BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 13-year-old girl was found dead, hidden under piles of trash. Now police say it was a tragic accident and two boys are behind bars.

Meghan McCorkell spoke to the victim’s family after the arrests.

Two boys, ages 12 and 13, are now charged with involuntary manslaughter but the family of 13-year-old Monae Turnage say the arrests don’t bring any closure.

Turnage was found shot to death in an alley, buried under a pile of trash.

“It’s an absolutely tragic shooting and it strikes us all at our hearts. It was a young lady, a young lady who really wasn’t given a chance at life,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

Detectives say Turnage was inside a home with friends Saturday night. They were playing with the gun when it went off. Turnage was shot in the chest and killed. Police say the two boys dragged her into the alley and hid her body.

Devastated family members are still searching for answers.

“We all know things happen. Dial 911. What else can you do? Somebody’s hurt and you witness it. You don’t try to cover it; you try to get them help,” said Monae’s aunt, Jannet Fischer.

They say the story doesn’t add up.

“I don’t really understand the story. I don’t think that she was playing with a gun,” said Monae’s cousin, Paulette Wright.

Family members say she was terrified of guns and wouldn’t be around one.

Police say she was shot with a .22-caliber rifle. Now they’re trying to figure out who owns that gun.

“How did this gun get in the home? Whose gun was it? Why wasn’t it secured and how does it end up in the hands of a 12 and 13-year-old child,” Gugliemi said.

Police are working around the clock to answer those questions.

Both of the suspects will be charged as juveniles. Charges could also potentially be filed against the owner of the rifle.

Monae Turnage was a student at William C. March Middle School. She wanted to be a pediatrician.

Comments (52)
  1. LUVNMORGAN says:

    This is just too much, why do people no longer value children? This is heartbreaking. What are we doing to our children? RIP Monae

    1. Aisha says:

      Is like children don’t matter anymore?

    2. Kenneth Stanley says:

      I think the 24 hrs.missing law shouldn’t pertain 2 children.I’m very disappointed in the Police Dept. 4 their lack of participation from the start,This is an insane world when our kids don’t have a chance 2 grow up & be somebody.The best way we can a sure the safety of our children is 2 properly chaperon them.My heart & prayers goes out 2 the child & fam. May God strengthen all through the grieving process & help bring some type of closer.

  2. Susan Kiely says:



    The National Child Search Assistance Act prohibits federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies from establishing or observing a waiting period before accepting a missing child case. It also mandates these agencies to:

    1. enter, without delay, reports of missing children under age 21 into the state law enforcement system and NCIC and make it available to the state’s Missing Children Information Clearinghouse or other agency designated to get such reports,

    2. update identifying information on each case in NCIC within 60 days,

    3. pursue proper investigative and search action, and

    4. maintain a close liaison with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) for the exchange of information and technical assistance in appropriate cases (42 USC §§ 5779 and 5780).

    Respect the law, BPD….disgusting that the child laid in an alley, having to be found by her brother because a law enforcer choose to disregard law.

    1. BmoreSafe says:

      This a really useful information! Thanks for posting!!!!

    2. DR Hill says:

      That’s exactly what I was wondering about. As a retired Baltimore City police officer, I know there is NO waiting period for a missing child before a report is taken. Whoever told that family to wait needs to be “talked” to big time. I hope that is investigated and the District Commander has enough gumption to take that upon himself to look into it. Suppose the child was alive and in need of aid? A search should have been started right away. That is sloppy and inexcusable police work.

    3. George M Hopkins says:

      good point.

    4. Ellen says:

      Thanks for voicing the law for children, it’s unacceptable that the police wouldn’t have responded immediately to the call. My heart goes out to all 3 families! Three families destroyed because of one gun owner, barring more information is revealed. Rest in peace Monae.

  3. Mother says:

    I wish the public was given more information. What Skateland was she going to, How did she get there, and how was she suppose to get home??? It sounds to me that she didn’t make it to skateland. My heart goes out to the family. It’s really sad to hear. I have a teenage daughter as well. I hope they catch the NUT CASE!!! :o(

    1. George M Hopkins says:

      the nut cases are 12 & 13 read the story !!!!!!!!

    2. Jennifer says:

      hope the get the person, but people need to wake up. there ant no where safe. I wll not ever let m y kids out side alone, let alone walk any wheres with out there dad or myself.

  4. Stephanie Dobbins Rameika says:

    Who lets their 13 year old walk around in the city by herself? How sad that this happened to this little girl. The fact is, our cities are not safe enough to let our children go out by themselves and walk around. How DARE the police violate federal laws and tell the parents to wait! I hope they sue that police department!!!!

    1. angry at the situation! says:

      Do we know that the police actually said that? NO and another story stated the parents didn’t call until 1am… why wait till 1am to try to report her missing? Would she have been allowed out that late at 13? and then they say she was shot in a house and taken outside to be hidden, OK WHO helped the 2 boys take her out there cover her and clean up the mess from a gun shot that I would imagine was left in the house and the trail from the house to the alley, and HOW did not one hear that shot or see anything when they were moving her body? There are many unanswered questions, and if the police dropped the ball here then someone needs to correct that problem, but she was not kidnapped she was shot by friends, and she may have been scared of guns, but when kids are with their friends they act different, NOW Who’s gun was it and why was it available to kids that needs to be answered and that person needs to be charged. Everyone is complaining about less gun laws let us carry but this is why it is so hard to get a permit to carry, there are too many non-responsible people out there that make it bad for everyone, that is to say this gun is even registered and legal! I am truly sorry for her family, and for her brother who will NEVER forget how he found his sister! may she rest in peace and may GOD be with their family in their time of need.

  5. Aisha says:

    Time to take a stand for our children they are dropping like flies blacks in general are it’s ridiculous

    1. queen says:

      Aisha, Maybe time to stop plopping out illegitimate big=let’s.

  6. MsPhillyG says:

    My heart felt condolences to the family for the lost of your angel. Sorry to hear what happened and hopefully they find the “A”hole that did this as soon as possible before they do it again.

  7. Antonius says:

    Sad, but true? No sad&close-minded. If Mr. O’Brien was sensitive towards children, he would first express condolences for the loss. He would secondly, conduct better research, as while his statistics may be true. Most crimes perpetrated against children are sexual-assaults perpetrated by those respective White-males, who can’t or feel they can’t get none from their adult female-counterparts, or abuse their children over stupid-stuff. Also, I wonder if that biased, close-minded moron heard the latest about the 9-year-old killed over a candy-bar. Her killers were WHITE-DUMMY!!!

  8. braven4evr says:

    This is truly sad; but why is a 13yr old out at this time of night? Who did she go skating with? Who was the chaperone? A child this age should be out with an adult or a group of individuals at this time of night! We as parents have to take some responsibility for our children. Most everything begins and ends in the home.

  9. Jeanne says:

    I thought that when you reported a child missing the police went into action right away – The Amber Alert. Does that stop after a certain age? I don’t understand.

  10. TeaKakes says:

    This is really sad and shows that some people truly don’t care about life. I seriously doubt BPD will find out who did it since they didn’t seem to care when the child was missing. If they would have went into action right away maybe the horrible lost could have been prevented… or maybe not. The point is they could have done something instead of telling the family to wait 24hrs. May the little girl rest in peace.

    1. TeaKakesNeedsaTeaBag says:

      You’re an idiot. They apprehended the suspects.

  11. cHARMcity says:

    1st BPD is a joke… everyone knows.. if they where doing their jobs maybe this poor little girl life would have been saved, but other than that.. no one heard a gun shot?, no one repoted it? and if so no officer came to check out the noise?? And what type of parent lets their kid wonder around baltimore city without a guardian… I watch my kids take the trash out and its a few steps away… someone good parenting skills did not kick in 13 she not even old enough to stay home alone.. Thats enough of my rant.. sorry I have 3 kids just a lil upset.

    1. Steve in Accounting says:

      What were they supposed to do? Are the police tasked with watching every single child wandering around the city at night?

      Nope. That’s a job for the parents. If the parents weren’t themselves out partying, thugging it up, or out selling drugs maybe they’d actually be at home raising their kids. Don’t hold your breath though.

    2. larryag says:

      steve , a cop told the boys how to hide the body , anyone still want to defend BCPD

  12. BmoreSafe says:

    The headline reads:
    Police: Teen Girl Accidentally Shot By Friends Playing With Gun

  13. cHARMcity says:

    And you fake news reporters on here with these dumb statistics.. need to get a life, or radio station, or an newspaper article, everyone has google now no one needs your bogus stats.

  14. maria says:

    my lil cousin was a very good lil is sad that her life was cut short.but the two young men responsible for her death are in custody.and nobody wins at the end. please keep my family in your prayers.

    1. bonneyweaver says:

      how can they charge a 12 year old and a 13 year old as kids but a 16 year old kills is father and being charged as adulit

      1. concerned citizen says:

        Because he plan to kill his father, the kid should be charge as and adult.

  15. tom thumb says:


    who gives a rats a**? that has nothing do with this story, ya cracker!

  16. Shaunte says:

    Just tears my heart in two. Rest In Peace Monae. To Monae’s family-you all are in my prayers. God Bless. PS-Mothers and Fathers please tell your child/ren that you love them. Kids need to hear it out your mouth. Don’t think that your actions are enough. Tell them you love them…never know when you’ll get another chance. Life is short. Spread the love. Love conquers all. ***Rest In Peace Monae, you were an angel on Earth, now you’re one in Heaven.***

  17. Frightenedforthehumanrace says:

    @voice.. please don’t breed.

  18. George M Hopkins says:

    Did i miss read it, or was it not a 12 and 13 yr. old freind that did this every one seems tomiss this fact.

    1. Kristin says:

      Some of these comments are left over from an earlier story where the culprits were not named. Now we obviously have more information but before people were commenting when all we knew was that a 13 year old girl had been shot.

    2. badmofo says:

      George, suc my dic.

  19. happy1 says:

    Charmcity iit is the police fault, not the parents or the children? And, Susan why are you more upset about who found the child? How about, who’s gun did the childen have and why was it not locked up?? You expect the police to be parents, that is why Baltimore is so out of control. Why are the police responsible for bad parents????

  20. jeff adamson says:

    This is really tragic..but guns just dont “go off”. Someone pulled the trigger.

  21. jeff adamson says:

    Very sad and tragic…but that gun didnt just “go off”…someone had to pull the trigger.

  22. jeff adamson says:

    sad and tragic..but that gun didnt just “go off”. Someone had to pull the trigger

  23. Kathryn says:

    The boys were arrested, but what about the adult that let childen have access to a gun and ammo? Whoever did that needs to be charged too. I agree, in Baltimore city it is not safe for a girl that young to be out alone and there should have been an adult in the home to supervise the teens as well. It is ultimately up to adults to keep kids safe because kids will do dumb and dangerous things when they are not being supervised.

  24. Marci says:

    Another case of an irresponsible gun owner. My condolences to the family of the victim.

  25. Kristie says:

    Another amazingly sad story of a child’s life taken too soon, and two more childrens’ lives ruined. Whether 12, 13,14, 15 or 16, these kids are too young to trully understand consequences. I don’t care what anyone says, kids this age make horrible mistakes. They have learned right from wrong but can not see the big picture at these ages. They hid her, sadly, because they were scared. It does not mean they meant to kill her, they meant to have fun playing with something they shouldn’t. They just were not taught enough gun safety, They just saw all the “fun” in video games and tv. It’s just so sad. We don’t all have perfect parenting skills, but we all grieve. Each of these families are grieving. One can only hope another family takes this and talks to their child about guns.And that parents see kids temptations to playing with guns is high. Lock your guns, lock your ammo separately. Teach them to respect guns.

  26. deltasweetiepi says:

    This is a very sad case all the way around. First know that you can report a person missing at anytime. Second all calls are recorded so know that the individual who called was not told to wait or that one must wait 24 hours to report a missing person…THIS IS NOT TELEVISION..Third how was it that the brother knew exactly where to go looking for her body? I find it difficult to conceive that the two boys accused of murdering her acted alone. This is too cut and dry and more will surface so let us try and wait for the truth because the truth is closer than most of you would like to believe.

  27. Jon Anthony says:

    No need to work around the clock for answers, officers. I skimmed the article and I have all the answers I need to know. Yo.

  28. Accidently? says:

    Today’s 13 yr olds are yesterday’s 15 yr olds…..children 12 and 13 know more now than I did when i was there age….the age of innocense is gone, kids 13yrs old are just as capable of commiting crimes that we only thought older kids were capapble of…dont be fooled by their age anymore…..13 yrs old and they shoot a 13 yr old cjild and then hide the body….that’s just heartbreaking that they wouldnt come forward and call someone for help ….instead the Cover-up begins and lets not say anything and hope we can get away with it… have to watch yur children and know where they are at all times… CAN NOT let a 13yr old go out without some type of adult supervision or this is what happens

  29. BlessedNLuvnLife says:

    I was talking to my 13 yr old nephew about thiss story and he explained to me that It could have been a gang initiation ora game of Russian Roulette… I’m in shock by him being so casual as he was talking about the different scenarios that kids either place themselves in or get caught up into.

    My heart just goes out to the families. I know that I cannot protect my own kids 24/7 but you cannot blame me for trying. I instil lpositive things into my two babies and I pray that they use common sense when they are not in my presence.

  30. freddie says:

    What’s all the fuss about? It was a coon, it was east baltimore, we just saved a couple hundred grand cause that is what she would have cost us in welfare.

  31. freddie says:

    Concerned, That’s right because it’s always the thug urban blacks who are commiting the crimes & murders in Balto while their daddys are in jail, dead or getting a new woman. Momma is at the bar with her new hair extension looking for another big black dic.

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