BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Watch out eBay. There’s a new online auction site in town, and it’s based in Baltimore.

Andrea Fujii tells us about Auctionopia that just launched this week.

After three and a half years in the making, Baltimore native Tom Popomaronis, 25, has high hopes for his new company Auctionopia.

“I’m proud to launch it here,” said the CEO.

It’s an online auction that allows sellers to place their wares online and buyers to bid on the products.

In order to compete with sites like eBay, there are two key differences.

“We are a 100 percent free online auction company. There are no fees to list your item and if your item sells,” Popomaronis said.

And there’s instant messaging between seller and buyer to negotiate in real time.

After going live on Tuesday, Auctionopia has increased their user base by 50 percent. And with no plans to leave the area, Popomaronis says the site’s good for Baltimore.

“What we’re trying to do is bring world markets together so they can reach buyers internationally,” Popomaronis said.

Auctionopia currently employs 15 people.

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  1. Karen Solis says:

    The site sounds great but the anchor man who said “plan to go shoe shopping tonight” appears to be a misogynist. Kick his sorry ass off the show.

  2. Allen Richie says:

    I just started using this Auctionopia today. I’m really liking it for selling. It just feels a lot more friendly than the big companies like eBay and Amazon who don’t really seem to care.

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