ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—One Maryland man is making the journey of a lifetime, sailing 25,000 miles around the Americas by himself.

Andrea Fujii explains it’s all for a good cause.

Matt Rutherford set sail in June from Annapolis.  His goal was to raise enough money to help sailors with disabilities fulfill their dreams.

A 27-foot sailboat has been 30-year-old Matt Rutherford’s home for the past nine months.

He’s sailed from the Chesapeake around icebergs near Canada and called WJZ off the coast of Brazil on his way back to Annapolis.

He’s sailed into some dangerous situations– all in order to raise money for one organization: C.R.A.B, the Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating.

“When you combine ice with fog and you add a lot of wind to it it’s like a witches brew,” he said.

C.R.A.B. is  an organization that allows Lance Hinrichs to sail even after a spinal cord injury.

“Once I got hurt I thought that opportunity was all gone, but through organizations like C.R.A.B. I’ve been able to get back into it,” Hinrichs said.

C.R.A.B. has helped hundreds of physically challenged people hit the water and Rutherford’s desire to share the sport is what motivates this journey.

For the 268 days he’s been at sea he hasn’t docked once. Instead speed boats have thrown him supplies.

His trip is expected to break a world record, but making sailing accessible to everyone is his main goal.

“Some of these kids are stuck in institutions, these rehab centers where they live there and for them to be able to go out and day sail makes a world of difference,” said Rutherford.

Rutherford is expected to return to Annapolis in mid-April where there will be a big welcome home party.

So far he has raised $60,000.

If you would like to help out, click here.

Comments (8)
  1. Court Blatchford says:

    Hi, the donation link to support CRAB doesn’t work.

    1. Mico says:

      Hi Ray:I was looking over your blog this mniorng and saw this posting. I would be interested in this cruse, assuming that I am not completely tied up with my vineyard. June should not be too bad in this regard if I get my initial spraying done timely.Can you give me a ball park idea about the cost. I would probably bring a friend also.By the way, I really enjoy Vin 274. It is lots of fun and very interesting.Cheers,Walter Borda248-761-1716

  2. Downey says:

    That’s odd. I had no problem donating.

  3. ART SAVAGE says:


    1. Yanin says:

      Dear EditorYou and your clients are ismsing out on some real adoption deals. Think how many complain about their in-laws. Maria would make perfect the adopted mother-in-law or aunt, but one far less likely to be the trigger point for those embarassing family brawls that neighbors call the police about. As for myself, I’m not cuddly but an easy keeper, on Medicare but not yet incontinent, and would make an ideal house crone or eccentric granny. Obviously, your agency is not approaching its task with sufficient imagination.

  4. Barry Considine says:

    Matt is amazing, following his blog over these past months has been inspiring. As a fellow CRAB volunteer I can’t wait to welcome him safely home.

  5. Kalle says:

    105.7 here in baltimore still icerars the University of Maryland. So I don’t think there will be any changes anytime soon. Though they did modify their weekday schedule a bit. Perhaps now the baltimore blast will get radio home .

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