The heavy rain and thunderstorms moved away Sunday, while the clouds and spotty showers hung tough in a few areas. That has kept our temperatures down again, but we still topped out at 60 degrees which again is above the average of 57 degrees.

There are a few showers still out there Sunday evening that will move away overnight, along with the clouds. Winds will turn around to the north and really start to pick up. Gusts could hit 40 mph Monday afternoon. Not only will this be a drier wind for us, but a cooler one. Temperatures will drop into the 40s with clearing skies, then only recover to the upper 50s/near 60 with sunshine Monday. It’s really Monday night into Tuesday that we will feel the cooldown.

A freeze watch has been issued for most of Maryland during this time with temperatures dropping to or below freezing. Since it has been so unseasonably warm so early, the growing season is already underway for many people. Sensitive plants could be damaged during that time if they are not covered or looked after. However, just as we cool down, we quickly warm it back up again. We will be close to 70 degrees by Wednesday afternoon.

A weak front will pass through later Wednesday into Thursday. There will be some showers and maybe a thunderstorm with this front. It will get out of here Thursday afternoon with sunshine returning. Temperatures will drop again behind this front Friday into the weekend, as we watch for another storm with showers to move our way.

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