THURMONT, Md. (AP) — The National Park Service says sharpshooters killed 226 white-tailed deer at Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmont in the third year of a herd-reduction program.

Superintendent Mel Poole said Tuesday that the park donated 5,100 pounds of venison to food banks.

Park officials say eliminating some deer will allow the forest to recover from excessive browsing by a herd that is far too large.

They say the program will continue annually until the deer population reaches a level that allows the forest to regenerate at a healthy rate.

Public hunting is prohibited in the park.

The herd-reduction program has eliminated 651 deer from the park since it began.

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Comments (6)
  1. badmofo says:

    They should kill all the four legged tick lyme disease pricks.

  2. Fedup says:

    You think they have a deer problem now ? Just wait till the hunting license are raised to $95.00 for a resident consolidate licenses. I’ll never hunt in this state again.

  3. meeeeee says:

    So the state kills the deer at taxpayers cost instead of having a management program there where they could turn a profit?????? Stupid MD Govt. Way to waste our money! The only prerequisite to work for the state is to be mentally deficient.

  4. ApplegateRanch says:

    Mighty puny white tail you folks have back there! that 5,100 pounds of meat works out to 22.5 pounds/animal: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST?!? “Follow t6he meat!”

  5. camo says:

    Fed Up ,The problem isn’t the cost of the licence, the problem is the State ,or the Feds, or the well to do landowners (who love to complain about deer eating their shrubs and flowers),. who would never allow someone to hunt on their property to help control the deer herd. If all of these entities would work together and allow some of us hunters access to these properties there would be no over population problem and the tax payers wouldn’t have to fork out $45,000 dollars , that’s $200 a head , which is what I last heard these “sharpshooters” cost. Hell instead of paying these guys they ought to use this as a training exercise for the Marine corps snipers. P.S What is this bullsh-t about posting too fast . I last posted an hour ago ,almost 6p.m. Look, If you want to have a discussion about these topics you better change the parameters on time between comments submitted or as i think change the moderator to someone a little less liberal . I’ll be lucky if this comment makes it on here at all now !

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