BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A community comes together to remember a 13-year-old girl shot and killed as police investigate what role one of their own officers may have played in covering up her death.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest on this heartbreaking case.

Family members and classmates gathered to remember 13-year-old Monae Turnage as questions still linger about her death.

There were prayers and tears as a community remembers Monae Turnage.

“She was a loving child. She just loved to have fun. She liked to go places, do things and she liked to make friends,” said Edith Turnage, Monae’s mother.

Classmates said goodbye with messages on the teen’s locker.

“Monae…she didn’t get into a lot of trouble,” said classmate Mytasha Waters. “She was quiet.”

Investigates say Turnage was shot by two boys playing with a rifle. Her body was dragged into a backyard and hidden under trash bags.

“I never thought this would happen to her—if anybody—around here. It just shouldn’t have been her because she never did anything to anybody,” said classmate Shytia Moody.

Sources say the rifle used in the killing was found inside an off-duty police officer’s car. That officer is dating a relative of one of the suspects.

As the community mourns Turnage’s death, city leaders are vowing to get answers about how she was killed.

“We are going to get those answers. It won’t bring her back, but for the safety of all the children,” said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

An intense investigation is underway about what role that officer played in the killing.

“The thought of it is, quite frankly, disgusting. I require more from our officers,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Family members hope others learn from this tragedy, as they remember a life lost much too soon.

The 12 and 13-year-old suspects are in juvenile detention charged with involuntary manslaughter.

A funeral service for Monae Turnage will be held this Saturday.

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  1. 1uniquemonique says:

    As I said before, that gun belongs to that polilceman. That’s why it was in his car. Furthermore, how can a 12 year old and a 13 year old move a body from the living room through the kitchen, out the back door and into an alley. If the child was shot in the chest, there would be a “blood trail” while moving the body.
    Where’s the blood trail? Are you telling me that those kids were that smart to cover up a blood trail. That cop tried to covered up this crime.

  2. Jim says:

    The real question here is, where were the parents when their kids were “playing” with a rifle? The “PARENTS” are the guilty party here!

  3. Diane says:

    Apparently, one of the boy’s moms was supposed to take them to Skateland-this is what was arranged with Monae’s mom. Instead, she went out and entrusted this policeman to take them and pick them up.

  4. Sylvan Finkelstein says:

    maybe this bad cop killed the girl

    1. FAIL says:

      That would make an awesome Dateline episode!

  5. just sayin' says:

    A city cop involved in attempted murder coverup. go figure.

  6. badmanbart says:

    Dirty cop tried to molest this young girl,

  7. Benton Heights says:

    The statement “The victim’s family members tell WJZ they too are outraged by the allegations of an officer’s involvement but want to know more before commenting.” truly shows the parents have more class and intelligence than the commentors.

  8. criminals says:

    These are filthy excuses of human beings. No value for life. Even after the accident, for the kids’ and the cop’s first thought to be “how do we cover this up?” is overwhelmingly CRIMINAL.

  9. Georgeanna says:

    The boys charged should be charged as adults if they did it. They knew what guns do and there is no excuse nor is it a accident if you have the gun in your hands.

  10. badmofo says:

    The parents didn’t seem to mind letting this child out at dark when only 13.

  11. Steve Wilson says:

    Apparently nothing ever changes in Baltimore City. Maybe the George Bush method would work here — build a fence around the city!

  12. J. Waldrop says:

    Why was the news cast changed ? The Gun shown earlier broadcast as a .22 long rifle was not even a firearm What was shown was a Chinese or Russian made Pump up style air rifle more than likely a .22 cal pellet. These guns could possibly kill a person if one was shot in a certain part of the head or quite possibly directly into the heart. They have fairly good amount of penetration for an air rifle. So why is everyone being given the impession that this is a firearm when it is not? Did the Police officer give this as a gift to one of the suspects?

    1. rdnkkkgrl says:

      yeah a .22 can kill u and i blame the parents for letting there hoodlums out on the street after dark and i blame the cop cause u no hes a dirty one and this is 1 of the main reasons y there so mad yes it is unexceptable for a police office a dirty cop is worst than a drug dealer shootin someone for no ryme or reason

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