PERRY HALL, Md. (WJZ)– A horrible head-on crash shuts down a busy Baltimore County road. One woman is killed and another is rushed to the hospital.

Mike Hellgren spoke to the survivor of that ordeal.

The accident happened on the Baltimore and Harford County line. It is the second major accident WJZ has covered this week and it has shattered several families.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 shows the massive crash on Bel Air Road in Perry Hall. It happened as snow was falling during the evening rush Wednesday and killed Amy Marie Theiss, 30. Tracy Fitzgerald was caught up in the wreck, her car hit. She is lucky to be alive.

“It’s kind of surreal,” Fitzgerald said. “I mean, I am struggling a little bit with why I’m the one person that was able to walk away from the accident, quite honestly. I felt the impact of the other car come into my vehicle. I looked in the rear-view mirror of my car and I saw the vehicle behind me kind of flipping in the road.”

Police say Theiss’ Honda hit two SUVs. She had to be extricated from her car. Theiss has a 5-year-old daughter and her shaken mother told WJZ she had no life insurance.

Hellgren: “I know you loved her very much.”
Theiss’ mother: “Oh, God. You don’t even know. It’s very painful. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. She would do anything for anybody. She loved everybody.”

Those who live along that stretch of Bel Air Road just past Honeygo Boulevard call it dangerous.

“If they’re coming along that bend, the way that bend is, there’s lots of ice on the road. They are already going in that direction of oncoming traffic if they hit ice,” said Jeffrey Magness, a Perry Hall resident.

Police are still investigating the cause, including if weather played a factor.

“I’m really consumed with all of the ‘what if’s,'” Fitzgerald said. “You know, ‘What if I had been driving a little bit slower?’ or if I had been in a different lane or the guy behind me hadn’t swerved off the road. There’s a million things that could have happened.”

The family of the woman who died is working to set up a memorial fund for her daughter. Police tell WJZ if they find a factor like speeding in this accident, they will set up more enforcement.

The woman whose Toyota RAV4 was hit head-on is still recovering in Shock Trauma. She is listed in serious condition.

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  1. Steve H says:

    It’s Amy Marie Thiess. Not Teese. What an embarrassment to get the spelling of one’s name wrong when doing a NEWS REPORT! Especially the fatally injured.

  2. FF / EMT says:

    I do not believe that the weather had anything to do with the collision. I drove one of the repsonding fire apparatus to the scene, with no issues. The road was not slick to walk on. This is probably the result of a distracted driver. Sad to say a person had to lose their life. The road is not dangerous, its the people who speed going down then road. I am all for speed cameras in certain areas, and this is one of them.

  3. dannyboy says:

    Mamma’s slow down & stop texting / talking.

  4. WJZ Editor says:

    We check all of our grammer and spelling mistakes on this websight. Pleas try to be less criticle.

    1. WJZ Editor says:

      Also, if you disagree with us, we’ll just delete you’re comment.
      Reporting stuff is hard.

      1. The teach says:

        To the WJZ Editor…Shouldn’t it be ‘your’ not you’re’????? Just saying!

      2. GM says:

        You arent any Editor the way you spell.

      3. Leah says:

        Are you people too stupid to realize that this is someone who used “WJZ Editor” when they commented? WOW

    2. mjinmd says:

      You are joking, right?

    3. Tammy Wright says:

      You DO? GRAMMAR is GRAMMAR NOT GRAMMER, WEBSIGHT is WEBSITE, and CRITICLE is CRITICAL… GOOD GRIEF Whos Checking the Grammar on this site? I’d Love to have their Job! BTW.. I was very upset to hear the FF who responded to the scene mentioning this was probably just a distracted Driver. AMY THIESS was a very good Friend, and Family Member to my dear friend Raena,(AMYS MOTHER) and Damn it, that’s the last thing she wants or needs to hear on Channel 13’s Webpage, is the MEDIC reporting her daughter may have been distracted. Shes NOT here anymore, let it drop, its not making things easier for her mother, or friends & family. It was an Accident, that’s why they are called Accidents, and not on Purposes’..

  5. kew says:

    Who really cares about the spelling or the grammer? Seriously? None of you are obvoisly directly linked to this family. One person made a correction to the name of the victim , which is understandable. Then others have to jump in and make stupid comments about every little error. The loss of a life is not a joke and your idiocy is ridiculous.

  6. GM says:

    Every one of these comments are ridiculous. May the Lord bless the family of this lady and also the other people involved.

  7. RW says:

    Bel Air & Honeygo (or Perry Hall) is nowhere near the county line…Kingsville is north of Perry Hall, and still not at the county line…I can’t quote how many miles is it from this location & the county line, but it would be like saying the accident happened on Thursday, when it actually happened on Saturday.

  8. Steven Spiegel says:

    Everyone with smart comments . The truth is we are here on borrowed time. We go to work expecting to make it there safe . We all drive home expecting the same but nothing is certain . I realized this one day as i watched a pour fellow lay in the road with his brains exposed from getting hit by a woman while changing a tire on I95 in Richmond Va. This guy got out of bed as he did any other day got dressed and out the door he went but his life ended that fast from a distracted driver. After seeing that everytime i see a car on the shoulder i move over into the far lane . If everyone just thought about driving only while behind the wheel there would be far less accidents on the roadways.Most people cant drive while paying attension let alone with a cell phone hanging from there ear.I just feel so bad for the ones who have to go on without the ones that they love because of someone not paying attension. My thoughts will be on the family and the 5 yr old boy not of the spelling mistakes that some wise guy or gal caught while writing there thoughts of this situation. We all need to have more respect for 1 another after all we are all someones loved one.

  9. charles says:

    more and more dummys are going to die because they dont wanna slow down and go the speed limit !!!!!!!!!! and stop being so fn careless if evey body went the speed limit stoped at stop sighns yeilded insted of pretending its not there !!!! there would be alot less people dieing on the highways but gues what it going to hapen people think it ant going to hapen to me or they think there super man the faster you go the harder it is to keep a 3000 lb car under control rember that next time you drive!

  10. Kate says:

    Actually, “RW” it is just about on the county line. I live on Perry Hall Road , which is almost exactly where this accident happened. The sign that says “Welcome to Baltimore County” is right after the Lodge restaurant, which is about 500 feet away, so yeah this report is accurate when it says that AND that road is dangerous for anyone saying its not. Do you live there? No, well I do and its extremely dangerous. There are SO many accidents that have happened there this past year alone its unreal. My thoughts and prayers go out to all parties involved in this accident, it is truly sad. But all of you need to stop thinking you know what you’re talking about because unless you live in that exact area and have to drive it ever single day, you have no idea how bad it is.

  11. mary says:

    I am Amy Thiess’ Aunt and id like to thank all of you who have us in your prayers and the rest of you have no clue what your saying…. Amy was a beautiful woman with a heart of gold she left behind a beautiful little girl a mother a father sisters alot of aunts uncles and cousins who will never be the same without her here… she wasnt distracted it was an accident and unless you were there you dont know so plz keep your rude comments to yourself because she does have family who reads this and we dont need to hear this kind of stuff…. again I TRUELY THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE PRAYED FOR US… R.I.P AMY MARIE THIESS!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MY MINI ME….. Mary

  12. Mary says:

    I also wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with the others involved in this horrible accident and i really do hope they somehow do something about the fatalities and car accidents that happen on that road.. its sad it takes so many deaths for the authorities to do something about it….

  13. Barb says:

    Tuesday before this tragic accident I was traveling nothbound on Belair road and saw a car lose control hit the guard raill on the South bond side of Belair road then came speeding across both lanes and plowed into the car behind me. I was very upset for the next few days. I wish Amy could have seen or heard about this accident. Maybe she would have driven the the right lane instead. Yesterday I took Belair road home again from work and witnessed three people hugging the cehter line on both sides. One wrong judgement of a turn and those cars cross over the outer lane just slightly but enough if both do it at the same time to cause an accident. They need barrier walls up because of the speed allowed on this road exceeds 40 miles per hour and it has many sharp curves. God Bless Amy’s family …..when I heard of this accident that happened the same place where I seen one two days ago my heart broke. I will not drive on Bel Air again it is a death trap

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