UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJZ) — Getting off with only a warning. That’s what police say happened to a Prince George’s County councilwoman after she was caught going double the speed limit on the Capitol Beltway.

Andrea Fujii has more.

Police say County Councilwoman Karen Toles was going 105 miles an hour. Now her constituents want to know why she wasn’t ticketed.

The speed limit is 55 mile an hour but police say on Feb. 22, County Councilwoman Karen Toles was driving nearly double that in a county vehicle.

“The in-car camera speed did indicate 105 miles per hour. That was the speed the officer was driving to catch up,” said Prince George’s County Assistant Police Chief Kevin Davis.

Police did issue a ticket for an unsafe lane change but only gave a warning for speed.

“The police officer didn’t have enough time and space to establish the pace of the car that he eventually pulled over,” Davis said.

They also say the officer’s speedometer was not calibrated.

Toles, who refused to speak with reporters, has said she was late for an appointment that day and regrets the incident.

But that doesn’t comfort her west Prince George’s County constituents.

“I just don’t think that it’s fair and I’d have to give it a second thought when it comes time for a re-election,” said District Heights resident Rosalind Banks.

“What happens if she took someone’s life? Is it worth it?” said Capitol Heights resident Louis Felton.

And court records show this isn’t her first violation. Since 2009, she’s received six traffic citations, including driving off the road when passing another vehicle.

The incident is under police review but they say they did everything by the book.

“Preliminarily, we don’t believe this police officer afforded anyone any special treatment,” Davis said.

We left multiple messages with Toles’ office but did not receive a call back.

An internal review of the incident will begin next week. The officer who conducted the traffic stop is a 14-year veteran of the force.

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  1. Rembrandt says:

    Double Standards…….. If I were to do 105 mile per hour on the beltway I would still be in jail

    1. ifuonlyknew says:

      you don’t go to jail in MD for speeding; maybe in VA, but not MD

  2. larryag says:

    please , 105 mph because she was late

  3. yes says:

    Maybe she had some money in her panties

  4. ravenmaniac881 says:

    If you put Speeding and Unsafe Lane change together…you get AGRESSIVE DRIVING.

    1. ifuonlyknew says:

      …it has to be 3 of the specified offenses to be considered aggressive driving in MD, not just 2

  5. Bill says:

    O Bamas Cousin?

  6. commonsense711 says:

    I thought double the speed limit was an automatic 12 points on your license. Well at least it would be for us real people

  7. David Capettini says:

    What is up with Prince Georges County? You would think that this jurisdiction would be sensitive to the fact that they are the the number one representative of African-American economic and political progress in the US. Instead their political leaders seem to think that they can flaunt the law and their positions as if they were gang leaders. Is this the result of our long struggle to secure equal rights? Were the Segregationists right when they warned us of what would happen if we empowered African-Americans?

    1. gorillaman says:

      David, It’s called “Mools rule”…..When you let the inmates run the asylum. These people are useless wastes.

  8. meeeeee says:

    Horrible proof that there is a double standard. Oligarchic rule is officially in place… Democracy, more like hypocracy!

  9. Sharon says:

    Dannyboy, I’m not african american….stupid !

    1. gorillaman says:

      Go fuc yourself anyway toad.

  10. gorillaman says:

    This council woman & the judge should both be fined & thrown in jail. She has “ANGRY” written all over her. Six tmes in three years that we know of.

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