TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)– A controversial student group at Towson University sparks claims of racism on campus. Hundreds of students gathered to fire back.

Gigi Barnett has more.

There were definitely some fiery accusations Thursday night. The entire debate was sparked by what was recently written on campus in sidewalk chalk.

Messages of “White Pride” plastered across the campus of Towson University have sparked a firestorm of controversy.

“As a person of color and being a minority on campus, I think it is really threatening,” said Phylicia Sampson, a Towson University senior.

Hundreds gathered to speak out against the actions of Youth for Western Civilization that wrote the messages.

The group’s president says they don’t promote hate; they support traditional values.

“What we want to do is be able to promote on campus for students who want to be proud of their heritage and the foundations of this country,” Matthew Heimbach, president of Youth for Western Civilization. “They have a place to do that and be able to stand up for themselves.”

“Some of the messages they’ve been sharing on campus since they began have been very controversial,” Dr. Deb Moriarty, vice president of Student Affairs at Towson University, said.

University officials say they are looking into the chalking policy but want to make sure they’re protecting free speech.

But it’s not just what’s on the sidewalk that’s got students upset.

Online, the group calls the Queer Student Union a ferociously angry gay group. Occupy Towson is called disease-ridden degenerates. The group calls the Muslim Student Association a terrorist-front organization.

“For them to call the Muslim Student Association a terrorist-front organization without ever having approached us for decent, mature conversation, it’s ridiculous,” Zeitun Tifow, a Towson University junior, said.

Officials hope this meeting opens a dialogue to bring the campus back together.

Members of that controversial group say they’ve gotten numerous threats of violence on campus since the beginning of the semester.

There are at least 10 student chapters of Youth for Western Civilization at colleges across the country.

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  1. Annon says:

    Well let’s see…We celebrate being Black for a month, we celebrate being Jewish, Catholic, and Christian with Holidays, what’s wrong with celebrating being White? I don’t get how that is “threatening” at face value. If this is a cover for skinheads (Hate mongers) that’s something else, but a celebration of white people and white people’s accomplishments…don’t get what’s wrong with that. Can’t make this about racisim, since we celebrate the Black race nationally.

    1. Amy says:

      It is very interesting that a society which promotes cultural learning would seek exclude this one based on the color of the members’ skin. It’s obvious these kids aren’t skin heads or slave owners; they have even said they do not promote racism or hate. Yet in the strong reactions to the group’s existence, the double standards within our society become clear.

    2. Sharon says:

      I think that it’s important to study history in order to understand why we celebrate Black History month. If you don’t understand the history of African Americans in this country, you won’t understand why the “White Pride” chalking is so frightening to many, including those of us who are white. It’s an intimidation effort, not a true expression of pride. If you are proud, go out and make something of your life, but remember our history and try a little empathy every so often.

      1. Steven Spiegel says:

        Sharon if they would have wrote Black pride or asian pride or even Jweish Pride there would not even be a story. But when a White group try to bring attension to the fact of being proud for what they are it all the sudden becomes associated with racisum.Im sorry if my spelling isnt that good but im sure its good enough to understand. Anyway i drove a cab back in the 90’s and a lot of times when i had to pick up in Black neighborhoods i was pulled over thrown down on the ground and searched for drugs because i was white in a Black neighborhood. Im all for equal rights but its time to wake up and see how white people are now the ones loosing there rights. I was even told that if i was ever seen in the neighborhood again that i would be arrested for tresoassing. Take a walk into a Black neighborhood and then cross back into a white neighborhood and let Baltimores finist see you and watch how fast your thrown to the ground and searched for drugs. Im so sick of the way that every other race mainly the Black race crys how they are not treated fair but they have a college fund just for them . They have Black Newspapers they have the Black Panthers that nothing is said about them when they are just as bad or worse then the KKK. We have become 2nd class citizens ,.Whites were considered #1 males by government standerds they have changed that to Blacks being # 1 Males. Why would they do that ? Its because when Black people cry and complain they are considered Heros and great leaders and get put in wax museums when white people complain about there race being not treated right they are just considered racists.Hell we cant even complain about illegal South Americans coming here and taking work away from us in a bad econamy without being considered Racist’s. Its because they no as soon as a white person is called a racist they back down so then the other race gets there way while white people slowly loose everything that they dont speak up for.I guess some people will call me a racist for my statements but before you do think of this true fact I am the father of 2 1/2 Mexican grown children and i am also raising 3 Grandchildren who are 1/2 African American. So if they want to be proud of being what they are let them write it in chalk just like every other race does and gets away with it.

    3. Mike says:

      Oh, SnappleCap! LOL I like that!

    4. Dave says:

      I agree a eye for an eye… if we celebrate one race freely and without challenge, then we should be able to do the same for all. Certainly whites who have been thrown to the rear for something our forefathers did hundreds of years ago…Get over IT. There should be No Black anything, very racist to whites and all others.

  2. Hurt Towson Student says:

    Whats wrong with that is the very term, ‘White Power’ has been associated with violence against individuals of every race outside of Whites. It is literally the phrase that went with triumphant actions of violence and hate. For them to so carelessly toss the phrase around shows an utter luck of basic intelligence and knowledge on racial and cultural tensions that have existed in the past.

    Furthermore the very use of the word is threatening. For any minority when they see those words emblazoned on the very campus STREETS they walk they must now concern themselves with their safety, with their role on the campus, with whether they should be afraid exclusively because of the color of their skin.

    This group seems like a typical bunch of white morons, especially considering the manner in which they addressed other groups also using hateful racial terms. In the end even in the year 2012 white folks still don’t get it and that’s a damn shame.

    1. Wiseguy says:

      I don’t think they put the words white power……..they put the words white PRIDE.

      1. Hurt Towson Student says:

        Very true, I made a mistake, but my statement remains the same. White Pride has a well known history of being associated with moments in history of violence in which the whites felt they had to reclaim something that was rightfully their’s and stolen from them.

        These aren’t safe pretty words, this group knew what they were doing…though they seem too dumb to fully comprehend it.

      2. Amy says:

        To Hurt Towson…so you would have their rights revoked (the same rights exercised by people of every other cultural background) not because of what the group is standing up for but because of what some associate it with? Sounds like a slippery slope.
        Have you ever thought that maybe they are merely looking to exercise the right to be proud of who they are without making the same historical mistakes you pointed out?

      3. Hurt Towson Student says:

        Nowhere in my statement did I say their rights should be revoked, a far more slippery slope is placing words in other’s mouths to justify an argument. They deserve their freedom of speech and the freedom to deal with the realities and consequences of their words and actions. They went about their ‘message’ entirely the wrong way and instead came across, at the very least, as very simple-minded.
        I think if they wanted to celebrate who they are separate from the horrors of the past they’d have chosen a term that wasn’t so closely identified with negative actions. White Pride is a term used by members of the KKK to this very day…so its not terribly shocking their, once again simple, actions left them on the defensive and linked with groups far more negative in their appreciation of who they are.

      4. Amy says:

        It seems you’re still confusing “their message” (to be proud of who they are) with other events and people you associate them with…that’s called stereotyping. Not all proud Germans are Nazi’s, nor proud Chinese Communists, nor proud Africans Apartheid. Not all proud White people are KKK.
        While I understand your knowledge about the group may be limited to what this article says, you should be aware they have already affirmed they don’t promote messages of racism or hate. Their focus is simply pride in who they are.
        They have also done nothing different to promote their organization than groups of different backgrounds. Why is their having White Pride considered “wrong” but there can be Black Pride, Italian Pride, Latino Pride, etc.?
        Furthermore, I ask you to examine your original comments which I (and I’m sure many others) would find to be racist. Yes it is your right to say it, but can you deal with the consequences of your words:
        “This group seems like a typical bunch of white morons…white folks still don’t get it and that’s a damn shame.”

      5. Hurt Towson Student says:

        Sadly they didn’t write a detailed explanation of what they meant by using ‘White Pride’ when they chose to use chalk to write it on the school. Instead they merely casually that phrase. A catchphrase that is immediately associated with racism, hence the uproar. Furthermore it goes beyond the pale of basic human comprehension to assume the college students didn’t think their term could offend others.

        The swastika was once a rather benign symbol but I assure you after a rather significant moment in history one can no longer simply write it on a sidewalk without expecting citizens to be offended and horrified.

        My statement still applies, as much as you try to justify this it is clear you do not ‘get it’. You do not get what the history and association of the phrase means to minority groups. You merely wish to make it an even playing field of ‘Well if this group can use the term Latina Pride why can’t another group say White Pride’.

        Because the term Latina Pride was not associated with the segregation, intimidation and violence of one race of people against other races. It may seem unfair but it was also quite unfair that Africans were taken from Africa to be slaves and the Japanese were placed in camps as if they were mice that needed to be caged away. Life is a series of unfair events. Regardless of what the ‘message’ of the group is they are still adopting a racist slogan as their title and as such may accept that their attempts to justify or explain it will be dismissed.

      6. Bulldog says:

        Yeah Amy get with the program. Hurt towson can say racist remarks about white morons but we can only have white guilt not pride.
        Oh and towson Africans sold Africans to Europeans but I guess you like to forget that part of history. Get off your high horse. Nobody asks your permission to have pride in themselves

      7. independent thinker says:

        Remember it was the black kings of Africa that enslaved your people, NOT white people. White people bought the African kings’ slaves along with the rest of the world. Your anger should be directed at your own ancestors in Africa who enslaved you…its a fact, look it up.

      8. Hal Turner says:

        @Everyone in this thread: Youth For Western Civilization has been listed as a hate group by the SPLC. One of their founders (Marcus Epstein) was arrested in 2007 in DC for committing a hate crime against an African American woman. The YWC members certainly knew exactly what they were writing when they wrote it. I should also point out for people engaged in the pointless “white pride isn’t the same as white power” argument that the phrase “white pride world wide” is the motto of the explicitly white supremacist website “stormfront.” “white pride” is very much a racist slogan in the modern lexicon of western English, and people who ardently claim otherwise are almost certainly doing so in the service of furthering racist propaganda.

    2. ashley says:

      you said they carelessly toss that term around? I have heard African Americans carelessly toss the N word around when talking to themselves. Is that different? I am not racist, but why shouldn’t these students have the right to get together to disscuss their own history?

    3. oldwhiteand conservative says:

      Did not the messages say “White Pride” not “White Power”. Certainly White Power is associated with racists who are morons. Why can you call people white morons? Isn’t that a racist statement? Sorry it seems this is a one way street here. We celebrate (and appropriately so) black pride, gay pride, latino pride, muslim pride etc. Aren’t we all Americans without hypens regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation etc. It makes no difference and I think you are contributing to racisim with your comments.

    4. womble71 says:

      Your statement about “a typical bunch of white morons” shows your ignorance and a complete misunderstanding not only of the posted article but also the state of western brainwashing that we have all been subjected to since at least the end of ww2. White people have everything to be proud of and i am sick of sheep bleating like pavlov’s dogs salivating every time they here there trigger word!

  3. Pam says:

    I totally agree with Annon’s statement that provided they are not promoting racism or hate, there is no reason for them not to be able to have an organization celebrating being white. There’s a comment that the group calls the Muslim Student Association terrorist and one of their members invites them to attend their meeting to show that is not true. Has anyone from the Muslim Student Association attended a meeting for the Youth for Western Civilization? The black students can have all the organizations they want and no one ever mentions racism, but when the white students want the same thing people cry foul.

    1. Jean Cronhardt says:

      Oh but gay pride is okay ???? WTH !

  4. Wiseguy says:

    Gonna Get Me a Shotgun
    Performed by Garrett Morris on 24 Jan 1976 (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see,
    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.
    When I kill all the whities I see, then whitey he won’t bother me,
    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.

    Then I’ll get a white woman who’s wearing a navy blue sweater.

  5. Karen says:

    Every ethnic group that came to America suffered hatred and abuse. Many were indentured servants that were treated as badly as slaves. People that came from Ireland, German, Italy etc. gave up their language, culture, their homes for the unknown future they were willing to build. The Irish for example were hated so much that they could only get jobs that no one wanted and most were very dangerous. People from Germany and Japan suffered here during WWII. The list goes on and on. Each of these groups helped to make this country great and it is time that we had a month or week for each group to show how those groups lived and were treated and what they did for this country. Though Black history month is nice and was needed, it is one sided, and is causing some to think that the Black race were the only people that did anything or suffered abuse for this country. It is time to reflect truly on all the ethnic groups that have come and are coming today. We all have a right to be proud of our heritage. To be labeled slave owner only because a person in white is so wrong. Most white Americans never owned slaves, most were poor hard working people trying to do the best they could to be a part of the melting pot. It is time that we celebrate all cultures equally. No one group made this country and it is time that we celebrate what each group has brought to this great country. This country is unlike any on this earth. We are a melting pot, is there room to grow, yes. But we the people of this country have done great things, lets celebrate and learn what each group accomplished equally.

    1. GM says:

      The saddest thing is what was done to the American Indians, but I wish all races would come together to make this a better country. As far as the slaves, they were savages that were sold out by their own people and the whites probably didnt know what to do to get them civilized, which many arent now either.

  6. Wilford P Wellington says:

    I am assuming it is okay for every race in the world except WHITES to have PRIDE. Let’s have a White student Union or a White Miss America. How far do you think that will go before that becomes some kind of RACIST thing? That is why you are a NUMBER 2 on your Drivers license.

    1. Bob says:

      I agree and want to see a bunch of white elected officials have a group to support the “white” american s in this country like our black elected officials have for black americans. It seem we are operating with 2 set of rules in this counrty now!!!

  7. Amanda says:

    I also agree with Annon. I’ve always had that mindset. If one group can celebrate someone (black, gay, etc) why is it wrong for the other side of those groups (white, straight, etc) to celebrate too? I’ve always been a little bit offended that there is an entire month to celebrate Black History. When there’s a mention of White History, someone I get blamed for slavery.

    What I think is really sad, is that normally it’s the college students that have the “yay diversity love everyone” mentality. It’s sad to see a campus so divided. Not between just race, but religion, sexual orientation, etc.

  8. RavenLude says:

    black power/pride = perfectly ok
    gay pride = perfectly ok
    girl power = perfectly ok
    white pride = racist, unacceptable, front line news

    im still waiting for an explanation from someone as to why?

    1. Wiseguy says:

      Just change it to “European American Pride”

      1. Mike says:

        Are you serious,did you just say that? When are we going to change BLACK history month to AFRICAN history month? WOW

      1. anonymous says:

        There are Blacks in Europe also, last time I checked. That’s why this is all so stupid.

  9. Joseph Geesen says:

    It is time to leave behind the white pride/black pride nonsense! We must stand up and support sapient pride! Shed the restrictions of race and be proud to be human!

    1. ballsohardclub says:

      Anonymous, Yes, & they have a big problem with all the blacks in those countries. That whole interacial thing ain’t working out so well & it’s even worse with the Muslims.

  10. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    It’s only racist if you’re white… I think that is in the legal definition… might as well be.

  11. Hurt Towson Student says:

    Nowhere in my statement did I say their rights should be revoked, a far more slippery slope is placing words in other’s mouths to justify an argument. They deserve their freedom of speech and the freedom to deal with the realities and consequences of their words and actions. They went about their ‘message’ entirely the wrong way and instead came across, at the very least, as very simple-minded.

    I think if they wanted to celebrate who they are separate from the horrors of the past they’d have chosen a term that wasn’t so closely identified with negative actions. White Pride is a term used by members of the KKK to this very day…so its not terribly shocking their, once again simple, actions left them on the defensive and linked with groups far more negative in their appreciation of who they are.

  12. Jay says:

    Funny, i was sitting in a diner that had 92Q on at lunch time. As i listened to the advertisements i herd one advertising the largest African American cemetery on the east coast and also an African American dating service. Now if folks of color replace the African American words with White all hell would break loose. We would have Jessie Jackson and the NAACP loosing there minds charging racialism. Cant have it both ways folks.

  13. Margie says:

    Where the hell is Al Sharpton?

    1. Robertryan says:

      Sharpton is on MSNBC sucking Mathews coc.

  14. Bulldog says:

    According to these so-called reporters writing white pride on a college sidewalk is a racist action but I can’t count the times I’ve seen PROUD LATINA on t-shirts at the Jersey shore or heard about BLACK PRIDE shouted from the rooftops. Double standard anyone?

  15. Rusty says:

    Thank you White Pride Students

  16. MD DAD says:

    I know exactly how you feel Hurt Towson Student, when you stated, “For any minority when they see those words emblazoned on the very campus STREETS they walk they must now concern themselves with their safety“. When I have to go into downtown Baltimore, park my car and walk to my destination. I am truly concerned for my safety. It really isn’t a good feeling, is it?

    1. D King says:

      My thoughts exactly. I wish graffiti was only thing to fear while walking in downtown Baltimore.

  17. concerned citizen says:

    I can feel the racism of screen of my computer. Obama becoming President really bougth you closet racist out. I thought Tiger Woods really upset you guys.

  18. concerned citizen says:

    Most of the people posting on here sound like they are from cecil county.

    1. Wiseguy says:

      ..or illiterates that can not spell .

      1. D King says:


      2. Wilford P Wellington says:

        You want illiterate and cannot spell, Check concerned citizen, with no sentence structure!!!

  19. Dave says:

    For me, Just havind a Black TV channel like BET is the biggest racism . What if whites would make ‘White Entertainment TV’? This country is more fake by the day
    See articles on

    1. Hurt Towson Student says:

      …isn’t nearly EVERY channel White Entertainment TV?

      Aren’t 90% of the actors on EVERY show white actors?

      Please point me to all the shows not on BET that have a majority black cast that are currently running.

      The sad thing is you can not see society was shaped to satisfy and fit whites and in nearly every other field, region, or area other minorities must play catch up. But still if it doesn’t have white right on the label I suppose you could get confused by the fact every actor looks just like you.

      1. Bulldog says:

        Seeing as caucasians are 74% of the population, it is normal.So why the push for black actors as black people are only 12% of the population? There should be more hispanic actors (16% of the pop.) you know, to be fair

      2. Hurt Towson Student says:

        There should be…but most television networks are run by white groups and companies so the Hispanic Population won’t be accurately represented until about 2020.

        Your logic is essentially ‘Separate but Equal’

        Since ‘We’ make up the majority of the population we get our networks and ‘You all’ get the percentage you make up. That sounds fair.

  20. miss lee says:

    You have to understand history to understand why the term “white pride” is considered threatening or offensive. The idea of “black pride” or “irish pride” comes from oppression, racism, jim crow, and all the rest of it. Because of these Gov’t Instittuted Racist policies, blacks & other groups did not believe in themselves, were down trodden, and were continually disadvantaged- to say the least! Thus, the reason for “black pride”…it is a direct result of racism. SO, MY QUESTION IS- WHEN HAS THE AMERICAN GOV’T EVER KEPT DOWN OR PERSECUTED WHITES??? Why the need for “white pride”? The concept of black pride did not come from nowhere, it came from black ppl wanting equal rights& needng to uplift themselves and demand fair treatment in the face of injustice & discrimination. AGAIN- THIS IS NOT THE HISTORY OF WHITE PPL COLLECTIVELY IN AMERICA SO IT SOUNDS LIKE WHITE SUPREMACY TO ME (at least this rhetoric does). Irish & german ppl, thats a different story entirely. But thats not who this group is representing.

    1. Bob says:

      Miss Lee
      Its people like you that have never seen entire communities destroyed by a group of people who use the system to get what they want by means of using race as a tool to ashame all other races in believing they did something wrong. It is people like you that give free cellphones away, welfare, food stamps and the list go’s on and on as long as this group keeps the racial card flipping everytime they want something or they want to keep the racial fight going in order to get more.

      1. Hurt Towson Student says:

        …your reply was nothing more than pointing the finger at her and saying “I’m not the problem, YOU’RE the problem”

        I can see disagreeing with her but she made a very intelligent historically accurate comment, could you not write one of your own to dispute her to perhaps prove your point to someone who is on the fence.

        Otherwise could the same trump card not be played in the favor of the statistics and actual facts regarding minority success/achievements/progress vs. whites?

  21. miss lee says:

    So to all the ppl above asking “why is black/latino pride acceptable and white pride isn’t?”…my previous comment explains it FULLY!!!!!!!!! THATS WHY.. oh yeah, and BET gives the black community someone to identify with. Or have u not noticed that at least 75% of american Tv is “white washed”?? Get a clue. Thanks.

    1. Bulldog says:

      Your comment culminates into the idea that one is not allowed to have pride in who they are unless their ancestors faced prejudice. By that token, how many times am I going to have to be called “cracker” until I am allowed that right to have pride in myself?

    2. D King says:

      Have YOU not noticed that at least 75% of the American population is white, so it would stand to reason that 75% of American TV is aimed at whites. Get a clue indeed.

    3. ballsohardclub says:


  22. John says:

    One major problem with the white pride group is the fact that the main spokesperson is wearing a shirt with a Confederate flag on it. Now I know people who identify with the South see that flag as a point of pride (standing up to the North), but they have to understand that for just about every black person, that flag represents lynchings, hate and violence. And calling the Muslim group a terrorist front, I’m not sure that even falls under free speech. Just my two cents.

  23. miss lee says:

    75% of the country is not white. Find ur clue, thanks. And i’m addressing the ppl above who want to know why “black/latino pride” is acceptable and “white pride” is not. Any1 can take pride in themselves and culture- no u dont have to be presecuted. But to form a socila group, and band together as if ur facing some kind of threat (which is where these organizations come from as far as motivation and a starting point) …I’m asking “Where is the threat?” fact is fact, the history is what it is unfortunately. I dont play any cards unless they’re true.

    1. Bulldog says:

      “75% of the country is not white.”
      According to the 2010 Census, it is. Try googling before you lose all credibility

    2. Anonymous says:

      The threat is whenever I walk down the street in inner city Baltimore at night. Thanks.

    3. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      Who has enslaved the latinos?? Where is the latino prejudice?? Was it from the cartels(all latino)??? Your logic is pathetic and uneducated at best?? lemme guess 4th grade thinking level??

  24. Hurt Towson Student says:

    @Old White and Conservative

    The term White Pride is also associated with racists and The Klu Klux Klan, in fact a part of their website offers several ‘White Pride’ events I could attend this year. I imagine they wouldn’t be very happy to see me at those events however. As I am not a proud white person…hint, hint.

    Sadly, the terms are interchangeable, one is simply the more polite version of the other. This is also something people clearly did not realize.

    I called them white morons because: A. The group is, as far as I could see from their website, entirely made up of white members and B. The president of a club devoted to the HISTORY of white people did not realize why HISTORICALLY putting that phrase on the streets of the campus would offend people…I call that a moron. To make it absolutely clear I suppose I should have said ‘Those white morons’ or ‘Some white morons.’

    1. Bulldog says:

      It makes sense. Its easy to point the racial finger, not so easy to see the three fingers pointing back at you

      1. Hurt Towson Student says:

        …I imagine that comment was also very easy. I can understand disagreeing with me…but when you basically get down to the Hallmark Greeting Card version of a statement you don’t prove a point so much as defeat your case. If that is the 3 racial fingers…then that’s quite a shame.

    2. Hurt Towson Student says:


      The selling of Africans by Africans is also a rather well explored part of the history. It is one part of the reason for the emotional and physical disconnect between Africans and African Americans. It is also why the African American is a group that struggles with its identity and place in the world. They were forced to go to a place where, once their use as slaves was up, no one wanted them anymore.

      You are very free to have pride, to suggest you need my or anyone else’s permission is a rather defensive strike to make yourself the victim you are not. However if you choose to toss around a term commonly associated with the Klu Klux Klan you should expect that things may not go so smoothly.

      1. Bob says:

        Africian selling Africians and Africian Americians shooting Africians Americans gee I believe the white guy has been shut out of this one! But, I guess all of this bad behavior is the white mans fault.

    3. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      And black price is associated with the Kony issue in Uganda, you know the Black man that has done all those atrocities… guess what… the Africans enslaved jews to built the pyramids… I think the jews have more room to complain than you do. Do you know how many jews were killed/starved) by african slave owners??? Do you know how many blacks were sold by other blacks to white people which started the whole cotton picking movement!

  25. Bulldog says:

    Well kiddies that’s all for me today. Sick of the double standard of “equality” and “reverse racism” we must live with today. Wake me up in 400 years when I can get my turn

  26. krissy says:

    Look……read these comments very carefully. So full of anger. This is why we (this country) will never be more then we are today. We are all Color blind as kids until one day we start believing that someone has more then we do or doesn’t work for what they do have. Yes a lot of dumb people made stupid mistakes in the past but instead of arguing over what was done wrong, why don’t we try to learn from it.

  27. steve williams says:

    its ok to say black power. muslim pride, gay pride. anything white pride. they want a group to feel ashamed because of a past they never participated in or are taking advantage of. that is ridicoulous. we must alll feel sorrow for illegal immigrants tooo. that is bull. i am itialian. who ever decided being spanish is more ethniclally correct than italian. fight the power fight the powers that be.

  28. MD VOTER says:

    Someone posted that since President Obama was elected the bigots have come out of the closet…………………BS everyone I know hoped and prayed he would make a good president for us all and move the country forward. Since this is not the case his supporters blame it on racism, again BS. The students have a right to form this group. Period. “So full of anger”, damn right….anger at a system that caters to one group everytime they whine, cry or call Jesse.

    1. Wilford P Wellington says:

      How could a person, whether White, Black ,or whatever color, with NO previous experience doing anything, be expected to do anything? You all got what you voted for and NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. MD DAD says:

    It really doesn’t bother me when I express a thought that is counter to another person’s opinion. It pretty much has always gone like this: winter brings snow, spring brings flowers…and disagreements on any racial concerns always brings out the given and all so old “racist” term.
    However, thanks for expressing what many white people (or who a handful of others think as racist) think today. Living in a current form of government supported oppression. One day, they just might get it.