BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Dealing on duty. A Baltimore City police officer at the center of a heroin ring that flooded the city with drugs confesses to the crime.

Meghan McCorkell explains how police caught the dirty cop.

Officer Daniel Redd admits his involvement in a major heroin ring after an FBI investigation prompted by the Baltimore City Police Department.

By day, he patrolled the streets of Baltimore. But behind the badge, Officer Redd was a hardcore drug dealer.

Now, Redd — one of the masterminds of a major heroin ring– has pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

“This is one the more shocking cases that I’ve seen because of the nature of the conduct,” U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said.

According to FBI investigators, the heroin was flown in from Ghana, Africa. Redd got the drugs from supplier Tamim Mamah. Then he’d get it into the hands of street dealers.

The FBI wiretapped Redd’s phone conversations. In some, the officer’s police radio inside his cruiser can be heard in the background.

Redd admits at one point, he dealt drugs in the parking lot of the Northwestern District Precinct, while he was on a duty, in uniform, carrying his service weapon.

“It’s kind of ridiculous for someone to be dealing drugs right there,” Owen Douglas, who lives near the precinct, said.

“Yes, it makes all of them look bad,” Marcia Bailey, who lives near the precinct, said.

Now, city officials are sending a message.

“Law enforcement officers need to obey the law and if they do not obey the law they’re going to be dealt with the same way regular citizens will,” Rosenstein said.

City police are cooperating with prosecutors.

Commissioner Fred Bealefeld tells WJZ he is “committed to taking the swiftest disciplinary action against the small minority of officers who dishonor the honor and integrity of this department.”

If a judge approves the plea agreement, Redd will spend 20 years behind bars. He faced life in prison before reaching the agreement.

Sentencing for Daniel Redd has been set for June.

Comments (19)
  1. wow says:

    Here’s the biggest problem in the criminal justice system. PLEA DEALS. Now here’s the dirtiest of cops, selling drugs in uniform, and probably arresting innocent people and making their lives absolute hell, and he gets a reduced sentence. If you do the crime, you should do the time! A life sentence was just fine. Why reduce it?

    1. Jethro says:

      I agree. The message the city is sending is “dirty cops sells drugs, faces life sentence, gets sentence reduced to 20 years, be out in 7 selling on the streets again”.

  2. Just the beginning says:

    Now let’s get rid of the other crooked cops who have yet to be caught, then the real fine men and women of the Baltimore City Police Department can effectively do their jobs.

  3. Sezmane says:

    drop in the bucket majority of bmore police are dirty cops

    1. We need more transparency says:

      Can you back up that accusation? Probably not, err no definitely not! There are snakes in every jungle, so don’t throw every law enforcement officer under the bus with your ignorance.

      1. We Need A Complete PD Overhaul says:

        Yes, and the snakes are crawling out of this jungle pretty much every week now. At one point do you finally admit this is more than a case of “a few bad apples”?

    2. larryag says:

      when is BCPD going to arrest the cop whose gun killed the 13 year old girl , his girlfriend’s kid is in jail but not him

  4. Feebe says:

    How did this cop get a line that strong on herion? And then bold enogh to sling a deal in the parking lot of his on station? HUM ? He dealt it yes. Did he forward his intent to collar to the command?

    1. larryag says:

      there is a picture of him and the head of Internal afairs on Facebook flashing gang signs , the head of IA was appointed by Bealefield

  5. MJH says:

    If this judge had a set of balls he would void the deal and sentence this POS to the max allowed under the law.

  6. dave says:

    If I were arrested by this cop I would get a new trial. This spook is dirty as Glen Burnie.

    1. larryag says:

      you mean glen burnie with all the rednecks that need bath , you are an imbecile dave , an impotent redneck imbecile

  7. Koatz says:

    Perhaps some of you should take a look at what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. YEP, that little town had big problems with its police force dealing drugs while framing and arresting innocent people. Most cops are crooked, one way or another. The majority who turn a blind eye to the criminality of their peers are just as guilty as the ones who actually commit the crimes.

  8. Heuy says:

    Huey he has an uncle in the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office name Jeffery Redd.

  9. dave says:

    Bealfeld is a lackey & needs to go. We need a n Ed Norris type, a real tough prick white or black that will have the departmnet prideful. Visited San Fran shorty & theeir P.D. is superior & more professional than ours could ever be & a lot whiter. S.F. is approx the same size city as Balt. 750k.

    1. larryag says:

      so alll we need is all white cops and everything will be fine huh Dave

      you need to move to Sanford Florida where white men can shoot blacks for sport , idiot

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