The NFL has docked the Redskins $36 million in cap space over the next two seasons.

They can split it up how ever they want, but let’s just say they take half the hit each year. The rest of the NFL has a salary cap of of $120.6 million. Each team got a prorated portion of that Redskins number, or $1.6 mil. So, if each team has $122.2 this year, the Redskins, if they take away 18 off the 120.6, have $102.6 million in cap space. That is a huge hit, more than 15%.

They got this for abusing the system in the uncapped year in 2010 by giving players too much in salary. This tells me NFL owners must really dislike Daniel Snyder because basically they banded together to stick it to him, and help themselves at the same time.

In the wake of the trade up for the 2nd pick, the Redskins might end up with RG3, but who are they going to put around him? They have no 2nd round pick this year, and no firsts in 2013 and 2014, and severely diminished cap space in the next couple of years.

The reign of Snyder continues!

  1. Tyre says:

    Daniel Snyder traded me 15% ownership of the team for my Hostess cupcake.

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