BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore’s next Roman Catholic archbishop says he sees religious liberties eroding in the United States — most urgently in the federal government’s contraception mandate.

In a discussion of faith in politics on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Bridgeport, Conn., Bishop William Lori said the nation’s diversity of faiths “contribute to a moral consensus that underlies our laws.” Lori, a leading Catholic voice in the debate, is set to be installed as Baltimore’s archbishop next month.

The Obama administration mandated that insurers cover free birth control even for institutions with religious affiliations. But Lori says the government is forcing religious institutions to go against their teachings. He says they have had the freedom to live their teachings and serve the public good for generations, but are no longer being accommodated.

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  1. Working Poor says:

    if you’re religion forbids contraceptives then no problem, the insurance companies may even give you better rates since of course no self respecting employee of yours would take advantage of the contraceptives….

    However, carving out a specific exception aimed at particular faiths is also contrary to the 1st amendment which would mean that the law would either have to ban all contraceptives from health insurance coverage or keep it as is.

    It’s a nice attempt by the church to win the war against contraceptives, but sorry I think a supposedly celebate man is the last person on earth that should be regulating a woman’s uterus.

  2. wheres common sense when you need it says:

    The law does not erode religious freedoms and I am tired of hearing the bible thumpers crying about it! The mandate says that all employers have to have their health coverage cover it but it does not make anyone USE it! So if the religious flock is true to the word, then none of the people covered by the policy will use it, hence no religious foul. But, since 99% of the women whom these church tyrants claim to be protecting use contraceptives, the argument is mute. It seems that the only violation being committed is the fact that women aren’t even allowed to make the decision for themselves. Why should some random man be telling women what they will or won’t do with their health? Religion is a PERSONAL choice and should ALWAYS be protected. But, when religion tries to dictate public policy, then it is time to drop the hammer on it! I get so tired of religion trying to dictate my life. If I wanted to live like that I would move to the Middle East. This is the USA and EVERYONE has their own freedom to make decisions for themselves. It is time for the Church to mind their own business and appreciate the freedom that it has. Besides, if they don’t like it here, they can always go somewhere else!

    1. Jon says:

      could not have said it any better. great points

  3. Bill says:

    Caution should be used here? When the government starts issuing standards on reproduction issues the next step is deciding how many and when you may have children? China has had standards for years with penalties for non compliance. We do not want to open Pandora’s Box here regardless of religious feelings. The other side is once we have health care for everyone the government and insurance companies will mandate healthy matrix for every part of your life. We could slip into serious Socialism where the people donot have a voice?

  4. Jon says:

    It is amazing how hatred towards one man can cause many to go against the things they use to be for. Republicans use to be for a mandate, and individual responsibility, but once Obama adopted those same policies things changed. This war on religion. If you do not want to take contraceptives then don’t. But don’t tell the women in my family they can not have it because you don’t approve. This Bishop is nothing more part of the Republican let’s defeat Obama machine. I am glad I am Methodist, and not subject to this guys rulings.

  5. MD VOTER says:

    I’m all for defeating the “Obama machine”, but the liberal democrats will keep him in office. So we must live with his far left liberal policies. Socialism is knocking at the door and Obama is answering it.

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