The ACC Tournament starts on Thursday and, as usual, some of the top teams and players will be featured. North Carolina is the number one seed in this tourney. If they win, as expected, they will likely be a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament as well.

Over the years, many of the great players and teams in the history of college hoops have participated in this grand event.

David Thompson, Phil Ford, John Lucas, Albert King, James Worthy, Ralph Sampson, Michael Jordan, Len Bias, Christian Laettner, Joe Smith and Tim Duncan are just a few of the stars who have shined in the ACC Tournament.

The 1974 N.C. State Wolfpack, the 1982 North Carolina Tar Heels and the 1992 Duke Blue Devils are considered by many to be among the finest teams to ever play college basketball. All won the ACC Tournament before achieving National Championship glory.

Maryland has managed to win three tournament championships (’58, ’84, ’04). However, in 2002, the year the Terps won the National Title, they were bounced in the conference semi-finals by N.C. State.

This year’s Maryland squad is probably not equipped to make a deep run. But, as I have said many times, the program , led by coach Mark Turgeon, is headed in right direction and should be an ACC force for many years to come.

So grab some chips and a cold beverage and kick back enjoy the greatest and most historic of all conference tournaments.

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  1. peter o neil says:

    Sorry Bob but the ACC tourney & conference is Duke & N.Carolina. These two have the best resources, coaches, recruitments & snob appeal. It is almost unfair to the rest of the schools in the conference. Blacks going to Duke who can’t read or write on a B.B. scholarship? Please.

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