BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Looking for a love connection this Valentine’s Day?  The Maryland SPCA can help, if you’re looking for the perfect canine partner.

Andrea Fujii tells us about a new quiz to help you find your perfect match.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. But with dozens of adorable dogs how does one choose?

Just like human love connections, the Maryland SPCA wants people and pets to be a good fit, so they developed a new online tool to help.

“You can take a fun personality quiz all about your personality traits and figure out which dog is best for you and your lifestyle,” said Aileen Gabbey, Maryland SPCA.

It’s called the “Dancing Dog Quiz” and so far hundreds of people have visited the site.

“It’s more than about looks or a breed.  We want to make sure their personalities are compatible,” said Gabbey.

After several questions, your personality is evaluated and can find your perfect match.

Just like human dating, it’s easy to get swayed by good looks.  But animal trainers say the connection must go deeper.

“That way you can see your personality realistically. That would be good for you before you come in and fall in love,” said Nichole Miller, Maryland SPCA.

The Maryland SPCA says the quiz results can be applied to dogs from any shelter.  Click here to find your perfect match.