PERRY HALL, Md. (WJZ)– One person has died in a car accident in Perry Hall.

The accident happened on Bel Air Road and Forge Road. Two vehicles were involved in the crash and both were damaged.

Baltimore County Police have not released the identity of the deceased driver yet. They are investigating the cause of the accident.

Comments (8)
  1. M.A. says:

    Probably speed, traveling to close & texting. Now somebody’s gonna have a bad day & the family will be torn apart because of selfish stupidity.

    1. Mary says:

      your a real idiot… do you know how bad my family is suffering and my niece is gonna grow up without a mother? she wasnt speeding and she wasnt texting.. you really shouldnt comment when you dont know the whole story our family has just lost one of the sweetest most loving person in our family and we really dont care to hear your ignorant comments!!!!!!!!

  2. Thomas moretz says:

    Right in front of our home, were you aware of the weather STUPID. How dare you make such a ugly commen,,SELFISH. Ever watch a young girl die in front of you . Ever heard of black ice………………………………Probably,you are stupid and selfish;at the least very ignorant for making such a comment. It was a head onFYI

    1. mary says:

      and just so you know were not gonna have just 1 bad day we’re gonna be hurting for the rest of our lives… Amy was a kind sweet person who didnt deserve this she had her whole life ahead of her.. you know they are called accidents for a reason idiot!!!!! her precious little girl is 5 years old and lost her mommy and you got the nerve to post on here she was speeding or texting and someone is gonna have a bad day? more like a painful life!!!!!! selfish stupidity???? your the selfish stupid idiot to post somthing you have no clue about.. we buried my niece today and i look on here and seee this?????? i hope to God you never have to feel this type of pain

    2. Mary says:

      I wanted to say thank you.. whoever wrote that comment is a real idiot and I hope he never has to feel the pain my family is gonna feel for the rest of our lives.. again thank you

      1. Septian says:

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