The gusty winds did bring in some colder air – at least for a day. That has been the trend all season. Whenever we do get Arctic or even just cold air, it doesn’t last long. Even though the average is now up to 48 degrees, we were already back above that average Sunday afternoon with a high of 49 degrees. And this is just the beginning. We are headed up to 60 Monday, then will stay in the 50s to near 60 all week long despite a few different cold fronts.

The first cold front will move our way Monday. It is dumping snow over the Upper Midwest but will weaken considerably as it moves our way, while also passing north of us. That means that we will stay on the warm, southern side of the storm with the moisture shield really breaking up. Expect sunshine to mix with some clouds, but that’s about it.

Another cold front will move our way Tuesday night into Wednesday. It will also reinforce warm air as it moves by, bringing rain to the Mid-Atlantic Wednesday. Rain may linger into Thursday morning before the storm is slow to depart on Thursday. Yet another front will quickly follow Friday night into Saturday. There could be some rain with this one, too.

Speaking of the warm winter, can you believe that Thursday is the beginning of March? That officially marks the end to the meteorological winter and start of meteorological spring. Even though the seasons are based upon the Earth’s rotation around the sun, the meteorological seasons are broken up into 3 month segments based on temperature averages. December, January, and February are statistically the coldest months of the year. We will have official numbers later on this week, but it’s looking like this will be one of the top ten warmest winters on record.

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