you have and don’t have. What you put into life is what you will get out of it. BTW, that is no matter what color you are.

  100. Chrissy says:

    It doesn’t matter what color the people who were fighting over the sneakers were (and I’m quite sure they weren’t ALL black).It shouldn’t have happened.PERIOD.Not all African Americans are bad and not all Caucasians are good.These were a bunch of adults who don’t know how to conduct themselves properly.They exhibited the same behavior (physically) that some of you are exhibiting (verbally) above and that makes you no better.

  101. Steven Jones says:

    Just reading the headline alone, let me guess: blacks?

  102. TheMethius says:

    Nuckin Figgers!

  103. Margaret says:

    Oh my gosh people…it’s a sneaker for crying out loud. I just do not understand why you “need” to have this specific sneaker. Personally, I think it is ugly. I have never in my life “needed” a piece of clothing or a type of shoe so badly that I felt the inclination to fight someone over it. You will wear it and it will eventually look like any other worn out sneaker that you have in your closet.

  104. TheMethius says:

    Nuckin’ Figgers!

  105. torchesandpitchforks says:

    Useful Idiots!
    All hail Obama!
    All hail Marx and Lennon!

  106. Edward says:

    Why are so many negro youth in the States rioting? Mobs attacking whites, women and the elderly? This is not an isolated event — most large cities affected by this virus. With Obama as President do they realize that they can’t use the racial excuse any longer?

  107. Tired of TNB says:

    Time for another episode of Guess The Race!

    1. Death of America says:

      Winner, unfortunately, gets called a racist!

      1. Sick of TNB says:

        Sorry, that word has no power anymore. It means nothing. I challenge you to find one person, of any race, that has NO preconceived notions about any other race. Good luck!

  108. Eric Gunther Oberhauser says:

    Over a damned pair of shoes that costs fifty cents to make in a sweat shop in a third world country.

  109. Pres. yomamma says:

    I didnt see humans , i saw monkeys fightn over a banana

  110. Dan says:

    “They say the problem was a classic dilemma: supply and demand.”

    No… that is not what the problem is…. the problem is african black negros who are
    unemployed buying a pair of $200 sneakers…. THATS what the damn problem is

  111. Trajan Long says:

    Got to spend those welfare checks somewhere

  112. NoLedge says:

    this kind of thing would never happen if Nike/Jordan brands simply shipped items to meet demand instead of attempting to maintain some form of exclusive status with their sneakers…it’d also make them a lot more money on release date. People are getting hurt over sneakers, how ridiculous is that?!? Guaranteed, all these styles will still be exclusive years later after everyone has worn out their pairs and the true “sneaker heads” who never wore theirs once still have them for sale.

  113. Ridunculous says:

    Guess the race? Not so hard.

    Just wait until there are food shortages. These people likes to eat. Better lock and load people…they will be migrating to a suburb near you.

    1. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

      exactly…when the entitlement programs finally come to an end because the country is broke the rabid chimps will run amok and behave in a savage manner that would make Katrina look like a pleasant picnic.
      all i can suggest is for people to buy whatever guns and ammo they can, while they still can.
      when society collapses and the animals go wild, white people had better lose that “white guilt” that has been pounded into their heads and make those shots count.

      1. Ridunculous says:

        ” make those shots count”

        Tru dat, Tyrell….cuz we may only get one chance to rid the country of the parasite class.

        “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day…..teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime……..and for those that can’t learn to fish….. turn them into bait” – unknown

  114. John Carlucci says:

    In hind sight, we should have just picked our own damn cotton.

  115. Dennis says:

    The store had more anxious customers than they had sneakers for sale—and that was a recipe for trouble.

    I think you left out an ingredient, Kai.

    1. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

      LOL…GOOD ONE…that ingredient always gets omitted

  116. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

    if good luck is with us, every one of those rabid chimps that managed to get a pair of pimp sneakers will be shot dead by other rabid chimps so they can steal the pimp sneakers…..they’re utterly simple minded dumb animals

  117. Bubba says:

    The problem isn’t supply and demand. The problem is the entitlement mentality of the people waiting to get the shoes. My guess is they were mostly black and on welfare or some sort of public assistance. Their attitude is “I’m gonna get mine and F*** any one else.”

  118. New York Nick says:

    ““Just a fight going on down there at Foot Locker. Arguments; someone said that there was knives pulled,” said mall employee Cassandra Jenkins.”

    Only in the American Ghettos. Iz can’t afford mize foods and stuffs but I’z be smokin’ in my new Jordans’ dogggg!!” Freakin animals. Now they’re gonna ban sugary foods from the welfare ‘to buy’ list, they should ban Air Jordans too for anyone on Public Aid.

  119. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    Of course it’s evil white people who make blacks misbehave like this. Only white people can do bad things. Anybody whose eyes tell them different should immediately blind themselves. It’s the PC thing to do.

  120. Vince says:

    No, the problem wasn’t supply and demand. The problem was people of a certain race acting like animals… AGAIN!

  121. mamawati says:

    I have a full time job as a reasonably well paid person and I can’t afford sneakers at any where near those prices. Somethign i svery wrong here…or someone is gettign away withtheft of economic resources on the taxpayer’s dime. I demand a governmetn program to help subsidze my purchase of som eof these shoes. They will make my life perfect I am sure.

  122. lee says:

    Corrupt California DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.
    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.
    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

  123. biggoofer says:

    ONE PERCENTERs fighting for a pair of sneakers!

  124. Jerry Carmichael says:

    Foot Locker might consider opening a store in Kenya and stocking about 15 million pair. Let them go for $5.00 a pair. Most of white America would be happy to pay their bill – for the trip over there.

  125. Crosscut says:

    These sub-human savages will have to be dealt with one day. They have no future.

  126. Susan says:

    Most of the people involved in seeking out such a product are most likely..underemployed or not employed at all, and have no business being in the store in the first place. If you can’t pay ALL your bills with money you earned through hard work, it’s not your RIGHT to spend it on overpriced shoes in the first place.

  127. tubaman says:

    Gee,let me guess the race of those involved?Wow,I am right again!!!

  128. Tyrone Shoelaces says:

    this artakel be racis

  129. How Far We've Fallen says:

    The fall of Western Civilization over a lack of common human decency. Here is a top tip, if you think it is acceptable to physically attack another person over something as trivial as a pair of shoes, you ARE the problem. If you are a parent and either condone or demonstrate this behavior to your children, you should have them removed from your care, you are unfit. Economy tanking, spiraling unemployment, record home foreclosures, but wait, I didn’t get the shoes I want, let’s riot….

  130. JoeBob says:

    Personally, I don’t believe in races – minor variation in skin color doesn’t make use different species. I do believe in tribes though. And I have noticed that people in the tribe that pays over $100 for tennis shoes tends to get out of control more often. Maybe they should start making tennis shoes instead of buying them?

  131. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

    ever see any /\/iggers on the Jetsons??……NO

    …the future looks bright

  132. bob says:

    Wow, Detroit, Philadelphia, any inner city ghetto…there’s a common element here that I just can’t put my finger on, hmmmmm?

  133. Mike in Michigan says:

    I just wish Nike and Reebok would come out with a fashion line of BELTS

    1. Diane King says:

      Yeah, over hype and over charge for them so they’ll want them and then maybe, just maybe, they won’t walk around with one hand holding up their pants all the time.

  134. Kill U4 Shoes says:

    America, The Beautiful…

  135. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    No one my age would ever have imagined something like this would happen- ‘born on welfare’? Schools dummed down?

  136. M.A. says:

    Why is it so difficult for people to see that all of these riots & civil disobedience at malls & other venues such as the inner harbor in Baltimore are 95% of the time by the hip hop black coon tar baby licorce sticks. They are loud mouthed, smell, can’t speak english, dumb & violent.

  137. thomYorke says:

    Is the IRS going to get their share of the profits of the reselling of the shoes? I doubt it.

  138. Sirius Ashley says:

    Let’s see now. We are strictly solid middle class in Houston and woiuld like to go to Red Lobster for dinner tonight. We discussed it and decided “no” because utilities will be electronically deducted within the next 2 days. Gotta; live within your means.

  139. hempstead says:

    Come on folks…………..they are shoes ! Just shoes. What the hell is wrong with you all?

  140. TiminPhx says:

    Damn Mormons!

  141. pwm says:

    Why is it if a video shows 100 blacks rampaging and carrying on like animals and ANYONE points it out, the person commenting is a “racist?’ What? REALLY? The video lies? They aren’t stating facts?

    The law needs to start dealing with these savages using EXTREME PREJUDICE. Taze them, beat them with a billy club, hell, SHOOT them for all I care, but PROTECT the general population.

    And IF the police ever catch a group of 100 white people doing this? The same applies. Law and order is COLOR BLIND! (Of course, we all know a group of 100 white people wouldn’t do this….don’t we?

    1. Gridlock says:

      Since blacks consistently cost the USA $1 million to $3 million dollars in their lifetimes (are you aware that the average black woman’s net worth is $5, seriously, no joke), imagine the money saved if these 100+ rioting blacks were shot dead on the spot. Are you also aware that the average black woman is morbidly obese? Of the black women in the USA, 80% of them are morbidly obese (the fattest “poor” monsters in the world).

      The city would save $100 million to $300 million (average black male lifetime is 71 years, so the payoff would be $1,408,450.70 to $4,225,352.11 per year).
      An immediate payoff in increased city revenue of $117,370.89 to $352,112.68 per month. An average of $3912.36 to $11,737.09 per day.
      What a shame that no city government apparently wants to pocket that money or swim in the increased revenue by from the profitable no-longer-terrorized productive White populace. Imagine a future no longer daily tortured by the violent genetically-psychopathic black monsters. It can happen.

  142. barry1817 says:

    So without seeing the video, I am venturing to guess the race of those creating the problem.

    Is that racist, or is that a guess based on past behavior patterns and past vidoes of such event.s

  143. walter12 says:

    Everyone knows that these troubles are all caused by crazy black youths who are out of their minds half the time. Baltimore has become a cesspool of crime and ruin.

  144. Justanaveragejoe says:

    You have to be incredibly stupid to pay $200 for a pair of sneaks, let alone $500 on the net. These only cost Nike a few dollars to make in places like Viet Nam. But the thugs think it’s cool to wear them because some jack ass sports goof ball wears them.

    No wonder the blacks can’t progress with a mentality like this.

  145. Todd Clemmer says:

    Drop a JDAM. Problem solved.

  146. makemyday says:

    OK…Lets have a “white” shopping day – and a “black” shopping day!!! Safer and “case closed”!! What IDIOT pays $200 – $500 for a pair of freakin sneakers?? NO prize for the correct answer (Odummer supporters)!!! And those “buffoons” are the same as me…. Yea right!!

  147. Jim from Boston says:

    This is just the “plan” coming together. Gonna be some rough spots but it’s all good in the end. Break down the family unit, weaken the church, take over the public schools, and you wind up with out-of-control, untamed, untrained, uneducated humans. The next logical step, of course, is for government to step in and take over the rest of our society. We’re going to wind up looking like the old USSR, North Korea, and Cuba in the end.

    I never imagined I would see a time when people who could not actually afford them would fight, almost to the death, over a pair of sneakers that are overpriced by about 500% to begin with. God help us 😦

  148. Factsareracist says:

    Check the facts: Almost 80% of HIV & STD patients in this country are blacks, who are 15% of the population. cdc.gov Blacks are almost 50% of the prison population, again, while only 15% of the American population…usdoj.gov…Black illegitimacy is 70% of all children born to blacks…cdc.gov…White females married to black males are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than white females married to white males….usdoj.gov….Check the facts!

  149. danibee73 says:

    this is laughable…hagerstown is HARDLY baltimore. it’s 1 1/2 hrs from baltimore LOL! and for those of u here debating the demographics of the area here they are: 85.95% White, 10.15% Black, 1.77% Hispanic or Latino, 0.25% Indigenous American, 0.96% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.83% from other races, and 1.83% from two or more races. so i’d say there’s a strong possibility…NAW, SCRATCH THAT, it’s more likely than not, that this incident involved more than a few white people. IJS…

  150. danibee73 says:

    this is laughable LOL! FIRST, hagerstown is hardly baltimore…it’s actually about 1 1/2 hrs away from Baltimore.

    SECOND, for those of you debating hagerstown’s demographics, here they are: 85.95% White, 10.15% Black, 1.77% Hispanic or Latino, 0.25% Indigenous American, 0.96% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.83% from other races, and 1.83% from two or more races.

    call me crazy but i’d say there’s a strong possibility…NAW SCRATCH THAT…it’s more likely than not that more than a few white people were involved in this incident.

    i live in maryland and most people who live here and even driven through hagerstown, let alone spent any time there, would probably draw a conclusion very similar to mine.

  151. DAVE says:


    1. Diane King says:

      Are you kidding?! Gee, what kind of reaction do you think a white person would get if they tried to bring this topic up with a “black dude”?? It takes a whole lot less than comments for most black dudes to react with violence. I generally prefer civility. And yes, you are up front. Rude right to our face without hesitation. Agreed.

      1. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

        Diane, you are way too intelligent to waste your time responding to an angry and ingrateful thug that doesn’t have the brains to understand your statement.
        You are correct that the simple minded beast’s reaction would be savage in manner (hell, they’ll kill each other for making a mean face). Some may try to deal with their vicious behavior the polite way, but reasoning with the dumb animals could cost someone their life. Avoid them if at all possible.

    2. World_War_Me says:

      Yeah you say what you want because black folk have no impulse control. Along with higher intelligence comes candor and civilized behavior, which is why we whites tend to keep our feeling internalized. You should be grateful, for there is an awakening occurring within the white ranks, and when we go off, you are gonna rue the day you got up all up in our face.

  152. The Truth says:

    Black folks:

    These idiots making these racist comments under the veil of anonymity are scared of you. They fear what we have accomplished after generations of oppression and they see their hold on society slipping away. Notice how so many throw President Obama out there. He represents their biggest fear. They have all that hatred bottled up but are too chicken to say it in public.

    Let them whine on the comment boards, they don’t have the integrity or courage to spit their trash in any other forum. Continue living your life the right way while they live in fear and are scared of every Black person they see. Must be a sad existence for them

  153. willie joe says:

    Whites unite, stamp out black blight.

  154. Histroian says:

    “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe,spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”

    — Charles Darwin

    This quote sums it up.

  155. Gridlock says:

    DO you realize that each black person in the United States of America costs this nation on average $1 million to $3 million dollars in their lifetimes (costs in regards to their crime-sprees, the cradle-to-grave costs of taxpayer-extorted feeding + housing + medical care + eventual imprisonment given that 50% of all black males are arrested for crimes + taxpayer-paid trial costs, reduced White productivity per the blacks committing 51% of all USA murders, the medical + psychological costs of treating the women raped by blacks).

    Criminal Victimization
    in the United States, 2008
    Statistical Tables
    bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus08.pdf (Page 53)
    Percent distribution of single-offender victimiza
    by type of crime and perceived race of offender

    The premature deaths of 10 blacks will save a city $10 million to $30 million (with an immediate payoff of $140845.07 per year for 10 deceased black males having an average lifespan of 71 years). The effects of profitability dramatically increase as the productive Whites are no longer constantly victimized by violent black genetic-psychopaths.

  156. tBone says:

    yep, saw the video on the news. It is confirmed: darkies at large
    I’m so glad I’m not black.

  157. Tomoko says:

    Those shoes are so g-d damn FUGLY! The article fails to mention what kind of people these are fighting over a shoe that you could not pay me to take, much less be seen in. I know, I know, there have been so many Asians, Hispanics and Whites who kill each other over these kinds of things that if it were one particular race causing the problem this time, the media would be sure to tell us.

  158. katong regency says:

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  159. katong regency says:

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  160. Poetry says:

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