BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Chaos on a busy Baltimore street when gunfire breaks out in the middle of the afternoon. Two men are shot and the gunman is still on the loose.

Meghan McCorkell has the developing investigation.

It was a shootout in broad daylight as a police officer witnessed the gunman unleashing a hail of bullets. Now, police are trying to hunt down the suspects.

It’s a scene witnesses describe as a madhouse.

“I heard the shots. It was like boom, boom, boom, boom,” one witness said.

A gunman standing on North Avenue near Druid Hill Avenue opened fire on two men walking down the sidewalk. A police officer just around the corner heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene.

“The patrol officer was in uniform. He confronted the suspect at which time the suspect got into the vehicle with at least one other individual,” Jeremy Silbert of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

The officer fired on the suspects but they got away in a silver car.

A WJZ crew captured video on their cell phone just moments after the shootout. Police swarmed the area. The two targets of the gunman were both shot.

Witnesses say one of the shooting victims staggered over to a gas station parking lot where he collapsed.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over the scene as paramedics frantically worked on that man. The other victim fell right on the sidewalk.

“I saw one gentleman on the ground. There was a police officer tending to him,” said a witness.

Both men were rushed to the hospital. Now, a manhunt is on for the shooter and his getaway driver.

“If you witnessed this, if you have any information on who the suspect or suspects are, to please contact police,” Silbert said.

There’s a plea for answers as the neighborhood cleans up from this terrifying ordeal.

Police have found a car that they believe may be involved in the shooting. It is unclear if it is that getaway vehicle.

WJZ is still trying to get more information about the conditions of those two shooting victims.

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  1. I hate this city says:

    This is exactly why white people fear blacks! Only blacks engage in daily public shootings like this. That North Ave corridor is extremely dangerous. It is very unnerving to know that many communities are directly connected to North Ave and Pennsylvania Ave via that terrible subway. Man, I live in Owings Mills and anyone of these animals could be out here in 15 minutes on the MTA subway. This is exactly why Owings Mills Mall failed. Proves again that section-8 will always fail. Just moves the criminal class to another community to terrorize.

    1. robertryan says:

      Amen man.

    2. Jen says:

      They didn’t commit this crime via subway. Check out the crime rate in cities with better public transportation than Baltimore and you’ll see a much lower crime rate. When people are out walking around, crime tends to go elsewhere.

  2. Nia says:

    Well, now blacks have a reason to fear whites. Thanks Zimmerman.

  3. robertryan says:

    @Nia, You are either the most liberal person on the planet insulated in a gated community or bubble or the most stupid. …I HATE THIS CITY speaks the truth. Unless you have experienced these disgusting thugs, byproducts from uncaring unmarried black baby mommas that are worthless & have no ambition in life except to scam the man.

  4. dave says:

    Where’s Commish Bealefeld on this matter the lazy white prick. We need Ed Norris the skull cracking chief back in Balto.

  5. NO MORE DRAMA says:


    1. Jen says:

      She’s distracted right now with the Grand Prix. She can’t be bothered with these real problems.

  6. Tracey says:

    I would not limit these crimes to Blacks, rather I would pinpoint it more to drug addicts. I was born in Baltimore City, and although my family moved me away, that is still home to me – and I would still travel through that city as if I owned it.

    1. robertryan says:

      That’s cause you Nig’s do own it but Whitey paid for it.

    2. 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON says:

      a few marines will get the job done

  7. damion410 says:

    drug addicts don’t carry guns. drug dealers do

  8. robertryan says:

    You Nuckin figgers can’t read or see. Look @ the news on T.V., radio, it’s always a Nig**R cracking somebody’s head white, black, asian. They’re uncivilized swamp creatures.

  9. johnnychimpo says:

    There are a lot of MICA students nearthat area. If I were the cops, I would focus on shaking down some hipsters for information. They are young, often use drugs recreationally, and frequently wear large wool hats. They should all be suspects, because we can’t just blame this behavior on black men… that be rasiss and shiiii

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