By Mike Hellgren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)— Powerful Maryland politician John Leopold vows to stay in office as calls for him to step down grow louder.

Mike Hellgren has new insight on the fallout and the no confidence vote from two police unions.

The scandal involving Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold became the brunt of jokes at a packed council meeting, specifically allegations that Leopold used police to drive him to sexual encounters at the Annapolis Mall parking lot.

“A person of his age having sex in the parking lot. He was too cheap to afford a hotel room,” said District 1 County Council candidate Lewis Bracy.

Two police unions called on Leopold and the chief to step down, saying they had no confidence in either of them.

The state prosecutor alleges Leopold even made officers empty his urine after surgery.

“We collectively have been changing Mr. Leopold’s pee bag for years,” said O’Brien Atkinson, Fraternal Order of Police. “Information was put on the chain of command and nobody did anything about it.”

“I think you can expect in the next 24 to 48 hours, I will be asking very detailed questions about people who have been involved in this process,” said G. James Benoit, County Council.

“As far as the no vote of confidence, shame on the police department. I think the county executive and Chief Teare have done a great job in what they do,” said John J. Grasso, County Council.

The security detail was established under Leopold’s predecessor, Janet Owens.

“I’m heartsick for the county,” Owens said. “The allegations were so seamy that it’s a huge distraction and I’m sure people will be concerned about leadership and decision-making.”

Leopold kept to his schedule and told WJZ the indictment is no distraction.

“When all the evidence and all the facts are known, people will have a more full and complete understanding of what’s involved in this case,” Leopold said.

Despite the calls at this meeting for the county executive to step down, he says he will not do so.

The Fraternal Order of Police now wants to take away some of the county executive’s power and have councilmembers approve the hiring and firing of the police chief.

Comments (11)
  1. Andy says:

    I know one thing, Leopold has kept property taxes down where in places like Carroll county property taxes are sky high and the streets aren’t paved, no street lights, no public sewage, no public water and trash collection isn’t included. As a resident of Anne Arundel county you can take your garbage to one of the convenience centers and not get charged for it like in Carroll county. Leopold still has my vote. What he does with his personal business is his personal business. Its not like he is advertising nor sticking it in someone’s face.

    1. Andy says:

      Carroll county charges its residences to dump trash there. What the hell are the property taxes going in Carroll county. Doesn’t show for nothing. Glad to be back in Anne Arundel where the county tax dollars has more bang. Thank you Mr. Leopold.

  2. Kathryn says:

    My taxes (in AA Co) went down…. because my house is worth less than it used to be thanks to the economy. The tax rate did not go down. If things keep up it may soon be worth less than I paid for it. I have to pay over $100 every quarter to the county for trash pick up & sewer. The convenience center is free, that’s true, but I would still get billed even if I took my trash/recycling there myself. We do not have water service here, so no fire hydrants & higher insurance & no sidewalks in my neighborhood, few streetlights and not all the streets are paved. Not all of AA Co has the perks you think it does!

    Leopold needs to step down, he has been abusing his power and ripping off the tax payers for way too long. Times are tough, let the county exec drive his own car to work like the rest of us and why does he need a security detail at all? If living & working in AA Co are so unsafe, maybe he should have done something about that instead of spending all that time in the parking lot at the mall?

    1. tylerjake says:

      Kathryn, you’re a MORON! Property taxes in AACo are some of the lowest in the state. Your home values have little to do with the economy. More so they’re lower because a bunch of deadbeats were given loans who should have never qualified in the first place. Get the facts before you just start calling for people to step down. Who would you like to see in charge? Maybe a DEMO?!

      1. lrmaryland says:

        Not necessary to call someone a moron for their opinion. What Leopold has done for the county is little to nothing but use a security detail he only needs because he is afraid of what exactly? We don’t have spare police officers hanging around waiting to wipe his nose, thanks to Janet Owens. this has nothing to do with being Repub/or DEMO, just the facts.

  3. tylerjake says:

    There’s Jamie Benoit again, the same one that asked NO questions before he approved ANOTHER housing project for Glen Burnie. I guess when you live in Crownsville like him, you don’t care about any other part of the county.

  4. average joe says:

    I think Leopold has done a good job but if he’s found guilty he should step down . Until then it’s his decision to stay or go.

    1. cate says:

      i think he is a disgrace. maybe your cheating on your family and friends like him.

  5. MJH says:

    Can not wait to see the video of this old man climbing into the back seat of a car in a mall parking lot. Pictures of him getting his grove on while his security detail wait for him to finish up. If these cops did not take any pictures of the booty call in action maybe they should look for jobs in security at the mall or emptying urinals at the local hospitals.

  6. Bill says:

    Leopold has been a fixture in AA during the majority of my childhood. I never knew how much I missed Anne Arundel until I joined the Army and had to leave. I’ll be back after I finish school.

    One thing I would like to say: Thank God for the Rednecks who live in Pasadena, Davidsonville and elsewhere in the county. It’s because of them, republican politicians, and a genuinely efficient police force that AA has been able to keep most of our state’s ghetto trash at bay, in the city where it belongs.

    I wish there was a recycling center we could drop their bodies off at when the thugs stray into the wrong woods.

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