By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Parents who allow their teenagers to use tanning beds could see that option taken away. Some lawmakers want to replace the law that requires parental permission with an outright ban.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains the tanning industry is fighting back.

“I started going with friends after school every single day. It was almost like a competition to see who could get the darkest,” said Rachel, a cancer survivor.

If tanning is a question of health or beauty, the Maryland Senate panel is going for health.

“Lucky for me, my dermatologist detected my cancer at a very early stage,” Rachel said. “So they were able to cut it out of me, and that was that. But when I told her how much I was using tanning beds she freaked out and told me if I ever wanted to live I could never step foot in a tanning bed again.”

Health experts say evidence is mounting that young women in particular are risking their lives in tanning beds.

“The tanning causes cancer. It causes absolutely horrible cancer and people suffer tremendously,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Maryland Health Secretary.

But the Senate committee also heard testimony that such cancers aren’t necessarily the result of tanning beds alone and that salons provide a benefit by regulating exposure to ultraviolet rays.

“I view my role as a mother and a tanning salon operator as almost one and the same. The same passion and care and effort that I put into educating my clients and educating myself for decisions for my son are identical,” said Jessica Hilger, salon owner.

“If we were doing things that were unscrupulous we would be out of business,” said Luke Golueke, salon owner.

Local officials still have the authority to regulate tanning salons in their own jurisdictions.

Howard County was first to implement an outright ban on the use of tanning beds by minors under the age of 18.

Comments (10)
  1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    Really, you mean this is top of the list of problems that need to be addressed? I must have missed the memo that said umemployment is solved, all debt is paid off and tax money is now being spent responsibly. Oh wait, maybe these issues will be secrectly attached to the bill late one night when everyone is sleeping. Ok then, carry on……………………….

  2. deltasweetiepi says:

    look if they want to get a tan fine…just do not make the tax payers take care of them when they get skin cancer

  3. SHEEPLE says:

    Whats next ? Maybe….they should allow non citizens the right to vote…uh wait…maybe…they should allow non citizens to avoid immigration laws…ooops sorry…How about..they allow in state tuition for those visitors of non citizen status, just to help them out….oh…um…Hey, I got it, silly me they could further involve themselves in destroying the American dream by taxing and regulating the American families ability to prosper….dang…I guess they are just way to smart when it comes to laying the pathway for success of this nation and our futures….I think we should just let them continue to stay in office….darn it….they are way ahead of me again……………

  4. Mike Brown says:

    First off, colon cancer has nothing to do with tanning beds and to suggest that teenagers give up tanning is rediculous. This is just another attempt by politicians to shift the focus from cutting taxes and spending to invasion of our private lives. Let him worry about his cancer and his teenagers and we’ll worry about ours. How’s that?

  5. Kurt says:

    The government has to get out of the business of parental decision making. This ticks me off to no end!

  6. superrob says:

    he schould be more concerned with crime,drugs,sex offenders and welfare abusers than telling someone how to spend their money,this guy is trying to link colan cancer to ultravoilet light,what an idiot

  7. willie joe says:

    Idiot kids grow up with skin cancer & no health insurance. (Remember they’re never gonna die @ 18) We the taxpayer have to pick up the bill by way of medicaid. The kids when thirty will looked like a frigging raisin or dried out prune. Fuc them.

  8. Sharon says:

    If you & your kids want to risk getting cancer, that’s entirely up to you. If they get cancer, you’ll pay for it in the end just to have a tan that fades. Aren’t you satisfied with your white skin? Evidently, NOT.

  9. Joshua Glowzinski says:

    This seems like a very stupid question. The reason is this, Kids don’t just go out and get a tan. They have to get their parents or guardians, to agree to allow them to and then bring them to the place that they get the tan. So I think the question should not be are kids allowed. It is not the kids who make the choice. What’s next, something on CNN about banning candy and soda from the U.S. because there are to many fat kids? It is all about who gets to make the choice. America keeps loosing freedoms because people don’t have common sense. Let us all be free and die the way we choose and by the way we live our lives.

  10. braitutt says:

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