Friday I went to the NASCAR Final Practice and watched the teams get ready for Saturday’s qualifying. Jeff Gordon had the quickest time around the track and a lot of drivers walked away thinking they need to make improvements before the race.

This is the same news just on a different week. As a fan who loves racing, but can’t give you every stat of every team from today or years ago I want to offer my opinion.

Somebody needs to be to get angry. We need a driver to be the bad boy. I’m not saying that someone should create an accident or do something unsafe but wouldn’t it be great if you could watch and wonder what might happen next. People thrive on controversy. In football, we can’t wait for the Steelers to come to town, so the Ravens can knock them around. I absolutely love going to any football game but a Steelers game makes it even more exciting.

What if after a race Dale Jr. took off his glasses and said, “I know he ended up in the wall, I didn’t do it on purpose, but that’s racing.” Then he puts his dark shades back on and walks away from the cameras. Now that would be cool. He isn’t saying he put him in the wall, but he would have that “Bad Boy” attitude.

I know the first thing you are all going to say is NASCAR is going to fine, take points, or find some other way to penalize the driver. Remember, I didn’t say someone ended up in the wall on purpose, but it really does happen. I just can’t stand hearing the drivers get out of the car and say I am sorry. What are they really sorry for? Do you really think they are sorry? I don’t think so. Do you think behind closed doors the drivers tell their spouses, friends, or teammates they are sorry? Not a shot.

I want to see a good race. I think Ricky Bobby said it best, “…here’s the deal, I’m the best there is, plain and simple, I mean I wake up every morning and I kiss excellence, and nobody can hang with my stuff, uh, you know I’m just a, just a big hairy American winning machine, you ain’t first, you’re last, you know, what I’m talking about … that phrase is trademarked and not to be used without the permission of Ricky Bobby Inc…”

Somebody please get some attitude.  Happy racing everyone.

Jeremy Wilkins


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