COLUMBIA, Md. (WJZ) — A man wearing a ski mask storms onto a Howard County school campus and attacks a student, and the whole thing is caught on tape.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the video that’s gone viral.

That video has now been viewed by more than half a million people.

Steps from the school’s front door, a masked man attacked a student as staffers rushed to break up the fight.

The shocking fight happened in seconds. A man in blue wearing a ski mask swung at a Long Reach High School student. In one punch, the 16-year-old football player knocked him out.

Students tell WJZ the fight wasn’t a surprise.

“People were just saying he was going to get in a fight with some guy. But nobody said it was going to be a parent,” said a student.

Police say the intruder came there to fight the football player who was allegedly picking on his 15-year-old relative. That girl was seen attacking the victim after the fight.

“Bullying is a really serious problem,” Ann Taubenheim, who lives near Long Reach High, said. “When a parent comes up with the same kind of inappropriate behavior, that doesn’t solve the issue.”

“You got to think of how you would feel is somebody came up to your kid and did that kind of thing,” Eric Bell, parent of a Long Reach High student, said.

Even school officials are in shock.

“Nobody is expecting to have a masked person show up on your campus and attack a student,” Patti Caplan, spokeswoman for Howard County Schools, said.

Students are surprised a masked man got on campus.

“If you came up like that to a kid, I’m pretty sure you might have gotten shot or tased,” student Tom Bell said.

As a precaution, police placed additional officers outside the school for Thursday’s dismissal.

“We just want to remind people that we want to do everything we can to make people there at the school feel safe, but we do feel this was an isolated incident,” Sherry Llewellyn, spokeswoman for the Howard County Police Department, said.

An isolated incident that is now spreading like wildfire on the web.

Police plan to file charges against the masked man. They’ve also filed assault charges against that 15-year-old girl for attacking the male student.

The 16-year-old football player is not expected to face disciplinary action since school officials believe he was just defending himself.

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  1. peterpan says:

    PhillyG, You’re a black socialist of the worst kind.

    1. Lee says:

      The football player was obviously bullying the girl. Why did the news not report that?

      1. Daisy says:

        Politically incorrect.

      2. Bullies Deserve It says:

        The football player bully is lucky to be alive and not shot dead – as ALL bullies actually deserve.

      3. THE ARBITER says:

        How the HELL is that “OBVIOUS”? What f-ing IMAGINARY world do you live in where you extrapolate facts from evidence unseen?


      5. joseiabbott says:

        Lee, you need a reality check. By what process of anyone’s imagination did you presume or assume that this young man was bullying the girl? Perhaps she was showing the young man some of her booty, perhaps she was a skank? I don’t know and neither do you. I am happy to see that the young football player knocked the parent on his ever lovin as-. It also came out that this 15 yr. old girl earlier attacked the player. She sounds like a nut job to me, as well as he masked relative.

      6. Defend yourself says:

        The next time they go after him. they will have seen this video and brought better weaponry than fists.

        Look what the world is coming to…

    2. Jack says:

      Nobody surprised there is bullying, just the masked man. Even the fast lard teacher is frightened by the masked man…not the bullying. Sad.

  2. concerned citizen says:

    The bigotry goes on in this great land call the home of the free.

    1. Homey-D-Clown says:

      This was a staged Jerry Springer-type skit…the camera was there, the guy in the mask, the little tap that was faked, the worst kind of junk journalism.

      Even the WWF is laughing at how amateur this video was staged! There was no punch! You can tell when you download and watch at slow-mo, that the whole thing was faked!

      This is a fake story, and it shows how trigger-happy the leftist media is, to jump at a chance to deflect attention from O’s failed policies, by now reporting fake fights as true “journalism”.

      1. Sam says:

        How what happy?

      2. Mr. Freeze says:

        Agree…fake, staged, whatever. The television news programs are there for entertainment and mind control, not to inform the viewer.

      3. Richard says:

        Video fake? Agree. Obama’s ‘failed’ policies? Look in the mirror, moron. You are the failure of this country: you and your racist cabal of quwacks!

      4. GiveMeABreak says:

        Another orchestrated PSYOPS story by the state run media. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history.

      5. THE ARBITER says:

        UR N IDJIT.

      6. Fenderbassfan says:

        Totally agree!!!

      7. smashicus says:

        Richard, we know who the cabal of racists are, their leader is in the White House.

    2. Nancy A says:

      Bigotry? What does this have to do with bigotry? Of course, people like you find “bigotry” under every tea cup.

      1. BarrysHypocrisy says:

        You’re obviously the bigot here Nancy. You feel so guilty about your own racist thoughts, that you feel the need to call othera racists in order to make yourself feel better. I feel sorry for you.

      2. Jim Dea says:

        Mr. Freeze. (no reply link under Mr. Freeze comment) I commend you on your ability to see the truth of what this media is all about. They are “producing” these stories by picking and choosing them according to their distraction potential and then hyping them up to keep our attention from the truth of what is actually going on in the world.

    3. Fenderbassfan says:

      The Bigotry goes on because our President AND all liberals see people only one way, buy their race. Maybe you will someday realize that using the race card as an excuse for EVERYTHING (like Obama does) is just plain moronic. EVERYTHING Obama does divides the U.S. by race and class.

  3. concerned citizen says:

    Please no more idiot racist comments on the post please.

    1. Oculus III says:

      Why do you hate white people? “Anti-racist” is just a code phrase that means anti-white.

      You can whine about racism, all you want, but reality is what it is. Feel free to live in a dream world if you like

  4. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    So it goes back to if you are bullied just use a baseball bat to the kids dome… Don’t get your uncle to do it man up and cave that bully’s skull in… The only good bully is a dead one… They add so much hatred to a already bitter world… Well at least the original victim didnt go Vtech or Columbine on the school. If the schools keep allowing severe bullying then a lot of peoples parents will be mourning just like all the shootings that are happening all over the US… Sad to say but denying truth and human instinct is foolish and idiocratic. Keep poking any animal in nature while caged and see what you get… I believe the psychologists call that a conditioned response.

    1. gorbud says:

      Our lovely country provides treatment for every type of condition; problem drinkers, domestic violence, sex addicts,even child molesters but a troubled kid with self esteem problems, learning disabilities, or just self control issues is , according to posters here, to be put to death or just beaten to a pulp. What is wrong with this picture. Bullying is a symptom of something else that is wrong. The kid is not an evil criminal or some kind of an animal. All the wimps and “experts” calling for drastic actions are just social mobs acting as bullies and are way more dangerous then a single kid who can be easily treated and will probably not engage in bulling again. Most bullies when confronted by a someone stronger then themselves usually self cures. Troubled kids who bully seem to be the newest object for the bloodthirsty mob.

      1. Jack says:

        Loser, it does not matter. Society is tired of being the victim to your sorry life problems. So we are supposed to sit around and let the punk pick on our kids because his mom is popping out kids like a rabbit? Vomit on yourself pig.

  5. Howard County says:

    Can we cede Columbia to Baltimore County or AA County?
    Howard County

    1. AACPS Parent says:

      Please. Nobody was shot, stabbed, killed, or pushed down a flight of stairs. The only racial slurs were complimentary. Theres no way Columbia would fit in AA County.

    2. Had Enough? says:

      Hey –

      In the 70’s, Columbia was built to be a “model city”, a wonderful place to live.

      Look at it now.

      I visited a friend in Orlando last year in a similar type of area, Metro West. It was supposed to be a great place to live, but it turned into a gang-banger, car-jacking, home invading, raping and assault cesspool.

      Now, guess what they both have in common?

      The destruction of our country continues, compliments of the liberal progressive Left.

  6. johnsonj3 says:

    i think it’s a shame that a grown man would go after a child like this. I bet he won’t walk up on anyone else like that. LOL

    1. RioSam says:

      Child? They looked fairly even is size to me…
      Besides if your FEMALE niece is being bullied by a MALE good sized football player, what do you think should have been done?
      The guys only mistake was doing it on campus…should always fight your battles OFF campus…

    2. Jack says:

      You want me to come show you some manners? I can promise you would be eating concrete punk. The bullies are actually sissies just like johnsonj3.

  7. Crosscut says:

    The aggressive uncontrolled brutality of some cultures is amazing.. It appears to be an accepted social behavior.

  8. bryan says:

    should learn to fight before picking fights with others…

  9. Ed S says:

    Wow. 2 things need to happen:
    1) parents need to be responsible for their bullying children when other parents tell them their kids are bullies, and if that doesn’t work
    2) kids need to go to prison or the military to deal with their issues.

    Problem solved.

    1. David says:

      The military??? Hey we don’t want your misfits. Not up to me to fix the socially maladjusted. You made him… fix him and keep him.

    2. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      I can see it now… what are you saying about my sweet innocent boy.. he’s no bully. prove it… The law is on the side of the criminal, thats why vigilante justice(preferably any blunt object that can induce permanant brain damage is recommended since the bully will prove to be a waste of society.

  10. malcom says:

    did someone ask the black president what did he think of this? where is jesse? where is sharpton? where are the protests? wheeerre?????? LMAO

  11. Koatz says:

    Wow, imagine a guy defending himself when attacked.

    People, this is a perfect example of self-defense, unlike what that coward George Zimmerman is trying to con people into believing.

    You can’t claim self-defense if you are the aggressor, period!

  12. JT in ATL says:

    That was a pretty weak fight. The masked man should have made sure he could handle himself, lame right from the student got him.

    1. gorbud says:

      It really looked staged. That “punch” could not knock over a feather.

  13. gc says:

    So glad I don’t live in that part of the country. Please do me a favor and don’t move here.

  14. Hypocrisy says:

    Just making sure I got this right. The bully is receiving no disciplinary action, despite bullying the girl until a family member (albeit wrongfully) stepped in to intervene? Yeah, the girl and her family member made a stupid mistake, but we need to get out of this habit of only reacting to a situation if it happens to be caught on tape. The victims were further victimized here, and the bully is now receiving praise for knocking out her family member.

    1. Diogenes says:

      I totally agree. Besides, the article was so poorly written it was difficult to discern who actually was the “victim”.
      And to “Koatz” you may want to consider withholding your vitrol until ALL the facts are known on the Zimmerman/Martin episode. Of course President Meatball has to involve himself in this to foment more racial strife in OUR country. There’s more to this story. Additionally, how is it that thousands of death threats are pouring in against Florida officials who have no connection with this case? Anyone see coordination by our home grown revoluionaries here?

  15. Rabbit Fight says:

    Hop hop hop.

  16. JerryDoe says:

    Hello. Nobody helps the victim. “no disciplenary action”. what a bunch of idiots including the news people. The parent had every right. Are you reading about teen suicides as result of bullying? wake up!

  17. realistic_01 says:

    This sounds familiar, somehow. Let’s see, adult attacks a child, child is black, my gawd, where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, the statement from Obama. Oh, wait. Black on black violence, nothing to see here, move along.

    1. Fenderbassfan says:

      If one was white Osupida would already be proclaiming him the guilty one.

      1. Race-realist says:

        Can’t we all just get along?

        Er, no.

  18. Blanca De La Nieve says:

    Wait a minute! There’s WAY more to this story! What about filing charges against the VERY LARGE, POWERFUL football player for his bullying of the girl? HIS bullying of a smaller, weaker GIRL is what instigated this fight. in the first place! Obviously, the school DID NOTHING TO ADDRESS HIS BULLYING OF A WHITE GIRL, because HE IS BLACK!!! (We all know how young black males view females now, don’t we.)This entire incident reeks of BLACK-ON-WHITE RACISM…AS USUAL! If only the WHITE, ASIAN AND HISPANIC COMMUNITIES would band together and PROTEST EVERY VIOLENT INCIDENT COMMITTED BY BLACKS AGAINST THE OTHER RACES. IT’S AMERICA’S DIRTIEST SECRET: BLACKS ARE THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY; AND COMMIT 97% OF THE “HATE” CRIMES…THEY HATE ON EVERYONE, EVEN THEMSELVES! (Just look at the DOJ’s statistics for black-on-white violent crime vs. white-on-black! Blacks commit violence against whites 300 TIMES MORE OFTEN than whites commit violence against blacks!!!) Oh well, AS THE DEPRESSION WORSENS, and entitlements stop flowing in–THE so-called African-American community will disintegrate rapidly…Blacks’ propensity for social cannibalism will only accelerate their collapse…

  19. Homey-D-Clown says:

    This was a staged Jerry Springer-type moment. The camera was there, the guy in the mask, the tap that was faked, the worst kind of junk journalism.

    This is a fake story, and it shows how trigger-happy the leftist media is, to jump at a chance to deflect attention from O’s failed policies, by now reporting fake fights as true “journalism”.

  20. HomeeeDClown says:

    This was a staged Jerry Springer-type skit…the camera was there, the guy in the mask, the little tap that was faked, the worst kind of junk journalism.

    Even the WWF is laughing at how amateur this video was staged! There was no punch! You can tell when you download and watch at slow-mo, that the whole thing was faked!

    This is a fake story, and it shows how trigger-happy the leftist media is, to jump at a chance to deflect attention from O’s failed policies, by now reporting fake fights as true “journalism”.

  21. James Woods says:

    It’s good to see justice prevail in this case. Why is it “bullying” is such a problem now when it wasn’t 10-20 years ago? Is it because our childrens minds are altered by prescription drugs and television? Our men are groomed to be women and the women are groomed to be I don’t know what.

    In the “bullying” cases i’ve caught on television it’s no wonder these kids are kicked around. They are goofy looking/acting kids with obvious mental/social issues. If you take the child and resolve their issues your going to reduce the “bullying”.

    An ugly kid that has no social skills and on top of that is an idiot isn’t going to stand much of a chance in life let alone in school. That’s life and if you have a child that finds themselves at odds with their peers find out why and address it. You might not be able to do much about looks but you can address their social and mental abilities.

    Glad to see this goofball in the skimask got what was coming to him. Hopefully he has several felony charges put on him for going to a school to take vengeance on a child.

    1. Marcus says:

      you, sir, are a funkin idiot

    2. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      Do you know why columbine happened? It’s because people like you a bully that hides behind brute force because you are too much of a Vag to be a real man…The only purpose for people like you in life is to be a grunt frontliner in the military… Your stupidity amazes me that you can even type let alone breath on your own. I’m 145lbs soaking wet and I’d love the opportunity to beat you like Rhianna. Do the world a favor and shoot up dope while smoking an O of rock… You could make the world a better place… not like anyone would miss you. Maybe your parents if they’re on rock but thats only because theyre on rock…

  22. Shinobi says:

    Ski mask? At least spring for the full ninja suit and do it right!

  23. dp1950 says:

    Just what kind of bully act did the football player do. If it was an actual act of bullying, discipline the student. This could very well be something that was blown out of proportion by the girl. She then tells her uncle and he defends the family honor for being dissed. Whenever the story includes the word bully, I want to know what happened to warrant that word. With all the spineless pc in the country, it could have resulted from a trivial event.

    1. The mechanic says:

      I think it’s safe to say that Steve is a puddin puller who likes little black boys nude.

    2. Easy says:

      i agree with what you said completely. Plain and simple, it is the school’s responsibility to minimize the bullying issue. The two students were similar in age and the adult acted inappropriately. He should have brought it up with the school. The girl could easily have taken a small incident and turned it into something traumatic.

  24. Steve from CT says:

    I think it’s safe to say this Parent acted out of desperation. We’ve allowed are children to run wild. What happened to the discipline in our school systems? Of course we had bullies when we were kids, however not to the degree we see today. People need to stop pointing fingers and start taking control back from our children.

  25. Lazybum says:

    Jesse and Al are already in town. I bet they show up here to protest too…oh, wait a minute…black on black violence is apparently OK in their eyes.

    I have NEVER seen them protest that even though black on black violence is statistically a much, much larger problem. Nothing to see here, Johnny, move along please.

    1. gorbud says:

      Jesse and Al never protest “problems.” They only go where the TV cameras are to protest the instances when some white cop or a jerk like Zimmerman does some stupid or a horrible act against an African/American. Considering the volume of violence and crime going on every day in the African/American community I am surprised there are not more instances of deadly force being used against criminals. There could be 10 white people murdered by African/Americans and you would NEVER hear or see Jessie or Al except to protest the innocence or the “framed” black youths who might be charged with murder. It is all a political fund raiser to them. Rev. “No Church” Sharpton is the worst con man in the country. Snake oil salesman with a sliver tongue. Very bad individual who bathes in the misery of others. The current case is one that needs a good going over and Justice will be served. When Jesse and Al brought their circus to town Zimmerman might as well be hanged at dawn because fairness is now the victim and true Justice will never see the light of day. BTW the racist A.G. Eric Holder has already predetermined the outcome of the Federal “investigation.” My opinion is Zimmerman is probably guilty of some crime and should be punished. Young Martin should never have been confronted nor a gun even pointed in his direction. And yes the Chief of Police should have resigned . Others in the system should be investigated for their slow or no response within 48 hours of this shooting. But this disgrace will be compounded by the two stooges, Al and Jesse.

  26. Debra Krasyk says:

    If more bullies got their butt kicked, there would be less bullies. This parent is a hero.

    1. gorbud says:

      If more robbers were whipped in the public square would there be less robberies?

    2. Easy says:

      The parent never should have taken that action against this student. He is not a hero. He is a bad example, and one of the many reasons that the cycle of bullying will continue. School should have been the ones to do part of their job and provide a safe learning environment. There is no one to applaud in this situation. Simply laugh at the ignorance.

  27. Joe Friday says:

    Black adult attacks black teen, gets knocked out. just another of th tens of thousands of black-on-black crimes that happen every year. Where’s the phoney outrage of the race-baiters Rev Al, Rev Jes, Louis F, nd the Congressional Black Caucus? oh wait, there is no cracker to blame.

  28. Joe Friday says:

    how ludicrous, how idiotic for an adult to start a fistfight at school with a teen. yet lots of posts are defending the adult for standing up against bullying. this is another example of why blacks can’t govern themselves and can’t feed themselves.

  29. Travonned says:

    Watch out gettin’ in them fights, mess around and get Trayvonned, lol

    1. meeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      Na he bullied a black girl not a latina… if it was a latina he’d be beating himself up… Like an lacano would allow that to happen… that football player’s whole family would be dead where they sleep at night.

  30. thomas says:

    Does black on black violence count as a hate crime?

  31. Martha says:

    The school is at fault for having allowed their beloved football student to engage in a pattern of bullying without taking disciplinary action. If the bullying continued despite consequences, the football student should have been placed up for expulsion. Parents also should know that they have the right to file restraining orders against bullies and, if granted, this would have forced the football student to be expelled in order to support the restraining order. At this point, it is sad that things deteriorated to the point that an adult relative and girl-victim felt they had to strike back. This is what happens when school administrators and resource officers (school police) do not do their job to create the safe place they are required to keep in the first place. Hopefully the adult parent and victim student hire a decent defense attorney who holds the school accountable (and the bully). The fact that their were witness statements provided that folks weren’t surprised the football player was in a fight in the first place tells us that this football players pattern of bullying was well known in their school community. Hopefully this case ends with better justice than it has thus far.

  32. Bullies Deserve It says:

    The original bully – the football payer is lucky to be alive and not shot dead. Bullies DESRVE whater they get!!! The only good bully is a DEAD bully.

    1. Easy says:

      That is an ignorant statement. Martha said what’s right. To claim that all bullies should die is ridiculous. There is no point in our “ideal” system of how things should be if that is the solution. Punishment. Not death. We’re still a democratic nation regardless of the beliefs of individuals such as yourself.

  33. Indy says:

    Calling on Jesse, Al , Calipso Loui . Stop the violence and quit attacking Latinos!

  34. John I says:

    The news lady is the most annoying person I have ever seen in my life. And, I have been around for four decades. My God, she is super-naturally annoying!

  35. you wish you knew says:

    Kudo’s to the masked man. However, your approach needs You got put on video, and got caught.

  36. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    Another school turns its back on bullying #FAIL

  37. Lucha Libretto says:

    Wearing a mask to a fight is a good idea only in Mexican wresting. It does not make you a better fighter and certainly does not improve your chances of landing a sucker punch

  38. GeneO says:

    Whenever someone calls Obama’s policies “wrong” or “failed”, it’s the TRUE racist that pulls the “racist” card, right Richard?

  39. gingerbread says:

    Well I can tell you what I would do if someone was bullying my girll. He wouldn’t be able to walk. No sirree, I’m not going to compalin to these SCHOOL OFFICIAL, I’d be pounding sand up his ass. The only way to teach a bully is to be bulliied himself.

  40. steffan says:

    aha how old is this guy he got layed out by a little kid and check out his legs after the drop lololol

  41. steffan says:

    yall are crazy with the racism why is EVERYTHING about race still its 2012 its just too easy to judge people by race to pass it up huh.

  42. Sid says:

    Smells like a bully got away with it this time.

  43. Drew says:

    Trayvon tried the same thing according to the eyewitness.

  44. Blake says:

    Just one of many thousands of CHIMP-OUTS that happen every day.

  45. Jim says:

    This baboon needs to be lynched. He needs to be brought to justice, dead or alive.

  46. freecheese says:

    BLACK CULTUR rages on !

  47. Phil McKann says:

    The parent’s offense was in thinking he could pull this off without apparently knowing how to fight. Otherwise, I’m ok with this. Next time go for the element of surprise.

  48. Slam1263 says:

    I bet it was that Zimmerman guy.

  49. Scott says:

    They must not have chosen civility.

  50. Keepin it real says:

    Why are they so proud of themselves? And why do the media Bolsheviks want them to prosper? Think long and hard about that.

    I went to school with blacks from elementary school and believe me, my dog has more values. These people or whatever they are, if left to their own, will literally BBQ you for dinner.

    I know, I know…Das Raysiss.

  51. Reporters are cowards says:

    Typical response of the media, school staff and the principal. Obviously it seems the 16 year old had been harassing the 15 year old girl and school officials would do nothing about it. There are countless videos of kids beating up other kids on school buses and school yards with officials doing nothing. Good for the Dad for trying his best to defend his daughter.

  52. Cracker Crusher says:

    clearly this was a white cracker looking for a black student to victimize as part of a ku klux klan initiation. the ku klux klan helped republicans fight the north in the civil war.

  53. So lets see….black on black violence but they only interview whites??? Whats wrong with this picture???

    1. Diogenes says:

      Perhaps there was an insurmountable language barrier?

  54. SD943 says:

    Bullying carries over to adult life as well. I lost my entire company, money retirement etc due to two nasty bullies.

    Somehow when you are being bullied – you just can’t think clearly…revenge is best served cold.

  55. RobertG says:

    So WHO was that Masked Man- is he the one who robbed the stage coach?

  56. robertg says:

    The schools have been doing nothing to stop bulling since I was in school 40 years ago. While I agree that this is not the best way to solve the problem it’s a better plan than doing nothing.

  57. dpk65 says:

    And what does the bully football player get for harassing the 15 yr old girl? At least suspend him from team. S/b suspended from school. I see kids suspended for holding hands, kissing bringing little toy soldiers to school so why not harassing??

    1. The mechanic says:

      Maybe if the gurl sucked off the football team this wouldn’t have happened.

  58. Johnny says:

    Waiting for Obama to speak out about his 16 year old slugger.

    1. harley2007 says:

      Waiting for Obama to speak out about his 16 year old slugger.

      If he had a son he would look like him….

  59. Joe Bama says:

    Silly Knee Grow, fights are for kids.


    What do you people have against ski masks? I have every right to wear a ski mask in public. I do not deserve to be punched in my face for wearing a ski mask. Where are the Black Panthers?


  61. harley2007 says:

    Race Race Race Race, Getting suck of this garbage. Your a racist i am a racist they are racist. Hey people everybody is racist. Everybody sticks with their home team be it black white brown or yellow. Grow up. It is what we do with our racism. If we start hanging people from treas like the Klan or putting bounties on people like the Black Panther Party that is wrong. I personally don’t like Black people due to tragedies in my life inflicted by them. But I am not going to hunt them down. So I am racist but so what I am not hurting anybody because of it. I and others are free to pick and choose who we like get over it.

  62. smashicus says:

    Lucky punch.

  63. You couldn’t see the mask very well.

    It must have been a Roberto Duran likeness.

    “No mas! No mas!”

  64. Jon says:

    My white child should not have to go to school with blacks.

  65. Wilder Naplam says:

    No justification for an adult to attack a minor period. That is why we are called adults and they are called children. That being said if this kid was a bully he needs to be dealt with.

    1. tonybaloney says:

      Children???? Try this spoonie @ 6′ 200 lbs & breaking Zim’s nose. That;s kids? Yeah, suc my dic idiot.

  66. 31337 says:

    lol typical black behavior.

  67. wipeout says:

    You know what does the school do about these kids bullying other kids. It needs to stop starting from HOME, WHAT DO THIS PARTENTS TEACH THEIR KIDS AT home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  68. Perfect Fool says:

    Hey folks, don’t make the same mistake your breeders did. Use con-dumb-de-dumb-dumbs. Make the world a better place…

  69. Charles Morris says:

    Long Reach is an unbelievably perfect name for this high school, considering what happened. But on a serious note, the masked man handled this the totally wrong way. If he knew there was bullying going on, he should’ve gone straight to the school district. Acting like the bullies do just empowers them.

  70. tonybaloney says:

    No , cause Nigs are too stupid to remember.

  71. colliemom says:

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