PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—A pup named Rosie has a rosy future. The designer dog was missing for almost two weeks before a group of nuns came to the rescue.

Jessica Kartalija has the story.

Sent from a breeder in the Midwest, 10-month-old Rosie arrived in Maryland two weeks ago.

But before new owner Jill Weiss could get her home, “She yanks me so hard, I almost fall over and she takes off, through the fields, down Hillside,” said Jill Weiss.

For the next 12 days, Rosie was on the run near Pikesville.

Weiss posted signs at Stevenson Village and all along Hillside Road where Rosie had been spotted.

“I started to believe somebody actually picked her up,” Weiss said.

That was until the hapless Havanese was captured on camera at 3 a.m. outside a convent.

“I get a call from Tim, who works at the Sisters of Notre Dame. ‘I think I saw your dog. She was on our surveillance camera,’” Weiss said.

When the Sisters of Notre Dame heard Rosie was somewhere on their property they prayed to St. Anthony and St. Francis for her safe return.

“To have this kind of happen here is a natural response to the sisters to want to pray that Rosie would be found and her owners would be reunited with her,” said Sister Claire Foley, Sisters of Notre Dame.

It worked. With the help of a McDonald’s hamburger, Rosie was lured into a crate and reunited with Weiss.

“My husband and I and Rosie want to give you a contribution, reward for helping us find Rosie,” Weiss said to the sisters.

They say Rosie is always welcome at the convent.

“If Rosie decided to join, she would be well loved,” said Sister Foley.

Weiss says Rosie isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  She’s already had the fence put up around her property, and Rosie is equipped with a GPS monitoring device.

Weiss even called a bloodhound service to search for her and posted information on a website for lost dogs.


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