LARGO, Md. (AP) — A Maryland community college student got some silent one-on-one time with President Barack Obama last week.

Stephon Williams, a deaf student, communicated in sign language with Obama as the president was shaking hands after an event on energy policy at the college.

Williams told Obama in sign language that he was proud of him. The president signed back, “Thank you.”

Obama’s Twitter feed posted a message about the exchange, and Williams, 26, made a video about it.

(Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (3)
  1. not pc says:

    This doesn’t surprise me . He’s been turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to america’s problems for years.

  2. pigeon says:

    Wow, isn’t that just wonderful. Obama is, evidently, the only person who can sign to the college student .
    To “not pc”: got that right. And to think there are people out there willing to put him back in office for another 4 years to continue “ruling”.

  3. adraine says:

    well Bush did it for eight yrs!!!!!!

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