ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A bill to allow same-sex couples to marry in Maryland passes first in the House and now in the Senate. The governor is expected to sign it, but that may not be the end of the story.

Meghan McCorkell has more on this big step for the Civil Marriage Protection Act.

It was a close vote– 25 in favor, 22 against. But Thursday was a big win for supporters of same-sex marriage.

“House Bill 438 has received a constitutional vote.”

With that, the bill to legalize same-sex marriage goes to the governor’s desk.

“This has been a difficult issue, but as one Maryland we came together around the principle of human dignity and we’re moving forward,” Gov. Martin O’Malley said.

For Sen. Richard Madaleno– the only openly gay senator– this vote is personal.

“I think it’s a remarkable day in the state of Maryland and I’m just so proud to have been a part of it,” Madaleno, D-Montgomery County, said.

Though torn, Senate President Mike Miller voted against the bill.

“This is history. Am I on the wrong side of history as a historian? There’s no doubt about it,” Miller, a Democrat, said.

Many opponents are confident they’ll be able to get same-sex marriage on the ballot in November.

“I think we’ll move on to the referendum process,” Sen. E.J. Pipkin, R-District 36 and the Senate Minority Leader, said. “I think that’s ultimately where this will be decided.”

Many same-sex couples filled the Senate gallery to witness the historic vote.

“This day will change our lives forever,” Gita Deane, a supporter of same-sex marriage, said. “We’ll be able to tell our children about this day. We’ll be sharing this with our friends and family. It’s kind of unbelievable and hard to wrap my head around it.”

The House passed the bill last week. Thursday night, several delegates watched as the same happened in the Senate.

“It is wonderful to know that Marylanders believe that my right should be equal,” Del. Luke Clippinger, D-Baltimore City, said.

Now, both sides say they’re ready for a new fight in November.

The governor plans to sign the Civil Marriage Protection Act within a week. The legislation effective date is January 2013.

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  1. 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON says:

    now mikulski can get married and start a family

    1. Wiseguy says:

      …………….just what this state needs……….more worthless democrats.

  2. Gloria says:

    May God save us from these politicians…God help Maryland…this states name is originally Marys Land ….from our Blessed Mother Mary….this is a disgrace and to think that O’Malley is a Catholic.

    1. LaVerne says:

      I just wonder if O’Malley will stay a Catholic.

    2. Shauna says:

      This state was not named after our Blessed Mother Mary. You moron.

    3. Chck says:

      May God save us from stupid people!

    4. Working Poor says:

      The state was named for Queen Mary of England.

    5. Alan says:

      actually no ur wrong lol maryland wasnt named after the virgin mary it was named after a queen in england that was married to Charles the first.. just wanted to fix ur history error 🙂 but besides that i agree gay marriage is a deff no no

  3. LaVerne says:

    Go to the 4.30 minute mark of this and watch the last 4 minutes.

    1. LaVerne says:

      This was recorded in Sept 2011

  4. hahaha says:

    I tried to watch it but had to take a doug and wipe my martin

  5. Michael Spencer says:

    I am quite torn about this issue. Do I support “Love” no matter if it’s between two people of the same gender? Or do I believe in my Christian upbringing ? Here we have a State that supports same sex marriages but won’t accept a Deed of Relationship for immigration purposes when the whole western world accepts it. Go figure!!!!

  6. Tony says:

    I take it that those 25 Senaters do not go to church. And I don’t know what to say about that Omalley, I will do my best to make sure he will never hold another office again. Next he will want to liglize polygamy so he can merry his girlfriend.

    1. maryland resident says:

      what girlfriend? what girl in her right mind would admit to seeing this fool

      1. Stupidity Rules says:

        Ed Norris knows of a couple. O/Malley has a city pension and a state pension now it’s time for a federal one? I do not care what anyone says…all politicians are eventually crooks.

    2. LaVerne Cash says:

      At the rally for tradtional marriage a Catholic Official (I didn’t catch his name or title) read a letter from then Archbishop O’Brien basically telling O’Malley to stop supporting Same Sex Mariiage. It wiill be interesting to see how the Church deals with this given that O’Malley professes to be Catholic.

      1. Ahn says:

        Well, tell us…how did the catholic criminal church deal with raping and sodomizing children? They seemed to hid and handle that criminal enterprise quite well. I trust they’ll be able to handle what 2 grown consenting adults choose to do. Or, is the catholic church simply concerned with how many children they can rape? Explain

    3. hooty-hoot says:

      NOW, you want to start getting into the REAL history of marriage. POLYGAMY, baby. It is the first marriage. I’m down, I could use a little help around the house!

  7. Matt says:

    Wow. What Hatred spreads from something happy. Anyone who says the go to Church and posts on here and says something hateful definitely is not following the teaching of the Bible. May God have Mercy on the souls of those who are judging others.

    1. LaVerne Cash says:

      Nobody (at least not I) is judging the person it is deed we are judging. There is a difference. You can love someone without necessarily agreeing with their life style.

      1. Ahn says:

        BULLSHYT…in this case you are judging. Stop hiding behind the love the sinner hate the sin. You sin in your life routinely..we all do…..and what is ‘their lifestyle’.

  8. The Unrelenting Opposition says:

    Pfff, and some people think O’Malley gives a damn about gays, yeah, right, suuuure.
    Two words, TAX REVENUE. Tax marriage licence, make OC the new Bethany, draw new residents into the state, you name, its the real reason he’s legalizing it, come on now, don’t kid yourselves.

    1. Kelly says:

      I agree completely. I can not wait to leave this rotten state.

      1. None says:

        See ya. One less mobile home.

  9. Jaime says:

    thank you, Matt. i’m not going to let bitter bigots spoil my joy. we as a society need to focus on the passage of laws that treat people fairly. this is one of them. i’m a gay episcopal and i vote, and do community service/volunteer work ,and i have kids.i make Maryland a better place, and my kids pitch in and volunteer along side me. do the haters here reach out to the less advantaged in their communities? probably not. let them stew on the internet while the happy, productive, and occasionally GAY people stay busy and fulfilled in the real world.

    1. Matt says:

      Well this Gay People plans to get Married. There are many people who support this measure. I have been with the Same man for almost 8 years. We love each other and we plan on a Beach wedding.

  10. Eva Whitley says:

    Come up with ONE reason why recognizing gay marriage that DOESN’T involve religion, and I might listen but we live in a secular society. Don’t want gays to marry in your church, fine, but there’s no reason to deny people’s rights based on religion. And if you want to be taken seriously, try running your comment through spell-check so you don’t sound like a moron.

    1. Kelly says:

      Secular society. Interesting you would say that. Perhaps that is the reason this “secular society” is failing in just about every area.

    2. The Unrelenting Opposition says:

      Not all of us disapprove of gay marriage because of our religion, some of us just have a natural opposition to it. It’s entirely psychological for some people, in fact, if your one who believes in the “gay gene” there is just as likely to be a counterpart “anti-gay gene” ever stop to consider that? My guess is no (only a handful do so its excusable). There’s your secular argument, its natural opposition to each other, some have a side some don’t, so thanks to subconscious desire to remove an enemy, we don’t support legislation that aids our enemy.

      1. None says:

        “anti-gay gene”? Really? You want to blame your ignorance, hatred, and belief in the tooth fairy on nature? Please hang up and try your call again.

  11. Ahn says:

    WHY does it have to go on a ballot? No other DUMB ass bill has been put on a ballot: when the politicians stole our money for the stadium it wasn’t voted on by us….when the dumb swine dumbocrats voted to give in state tuition to ILLEGALS…it was not put on a ballot. It was later forced to ballot bc someone bought a spine and forced the issue.

    CONGRATS to ALL. And, I’m a straight woman…who wants to know why people and some religious swines are soooo concerned with others getting married. By the time YOU address your cheating husband, wife, daughter, son, cousin, etc., you won’t have time to worry about GAY RIGHTS!!!!!!


  12. Kelly says:

    Whether one is religious or not, you can not deny the prophetic words of the Bible. Truly we are living in the final days when what is wrong has become right and what’s right has now become wrong. This entire issue is quite an oxymoron.

    1. Greg says:

      Actually, if you aren’t religious it is very easy to deny anything that has to do with the bible. That’s because if you aren’t a believer in the religions that support it’s teachings, it is simply a fictional book with some intriguing metaphors.

      1. None says:

        Harry Potter was better.

  13. adraine says:

    Kelly you hit right on the nose the BIBLE is fulfilling the end of the days this is so TERRIBLE and HORRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. None says:

      If this truly is prophetic, then you christians out there would celebrate because it means you will see your king soon. Right? So why are you fighting it? Is it because you know your hate and ingnorance is going to come back and bite you? Why are you so afraid of the “end” if you are going home to see your holy father. Is it because of the alter boy incidents? Hmmmm.

  14. Ricci Adams says:

    Time for a referendum ~ but seriously, this needs to be a US constitutional amendment to prevent the liberal judges from dictating how Maryland should be ran. My God have mercy upon the souls of the Maryland Legislature, I pray that they can see the light. Perhaps it is time we take note and start electing rational individuals who will steer this great state in the right moral direction. The governments moral compass is currently broken. It is up to use to elect Officials with morals. They cover up misdeeds of each other (just look at the recent ethic charges). We need a new state Government! One which listens to the people!

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