EDGEWOOD, Md. (AP) — Harford County Sheriff’s office says five men were stabbed during an altercation in Edgewood.

Deputies called to Meadowood Drive just before midnight Saturday found a 22-year-old with chest injuries trying to help a 19-year-old with multiple wounds.

The men told deputies that they were walking from a gas station on Hanson Road when a group of men called out to them and one began stabbing them.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Monica Worrell says other victims include an 18-year-old who had been stabbed in the chest, a 17-year-old with a minor cut to his arm and a 21-year-old at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center stabbed in the lower torso.

She says all are in stable condition.

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  1. failure destroyer says:

    what the hell is the matter with you people. my granddaughter lives in that court with my two great grandchildren. they deserve to have peace and safety. you animals need to stay in your own homes and do things that are normal. pretend if necessary. because their parents were COMPLETE FAILURES in their child rearing abilities, the parents of these worthless kids will have to deal with me if they hurt anyone in my family.

    1. outkast says:

      These young men know who why it happen.I sure hope that new police station will help run these thugs back to Baltimore

  2. ewoc says:

    Well said, Harford county is really going downhill the last few years, stay in bmore, their chances of surviving down there are much smaller, thus eliminating them from the gene pool. Yes please 🙂

  3. derrick says:

    what you guys mad because you have crime in your neighborhoods now. harford county is horrible, i would never move in that area. you have fake tough guys and a buch of white trash, so thats not going to work lls i will stay in new town where i pay more but i sure do have safety. we dont have those problems out here mainly because we dont let the hill billies in the community association

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