CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WJZ)– In his own words. For the first time, a jury hears from George Huguely– the man accused of killing Cockeysville native Yeardley Love.

The trial is unfolding right now inside the courtroom in Charlottesville, not far from the University of Virginia both students attended.

Jessica Kartalija joins us with more on how the chilling testimony had the defendant in tears.

Love’s family, Huguely and at least two jurors were in tears as they heard what happened when Huguely learned his former girlfriend was dead.

Former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely admitted he wrestled with and shoved Yeardley Love, but never punched or strangled her.

This from a police interrogation video played for jurors inside Charlottesville District Court.

The footage was recorded just hours after Love’s body was discovered in her apartment in May 2010.

Huguely told police he had gone to talk to Love about their on-again, off-again relationship but insists he didn’t inflict “lethal injuries.”

A Charlottsville detective said: “She’s dead.”
Huguely: “How the [expletive] is she dead?”
Detective: “Because you killed her, George.”
Huguely: “She’s dead? She’s dead? She’s dead? How? How? I didn’t even [expletive] hit her. I don’t believe it.”

In the courtroom, Huguely and at least two jurors sobbed as that tape was played.

This comes one day after former University of North Carolina lacrosse player Mike Burns testified he and Love “hooked up” during their college years but never dated.

Burns also told jurors that at a party less than three months before the murder, he barged into a room after hearing screams of “Help me, help me!” He says he found Huguely with Love on the floor in a choke hold and saw Huguely’s hands around Love’s neck. Huguely let go and Love fled the room crying hysterically, saying, “Thank you so much.”

Charlottesville police detective testified that Huguely quickly changed from a person of interest in Love’s murder to primary suspect because of bruised knuckles and a fresh cut on his arm.

Huguely had admitted to police he had consumed 20 drinks the day Love died, saying it was the drunkest he’d ever been.

Stay with WJZ for complete coverage of the trial. We will continue to update you on testimony of this high-profile case.


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