This is the tenth anniversary of Maryland winning the national title in basketball.  It is stunning to look how far the program fell from that level to being a team that was iffy just to make the tournament.  How could that happen?

My theory is not that Gary got lazy, but that Maryland paid the price for its success.  It’s a credit to him that his program was raided for its assistant coaches. Look and see who left: Billy Hahn, Dave Dickerson and Jimmy Patsos.  All were a part of his program was great, and all went on to become head coaches elsewhere.  Only Patsos has had success, but they were great assistants. They did the recruiting so Gary didn’t have to. The men he replaced them with just weren’t as good.  Since Gary didn’t like to recruit, losing his great recruiters really had a damaging effect on the program’s ability to sustain the level of success they had for many years.