BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It appears two groups of students from two separate schools became involved in a fight Wednesday afternoon. The large group of students were gathered at Belair and Chesterfield Roads in northeastern Baltimore City.

Captain Mike Perry reports the fight consisted of mostly teenage girls.

City police called in wagons and have made several arrests for fighting and assault.

One officer did use his mace on at least one person involved in the chaos. It’s unclear if there are any injuries.

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Comments (5)
  1. LaVern says:

    This is just an outrage with these children today. The school system as well as the parents need to go back to the old days where we used encyclopedia’s and dictionary’s. Instead of rewarding them with the new technology today, like the i-pad’s and computer’s i-pod’s and cell phones. The children today don’t have enough respect for themselves nor anyone else.

  2. Squiggy says:

    Were they hitting each other with I-pads?
    But still, I do think LaVern makes a good point in general.

  3. GrimFuture says:

    Their Parents just don’t care!!! You have got to raise your kid with hope, discipline, kindness, rewards and guidance!!! And then some kids are just “TROUBLE”!!!!

  4. MsPhillyG says:

    Queen, you are a complete and utter fool!!! Everybody adult here has made a decent comment and here comes your rude and bigoted as$ you make no sense so just shut your disgusting pie whole you and your kind are so irrelevant in this world. You are a disgrace!

  5. richard perry says:

    MsPhilly G who are you to call other people a disgrace ?and don’t tell other people to shut their mouth”s you need to look in the mirrior at your self