BALTIMORE (WJZ)—If you don’t have plans yet for this weekend you might want to take the kids to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Its annual Easter event is fun for all.

Ron Matz reports the really big star of the show is getting ready for all the excitement.

Flanders is a Flemish giant rabbit. Yeah, he’s one big bunny.

“He weighs about 16 pounds,” said Margaret Innes, Maryland Zoo in Baltimore animal embassy area manager. “These rabbits can get into the 20 to 22 pound range. He’s one of our animal ambassadors at the Maryland Zoo. Everybody loves these giant rabbits.”

At first glance you might think Flanders is a dog.

“It’s enormous. A 22 pound rabbit is something you don’t see every day, but it’s very cute. My kids would enjoy seeing it,” said Tom Benassi, of Towson.

Flanders will be center stage this weekend at the Maryland Zoo’s annual Bunny BonanZOO.

“These guys really need to have good hearing because in the wild they’re prey animals. So he needs to hear everything that is going on around him so he has these huge ears which are great for listening. His eyes are set high up on his head and on each side so he has a really wide range of vision,” Innes said.

Flanders is three years old. He came from a farm in Pennsylvania.

It should be big fun with that big bunny this weekend.

“Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have our Bunny BonanZOO event from 10 a.m. til 2 p.m. Each day we have an Easter egg hunt. Children come out and find the plastic Easter eggs and then turn them in for prizes which are Mary Sue eggs,” Innes said.

The Bunny BonanZOO is free with your admission to the Maryland Zoo this weekend. For more information just click here.

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