BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Residents in a Baltimore neighborhood are at war with City Hall. They’re angry over thousands of dollars in sidewalk repair citations.

Adam May discovers homeowners aren’t the biggest offenders. It’s actually the city.

Ronald Munk is furious with City Hall after inspectors said he needs to pay $650 to replace his section of sidewalk.

“If you’re gonna trip over it, you need to pick up your feet,” Munk said. “There’s a lot worse sidewalks.”

More than a dozen residents in the Lakeland neighborhood got citations.

Jim Breakwell says his wife, who uses a walker, has no problem with the slight bump on their sidewalk. He says the sidewalk is raised roughly half an inch.

Plus, the citations are based on square footage. Breakwell is a cabinet maker, who uses a ruler daily, and he says inspectors want to fine him too much money.

He says the city even measured it wrong in his citation.

And what really has neighbors crying foul is a city-owned sidewalk across the street. It is broken up so badly that grass is growing up between the cracks.

WJZ showed pictures of the difference between the cited sidewalks and the crumbling city sidewalks to officials with the transportation department.

When asked if the comparison seems right, Adrienne Barnes of the Department of Transportation said “No it doesn’t. It doesn’t. You’re right.”

WJZ’s questions are now prompting a review of the citations while city officials stand by their goal.

“We want people to be able to travel safely, and we don’t want children hurt on damaged or cracked sidewalks,” Barnes said.

“We’re poor, hard working people, disabled people. Just leave us alone. We don’t have the money,” Munk said.

Baltimore residents can expect an increase in sidewalk citations as we head into the summer construction season.

Comments (18)
  1. fed up says:

    it’s a do as I say not as I do mentallity, God forbid the city be held accountable for their mess when they can step on the necks of the taxpayer, they say it’s for safety, don’t want children being injured on crumbling sidewalks, so the child wont walk or run on the city owned walk only the taxpayers sidewalk, I can see the rationality there.

  2. kathy says:

    Tell the city to take the money they get in taxes and fix the dam side walks themselves.

  3. kim trueheart says:

    I suggest that because our Mayor has only committed to FIX less than one-third of BMore’s dilapidated school facilities, residents should only be required to FIX one-third of the side-walks …

  4. corona says:

    The city is money hungry, It’s ridiculous. Those are public sidewalks let the city pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KImmie says:

    OMG , If you want to see bad sidewalks come to Moreel Park. But the City should be ashamed!! Shame on you charging for those sidewalk!

  6. KImmie says:

    The government will make money on the backs of financially strapped seniors. This is ridiculous. Those sidewalks are fine. You see the sidewalks at the public par! GREAT JOB ADAM!

  7. NIKKI says:

    Hey Mayor , do something about this.

  8. nikki says:

    That’s why people want to leave the city. GAS hikes, unnecessary sidewalks, and more taxes, just what we need! Totally unfair!

  9. KANE says:

    How will they charge for a public sidewalk outrageous!

  10. KANE says:

    Poor Mr. Ron he cleans up Lakeland for free everyday. Mayor this is wrong!
    Do something!

  11. Re says:

    The city should take the cost to repair any public sidewalks.

  12. Kia says:

    The city will make lots of money if people are cited for trash, and no trash cans. It was a mistake to cite those poor seniors. Mr. Ron does so much for Lakeland. I hope they will reverse the citations.

  13. Rodriguez says:

    i work construction and the city is trying to make money, or the inspector was a number one A HOLE

  14. Leaving Baltimore ASAP says:

    Baltimore City is always thinking of ways to get extra money out of the residents.They charge you whatever they want for utilities and make bogus other charges and fines to line their pockets. Then they’ll attach the fines to your tax bill so they can take your house if you cant pay. I wonder how many peoople have lost their houses because of the water bill scam.

  15. Wiseguy says:

    Just another moneygrab scam by the crooks in office and the machine that runs it.

  16. Sheeple says:

    Its for the childrens safety sheeple. Pay your fines or are you against the children being safe? The government is looking out for your welfare. The increase in your bottle tax is for the earths protection. The traffic cameras are for increased road safety. The military training and equipment for your police is for your protection. Nothing more to see here sheeple, move along.

    1. short stack says:

      Sheeple must be a advocate for the Mayors Office, nothing more to say here

      1. D says:

        Sheeple was using Sarcasm to mock the Government and the blind residents of Baltimore City who like sheep get herded into the voting booth on election day to pull whatever name lies next to the “D”. Sadly Mr. Munk and the residents of Baltimore are feeling the sharp pangs of a little Cognitive Dissonance. I voted for them and they do this to me? I wonder what Mr. Munk expected when he pulled that lever with the “D”?