BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With summer just a few months away, Baltimore City’s neighborhood pools are once again in jeopardy. Under the mayor’s new budget, the city stands to lose seven of them.

Kai Jackson explains why neighbors and some city leaders are outraged.

Few would argue that pools are a vital part of recreation, especially for young people. Now there are calls for compromise over closures.

When it’s blazing hot in Baltimore, nothing cools kids off more than a pool. Yet this year, as in years past, there may be fewer of them to take a dip in.

“It has to be a concern that we’re closing any resources for young people and for neighborhood residents,” said Councilman Carl Stokes.

The Department of Recreation and Parks wants to close seven of 13 walk-to pools, also known as neighborhood pools, this year. A spokesperson for that agency says just as the city is facing a budget shortfall, so is Recreation and Parks.

Members of the City Council say they have no power to add anything to the mayor’s budget that she submits to them; they can only make cuts. They’re hopeful she’s willing to compromise before any pools are closed.

Recreation and Parks says from inspection to maintenance to staffing, opening and operating a city pool is expensive.

“All of us on the City Council want to work toward a good solution for young people in this city and for opportunities for young people,” Stokes said.

Under the Recreation and Parks plan, the city’s two indoor pools would be open during the summer. Normally, they’re closed during the break.

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  1. gary says:

    not even going to respond to the ignorance of this idiot. but this is why you see so many kids getting in trouble because they have no type of recreation to do. they closing rec centers now pools so dont complain about why the kids are hanging out in the street, its because they have nothing to do. this mayor is terrible and you people keep voting her in. but they sure will put money up for the stupid race downtown which they loss money on. its terrible

    1. AL SHARPTON says:

      gary the pools keep the negros out of trouble .put the pipe down you short minded white person from ocean pines

    2. oscar says:

      Gary, Listen up coon, you just did respond. # 2, maybe these baby mommas should have babies to begin with eh? You dumb fuc.

  2. saywhat says:

    If you want to swim, pay for it like everyone else. If you don’t contribute, you get nothing.

  3. braven4evr says:

    Point Blank….this has to be the worst MAYOR that Baltimore has ever had!!!!!

  4. nana says:

    the parents should creat things for the child to do PEOPLE ARE HOMELESS AND STRAVING DO YOU THINK A FREE POOL WILL HELP THEM?

  5. Peter says:

    Why not make people who use the pool pay to do so? Just a nominal fee to help defray the cost of operating it? Nothing crazy–just a couple of dollars. I live in the city and have never and probably will never use a city pool. Charge the people who use it through a usage fee instead of the people who don’t through taxes.

  6. cms827 says:

    Charge them to use the pool what are you crazy,,,,they will be rioting if you make them pay for something. Be productive parents and actually do something with your children instead of sending them off to the city pool while you smoke your crack pipe!!!! I ride past Cherry Hill everyday and see that big nice pool they have, I lived in Baltimore City growing up in a white neighborhood why didn’t we have a pool???

  7. whatnow says:

    This mayor is having to pay for the excesses of the 3 mayors that preceeded her, so it really isn’t her fault. Governments are starting to have to give up the “credit card” and live within their means, the way middle class families have done forever. Budgets hurt, but you get used to it. Does it really come down to a pool or being a criminal? If so, there are bigger problems at work then the lack of money!

  8. Big ED says:

    We have a nice big community pool in my neighborhood, they can come swim there. Oh forget it That pool has a $2000.00 fee for a membership per family.

  9. oscar says:

    When you have an entitlement mentality & are given everything, why should you think you have to pay for anything?….Stop having the little coons people, birth control is free also you dumb fuc’s.

  10. Bernard Wilson Rutherford IV says:

    If Devonte and Kiesha don’t have a taxpayer subsidized pool to swim in and tire themselves out in, will the be out casing neighborhoods like Trayvon instead?

  11. happyjack says:

    Let the raisin heads pee in front of a fan.

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