The center of the storm is making its way through the Appalachians Sunday night, pushing bands of moisture up into Maryland. However, high pressure over the Great Lakes is combatting that moisture with some very dry air. That zone has set up right over Maryland. Baltimore City and points farther north have seen little more than sprinkles. Flakes have been reported in D.C. Farther south, where there is more solid moisture, a rain/snow mix has been falling in southern Maryland the southern Eastern Shore for the last few hours. Temperatures have been above freezing in these places, so snow has had a hard time laying, but it is starting to stick in parts of these areas.

We have a few more hours of moisture getting flung up into Maryland at the same time that temperatures are falling. This is really a no-storm for Baltimore and north, while there is the chance for a small accumulation in southern Maryland and the lower Eastern Shore. The breeze will remain up overnight and drop temperatures below freezing for most of us, but we are going right back to the upper 40s Monday when this storm is history.

Warmer air will continue to rush back into Maryland. Temperatures will be back in the 50s by midweek with 60s in the forecast for Thursday and maybe Friday. We could get a few rain showers from a northern passing front later Tuesday into Wednesday. Then, a stronger storm will move our way with mainly the chance of rain Friday into early Saturday. Behind that storm, colder air will come rushing in for next weekend.