BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The votes are in. Mitt Romney won the Maryland Republican primary. The contest wasn’t even close, and it was unusually quiet.

Adam May has the breaking developments in Campaign 2012.

This win for Romney gives him another 37 delegates. At this point, he’s practically got the GOP nomination.

Romney declared victory in the Maryland Republican primary for president.

Unlike other states, exit polling in Maryland shows Romney did well with very conservative voters–usually his weakness.

There was plenty of parking at polling places across the state. Turnout was very low. Even at one of the usually busiest precincts, turnout was around 15 percent.

“People fought and died for this right, so I haven’t missed an election,” said one voter.

Democrats had limited choices on the ballot, and many Republicans admit a lack of enthusiasm.

One voter said there was a “lack of choices for a presidential campaign,” but decided to vote anyway.

“I’m here because I should be here,” she said.

Exit polling also shows 72 percent of Maryland Republicans picked Romney because they think he has the best chance to beat President Barack Obama.

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich is Romney’s Maryland campaign chair.

“It’s gonna be a 50-50 race.  Very tough. Incumbent president never easy to beat, but he has the organization, skill set, the experience and the fundraising ability to be very competitive with a sitting president of the United States,” Ehrlich said.

Romney also won in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich remain in the race. But it’s almost mathematically impossible for them to win the nomination, as Romney picked up 86 delegates Tuesday.

Also, Ben Cardin easily won the Democratic primary for Senate.

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  1. wheres common sense when you need it says:

    Maybe the reason voter turn out was/is so low is because there is no one to vote for. What are the choices? It is either the same thing we have now democrat or the same thing we have now republican. Either way the people vote, we lose. These politicians are so far out of touch with the real people of this country that it is pathetic. Our government has become the biggest prostitution ring going with each and every member bought and paid for by big money and big money interest. Maybe the story should be why voters don’t come out to vote. Maybe since the majority didn’t vote for no “one”, then no “one” should get the delegates. Two different parties, to different directions to take the country, SAME DESTINATION!!!!!!!!!!!! The blood of tomorrows revolution lies on the hands of the politicians of today. So please continue to re-elect the same politicians with the same mindset as the ones before, the destruction of this country will thank you for it!

    1. happyjack says:

      STFU U FOOLISH PERSON. Doom & gloom may suit you but not I said the beautiful princess.

      1. wheres common sense when you need it says:

        Well Beautiful Princess, keep living in your fairy tail world. Keep believing that the current political powers will keep your personal interests at heart. Continue to drink what ever color Kool-Aid they tell you is best and in the end, we will see who the foolish person is!

  2. Papa Don says:

    Like Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting difference results.”

  3. for pete's sake says:

    It makes no sense. Really. The fact that a person’s biggest selling point is that he “might be able to beat the democrats” is….oh goodness… pitiful. Especially when that someone makes such brilliant decisions like strapping his dog in a crate to the top of his car and going on vacation. I mean, sure you may be smart money-wise (for those who have it already), but jeeeez, if this is how you care for the family dog, then we are in BIG trouble….and I’m a conservative!!!

  4. happyjack says:

    This mannequin man is going to need the help of God almighty to win anything come Nov. Romney unlike his Dad is so far removed from the average man & family that he sneers at anyone who doesn’t have an elevator for their car in their homes. He says a lot of words but never connects the dots, never offers any plans or solutions. Only a lot of rhetoric.

  5. yousefthe giant says:

    This dude is as plastic as Monsanto chemicals.

  6. wise up Md says:

    all the dems have to offer is Barrie Odumbo…….

  7. wise up Md says:

    who will admitt that they voted for the elitest dopey cardin ..he makes a living throwing a bone to the entitlement crowd..

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