BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Maryland’s Mega Millions winner is still a mega mystery. And the single mom of seven in South Baltimore who claims she’s got the ticket has yet to claim the cash.

Mike Hellgren has the new interview and why she’s creating international buzz.

“I was so shocked.  I said ‘Why I have 23 two times?'” said the mystery lady.

Single mom Mirlande Wilson was all smiles in the New York Post claiming she won the big Mega Millions prize. Now, she seems confused.

“For me, I’m shocked myself.  I don’t have… I’m a little shocked right now,” she said.

Reporter: “You’re in shock because you believe you won or because as you said, it’s real confusing what’s going on right now. What’s the shock?”

Wilson: “It’s confusing. It’s very confusing.”

Reporter: “Do you think you’ve won?”

Wilson: “I can’t answer.”

During a new interview inside her home in South Baltimore she wouldn’t produce the winning ticket.

“I’m not gonna tell you where the ticket is until I make sure it’s right,” she said.

No one has come to lottery headquarters, but we can confirm Wilson has hired a lawyer.

Maryland lottery officials have gotten attention from around the world. They say they’re no closer now to identifying the winner.

“One of the worst things that could happen is for someone to erroneously believe that the winning ticket’s been claimed only to have the actual holder of the ticket be confused and maybe throw away the ticket,” said Stephen Martino, director of the Maryland Lottery.

To make things more complicated, Wilson’s co-workers at McDonald’s aren’t “lovin’ it.” They say the winning ticket was part of a pool, and they want a share. Wilson claims the winning ticket is separate and the cash is hers.

Reporter: “Are they fighting with you over the ticket?”

Wilson: “Yeah, that’s a big problem.”

Whether she’s the big winner or someone else steps up, it sure makes for a fascinating cliffhanger.

Reporter: “You say find the ticket.  Does that mean you don’t know where it is?”

Wilson: “I cannot answer. I’m not able to talk right now. I’ll make sure everything is all right.”

After taxes, Maryland’s winner will get $105 million.

Comments (27)
  1. realityck says:


    1. dd says:

      Want to try 1, that’s how long it took the guy from WVA who won around the same about 5 yrs. ago. Looks like all of the uneducated billies have all the luck and no idea how to handle it.

      Looks to me like she is also trying to stiff her fellow workers. Hope they catch her before her attorney (funny she had to run and get one right away) figures out a loop hole so that she can keep her stolen loot.

  2. Card says:

    Maybe the 105 million she can buy some Brains??
    Nah I doubt that…:(

  3. RavenLude says:

    she never had the winning ticket…….
    but good thing for her, im sure she collects a hefty check from the government for all those kids.
    i thought she was 37, looks more like 47

  4. kirby says:

    like the headline “alledged”, guilty of a crime already!

    1. kirby says:

      oops, that headline was on yahoo directing everyone to this article on JZ. Don’t worry, move to carroll county, they cant get a case to trial

  5. John says:

    She aint gotta clue what to do with this much money –fine; give me that ticket and I’ll burn through few million and invest the rest in business that is a sure winner.

  6. diet says:

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  7. intelligent you hoo says:

    then cash it already if it is yours and if it was a pool hope you made copies of all the bought tickets for each player then no claims, but yo’s aint that smart

  8. kathy says:

    Just claim the ticket already .But if you played in a pool at work and you were in charge of it .You should not have played your own ticket in the first place .Share with your co workers .All I can say is you better watch your back money is the root of all evil . Not worth all that think about your 7 kids . Do the right thing

  9. John says:

    Why would they want to leave the ticket with a woman who has 7 children. They are all talk just to get money. They would all get a copy for one. They would all leave the ticket with someone who don’t have many kids who could grab the ticket and loose the ticket which smart people should see. People just want money and put this lady threw hell. Money is the root to all evil and it is already trying to hurt this lady. You all need to just let her live her life and leave her alone.

  10. The Working Man says:

    Wow. I’m really getting “Negro Fatigue” over this. I’m so sick of their behavior.

  11. yousefthe giant says:

    Hati capital of scam ville. Nothing good ever has come from the country period!!

  12. eric says:

    heck yah.. she is black…has 7 children by 5 or 6 daddies who are probally in prison now… you know she is on food stamps and welfare… lives with her momma… who is rasing the children…they will probally be shot by the time they are 15 or 16…any girls will be knocked up in their teens… and you know this.. look around at you neighbor hood .. you probally have 5 or 6 children also.. are you still married.. where is your husband… in jail

  13. scott says:

    Her Lawyer is going to look like even more of a clown when it turns out she’s been lying the entire time.

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  15. Mose Calloway says:

    I think this started as an “April Fool’s” joke that got out of hand. Remember, she lives in Baltimore but she called the New York Post. The Post broke the story and put her on the back page of the Post. (Just what she wanted. One moment of fame). When channel 13 in Baltimore went to her house, it had gotten out of hand. She closed the door, and had no comment. SHE IS NOT THE WINNER. We will find that out– later. As of today April 6. She and her lawyer says, she does not KNOW WHERE THE TICKET IS. Nuff said.

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  17. willie says:

    the color of her skin has nothing to do with her stupidy. as proven by all the racist coments poated here.a single mother wth seven kids lady luck hasen;t exactly smiled on her life. maybe this is her turnaround.

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