CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — Lawyers for a former University of Virginia lacrosse player convicted in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend have asked a judge for a hearing on a motion to have the case retried.

George Huguely and his lawyers appeared in Charlottesville Circuit Court on Friday on a separate motion filed on behalf of several media outlets seeking to have the trial’s evidence made public. Judge Edward Hogshire gave media attorney Robert Yates two weeks to come up with a proposal on the best way to make the evidence available.

The Daily Progress reports Huguely lawyer Francis McQ. Lawrence also asked for a hearing on a “motion for retrial.” No details were given.

Huguely faces 26 years in prison in the 2010 death of University of Virginia women’s lacrosse player Yeardley Love of Cockeysville.

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Comments (3)
  1. chetta-ketta says:

    Boo hoo , wah wah, He didn’t get his own way & Mommy & Daddy couldn’t get this snot nose off. Fuc you man, welcome to the real world. Do you time & enjoy hiney sex.

  2. dave says:

    He has no grounds for a retrial. His trial was fair & in the media like an academy awards show. Let him do the hard time & send a message to all the other rich jocks who think they can slide down the bannister of life without getting a splinter in their balls.

  3. Marlyn says:

    Only the rich would think of such nonsense.

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