CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WJZ)—Holding hands the day before death. Jurors in the University of Virginia lacrosse murder trial were captivated by a video of George Huguely and Yeardley Love.

Adam May has more on the defense testimony.

That video, showing Love and Huguely getting along, is considered a key piece of evidence for the defense. They hope it erodes the prosecutors claim that the murder was premeditated.

Fighting for her nephew’s future, Huguely’s aunt took the stand, narrating a surveillance video taken the night before Love died.

Members of the Huguely family were dining at a burger bar, popular with students at the University of Virginia. In the video, Huguely and Love were holding hands, casually chatting with others.

That happened just days after Huguely found out Love hooked up with another lacrosse player, and Huguely sent Love an email that said “I should have killed you.”

Prosecutors presented the email hoping it will convince jurors Huguely premeditated the murder, and he deserves to be sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder.

Defense attorneys are trying to get Huguely off on a lesser charge. They claim their client never intended to kill Love, and the fight in her off-campus apartment in May 2010 was mutual. They say her death was accidental.

The value of Love’s computer is another key component of the defense.

Huguely admits to stealing it and throwing it in a dumpster after the couple’s fight.

A computer expert took the stand, claiming the laptop wasn’t worth more than $200, which means the theft was not a felony.

The jury’s final decision on the value could impact how long Huguely is sentenced to prison.

Huguely’s defense had to stop early because one of the attorneys is sick. If she’s feeling better, the defense will call final witnesses Saturday morning and then closing arguments will begin.

Comments (3)
  1. Stupidity Rules says:

    Nothing good ever results from the consumption of alcohol. Especially the way these two would drink. I am sure if these two were pot heads instead of juicers this would have never happened. Prayers to both families.

  2. M Roach says:

    My heart goes out to the parent of both of them. They don’t deserve this mess. It’s hard to deal with everyday watching whats going on and listening to what people has to say. Good or bad it’s stressful.

  3. happyjack says:

    The parents are to partially blame for allowing risky pampered behavior to go rewarded. These kids had a sense of entitlement & ignorance.

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