PERRY HALL, Md. (WJZ)– A 13-year-old’s life is saved by CPR when she collapses while playing field hockey. Breanna Sudano is back on the field after treatment for heart disease as honorary captain of the Perry Hall High lacrosse team.

Pat Warren has more on her triumphant return.

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Sept. 27 was Breanna Sudano’s last field hockey game.

“I actually don’t remember anything,” Sudano said. “The only thing I remember is getting to the field and warming up. Everything else I just don’t remember.”

Her mother will never forget.

“She just collapsed,” she said.

“I first asked my mom for my phone and a bunch of my fiends were texting me and asking me a whole bunch of stuff like I had a seizure, a stroke or anything. And I asked my mom. She said, ‘No, you went into cardiac arrest,'” Breanna Sudano said.

Coaches and parents performed CPR.

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“And they actually did an excellent job in saving her life,” Peter Gaskin, a pediatric cardiologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, said.

Friday’s Perry Hall High School lacrosse game is dedicated to Breanna Sudano. Gaskin said she was born with a rare heart condition.

“The presentation or the way they identify that they have that problem is when their heart stops beating,” he said.

CPR saved Breanna Sudano’s life.

“It’s the best gift that you can give your child is to know CPR,” Chastin Faith said.

And Breanna Sudano is proof of that.

“You have to go to your doctors and get all this checked out because I’ve been playing sports ever since I was three and we never knew about any of this until it actually happened,” she said.

The game is also a fundraiser for the American Heart Association that the money raised in honor of Breanna Sudano’s life-saving story may help save other lives.

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Breanna Sudano hopes to return to the field in competition in the fall.