BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Horse racing is a game of odds, and one Maryland horse has beaten those odds by winning every single race for more than a year. With 22 victories, Maryland-owned Rapid Redux has broken the modern U.S. record for consecutive wins.

Denise Koch reports it’s an achievement that’s made him the pride of Maryland and the toast of the track.

He may not be the prettiest guy in the barn. He’s definitely not the biggest. But this chestnut is a superstar. He gives autographs and has a fan club. Angel’s the president. She drove sen hours from Ohio just to see him in person.

“I followed him,” she said. “I think he’s beautiful. I just love this horse, so I decided to make a fan page for him.”

The fan page has 2,030 members.

“He has a lot of heart. A lot of heart,” said Rapid Redux’s trainer David Wells.  “What’s heart? It’s the desire to win, like even in the mornings. Amazing.”

Jockey J.D. Acosta has ridden Rapid Redux 10 times–that’s 10 rides for 10 wins.

“Unique…the thing he does this year is unique when you have this kind of horse. He tries…unbelievable,” Acosta said.

In one year Rapid Redux has won $266,000—not bad for a horse Bob Cole bought for just over $6,000.

Cole graduated from Loch Raven High School in 1981and grew up loving the track.

“Always as a kid I was a gambler, lucky enough to make it in business to afford race horses,” Cole said.

Today Cole has about 50 horses, but Rapid Redux is his star.

“You never see a horse win five in a row. Odds are astronomical,” he said.

And he won the prestigious Eclipse award. He gets his image in ice, a poster, blanket and treats. But you can tell what he really wants is to run.

Rapid Redux is a gelding, no progeny. Right now he’s resting. If it seems right, they’ll consider racing him again in May. If not, he’ll go to a retirement farm like Kentucky Horse Park, where he’ll be a celebrity for the industry, traveling to show off just how special an animal a thoroughbred can be.

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  1. Bones says:

    Please retire him, there is no sport to little people sitting on the back of a horse and beating it with a stick.

  2. Feebe says:

    I saw Rapid Redux run his over the top win.He is a nice horse with heart.He earns his keep.And you can tell he likes to win.

  3. Barbara says:

    I don’t think he should be raced again, but he is also so young for official retirement. Why not give this guy a chance at a second career – a show horse or something. Just a thought…

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