By Adam May

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Superheroes don’t usually go to jail. But a man dressed like Batman was arrested after storming the field during the Orioles’ season opener. Now he’s out of jail.

Adam May spoke to the man who’s become an Internet sensation.

Batman tells WJZ he knew he was breaking the law and can’t believe he was let off the hook.

The caped crusader came to life at Friday’s Orioles’ home opener. More than a quarter million people have watched video of the partial streaker on the Internet.  He was wearing a cape and Batman underwear.

May: “So Batman, not to blow your cover, but what’s your real name?”

Batman: “My name is Mark Harvey.”

May: “And why did you do this?”

Harvey: “One, it was my birthday, and I just love to make people laugh and get them going, so I was like what’s better to do than go to Opening Day and do it, so I went with it.”

The 26-year-old admits he’s more of joker. He posted pictures on Facebook before the game. Afterwards, a friend even mapped his adventure.

Harvey ran for more than a minute before he was tackled by Baltimore City police. Then he spent a dark night at Central Booking.

May: “The Orioles organization has frowned upon this, and they hope others don’t do it.”

Harvey: “Yeah, I don’t recommend doing it. I just wanted to. Trust me. They tackle you hard.”

But Harvey got off easy. He was not criminally charged.

May: “Suddenly they just said you’re good to go?”

Harvey: “Yeah, they said all the charges were dropped, and I was surprised. I asked twice, ‘Are you sure?’ He said, ‘Yeah.'”

The Orioles organization expected trespassing charges. The state’s attorney’s office calls the oversight a communication error.

“A misstep we won’t make again,” they said.

So what’s next for this Bruce Wayne wannabe?

May: “Will Batman be back?”

Harvey: “That’s what everyone keeps asking me. And you know what? Batman might be back. People are little upset I said it was worth it. But hey, I’m my own person. I enjoyed it and the crowd was going crazy.”

The Orioles say Harvey has been banned from the stadium for the rest of his life. Fans are at odds over the punishments. Some agree. Other say it was a lot of fun.

The state’s attorney’s office would not elaborate on what caused the communication error.

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