BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A lawmaker is hoping to force a change in the way passengers at BWI are screened by security.

As Mike Schuh reports, he’s upset about the controversial pat-down searches.

At BWI, Judy Majorfox is at the beginning of her journey to California. First stop: Security.

Schuh: “If you had your druthers, would you have a pat-down or no pat-down?”
Majorfox: “No pat-down.”

Yes, she wants a safe plane…and security to keep their hands off.

“Well, you know there’s machinery now that can do that for you,” Majorfox said.

But there are times, TSA says, a pat-down is necessary.

“We’ve got a bunch of machinery, there’s no reason we’ve got to be touched,” Majorfox said.

In Annapolis:

“I don’t think we should let people stick their hands down their pants,” Del. Glen Glass, R-District 34A (Cecil and Harford Counties), said.

Glass has introduced four bills concerning TSA searches.

“Keep their hands off us. I don’t think they have a right to search us without probable cause,” he said.

But those who disagree with the delegate say a pat-down is the price of admission, another tool to keep that airliner safe.

“I think if you’ve got nothing to hide, it shouldn’t be a big issue,” Mike Aquino, a frequent air traveler, said.

Aquino lives in Atlanta but commutes to Baltimore every week.

“As a 2 million-miler on Delta, I worry about that stuff all the time,” he said. “I think it’s the price of freedom.”

Hearings on the first two bills will be held in Annapolis in two weeks. Similar bills have also been introduced in the Alaska legislature.

A TSA spokesman told WJZ it does not comment on pending legislation.

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  1. 1amWendy says:

    To Mr. Aquino – how can you possibly believe that being intrusively searched without cause is in any way associated with freedom? Freedom is the ABSENCE of police-state tactics. Sigh…. if you really want to delve into the risks and probabilities of air mishaps at the hands of malevolent people go read the TSA News Blog. There are many articles in there that mathematically address the risk of malevolents, looking at ten years of non-TSA-protected US venues in addition to the bloated TSA.

  2. mike nelson says:

    The TSA is utterly useless. They are just another pointless government agency with unionized employees. The only thing 911 did to help airports is kick out all of the pickpockets and thieves from the gate areas and create more waiting space for actual fliers. Pretty much that is about it. Everything else is about control not safety.

  3. Jeff NJ says:

    IF you are concerned about safety, consider that there have been no suicidal airline passengers on the US with working non-metallic bombs FOR HALF A CENTURY. Yep, that is 50 years.

    That is the ONLY reason given for strip search scanners and inappropriate touching of our and out children’s genitals.

    In our country, that non-existent risk does not justify destroying out liberties. It’s that simple. Your chances of dying while driving to the airport are higher. In fact, flying in the plane itself is riskier.

    So, fly with freedom is the correct answer.

    No one is suggesting non-specific searches for metallic bombs should be stopped (although some will say let the airlines offer their own security, and let the public pay for what they want in a free market. But, I am not saying you should be forced to live with capitalism).

  4. Sommer Gentry says:

    I applaud Delegate Glass and wish him success in getting the TSA’s filthy hands out of our pants. As for Mike Aquino, I’d like to say that I do have something to hide – my naked body, which the TSA likes to create images of for their perverts in the back room. It’s nice that you’re an exhibitionist, Mike, but I wear clothes for a reason, and that is to keep strangers’ eyes off my breasts and genitalia. TSA has no right to undress innocent people with their machines, no right to rub the genitals of teenage girls against their will, no right to humiliate and degrade decent human beings who are not suspected of any wrongdoing. John Pistole and every other person who has ever taken money to force unwelcome sexual contact on another person goes to jail for their violence against our bodies.

  5. Sommer Gentry says:

    That last sentence should be: John Pistole and every other person who has ever taken money to force unwelcome sexual contact on another person deserves jail for their violence against our bodies.

  6. CelticWhisper says:

    Aquino is pathetically out of touch. TSA molestation, ESPECIALLY when perpetrated against children under the age of majority, but also when perpetrated (whether by hand or by nude-o-scope) against any citizen of this allegedly-free nation, is NOT the price of freedom. It is the very picture of tyranny. Aquino would see the founding principles of our nation dashed to pieces in order to “save” it. Truly, America must be destroyed, that it may live. This person has no grasp of irony if he can say with a straight face that fascism is the price of liberty.

    As for Glass, he’s a patriot, a true hero. I applaud him for these efforts and wish that my own lawmakers had his intestinal and/or vertebral fortitude. I do have one concern, though, about his focusing solely on TSA gropedowns and not cancer-scans, which is the possibility that TSA (remember, it stands for Terrorists Searching Americans) may try to revoke the ability to opt out of irradiation. “Sorry, they barred us from rubbing your testicles, penetrating your vulva, squeezing your breasts and grabbing your buttocks, so you have no choice but to bask in our still-untested (but damn those true lovers of freedom for trying to change that!) X-rays! Now step into the machine, citizen.”

    Part of me says they’d be signing the agency’s death warrant if they made a move like that, but another part says “Remember when they threatened to cancel all flights to and from the largest contiguous state in the union? Yeah, same morons we’re dealing with here.”

  7. Bill Fisher says:

    Despite the billions of dollars wasted on full body scanners, groping searches of children and strip searches of elderly women, nearly every item that TSA finds is found on the x-ray belt, not by the invasive searches or dangerous x-ray body scanners.

    There have been thousands of groping complaints and at least five strip searches. This is outrageous and doesn’t even improve safety.

    They also acknowledge that their explosive trace detection is so flawed that it reports a false positive despite a complete lack of explosive material being present.

    There have been 70 reported security breaches in the last 14 months. After sixty billion dollars TSA can’t cite one success, fail 70% of security tests and allow 60% of the freight in the hold go unchecked.

    Add to that the 62 TSA screeners arrested in 2011 for serious crime, including rape and murder and five more in 2012. Last year, eleven TSA screeners were charged with sex crimes involving children. TSA can’t prevent crime within their ranks, but we’re supposed to trust them with airport security.

    This cost of this agency is out of control and this is more evidence that none of these newer methods are productive and that the agency is grossly wasteful. Pistole has failed to contain the rampant misconduct and mismanagement within the agency and both need to be replaced with something that works.

  8. Moma says:

    Twice in the past few weeks my husband has passed through the body scanner in Atlanta and been told both times he had something in his right pants pocket and had to be patted down. Let’s just say it was a body part not really IN his pocket. Obviosly the body scanners aren’t that helpful and pat downs are embarrassing.

  9. SpecialEd says:

    Maybe we should have segregated planes. One plane is for all the people that consent to security procedures. The other plane is for everyone that doesnt. When some terrorist blows up the nonsecure plane, then people may start to understand.

    1. Sommer Gentry says:

      I’d pay double for a chance to fly without having to consent to being sexually assaulted by a thug in a blue shirt. I’d be the first one in line for a TSA-free flying experience. You’re far more likely to drown in your own bathtub or to die from a bee sting than to be involved in a terrorist incident in the U.S. Get a grip. Life is risk. Learn to count. Save your worry for significant risks like falls and car accidents.

      Do you know how to defeat terrorism? Stop being terrified. Stop treating innocent people badly because of your bedwetting fears. I’ve already defeated terrorism. Have you?

      1. what? says:

        you or your family could not sue if anything happened ok? and if anything happens to the plane the government has the right to blow it out of the air right away

  10. The Grump says:

    Mike Schuh – not much of a reporter, huh ? How many people did Mike Schuh have to interview before he found Mike Aquino ? Apparently, this is the only person Mike Schuh could find in BWI who viewed TSA favorably. Hey Mike Schuh – how about a poll ? Grabby TSA or hands off ? Lets do this before another child is traumatized by those pedos in uniform (while Mike Schuh watches, perhaps ?) Gotta wander why Mike Schuh would support TSA frisking a young (uh), pretty (groan), 11 year old girl (oh god) while he watches a bit too intently.

    You’re either on the pedo’s side or ours. I think I know which side Mike Schuh supports.

  11. Ian Carisi -Commercial Pilot says:

    Mike Aquino is a sheep. He is the problem. These full body X-Ray Machines cause cancer and are worthless, and the pat downs are all about power, they have nothing to do with security. “I’m worried, and afraid” blah blah blah.. Wake up and smell the fear mongering. I am a commercial pilot. I have been to 34 countries. This is all about the Illusion of Security Theater. We need to go back to pre-2000 security.

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