I’m not one to try to predict who the Ravens will draft, especially so late in the first round. The guy most people are leaning towards is Peter Konz out of Wisconsin. We had former NFL O-lineman Trevor Matich from ESPN on the show and he raved about Konz joining the Ravens. However, it’s impossible to predict what happens in front of them.

I do believe that this is a pivotal draft for the Ravens. They are weak at O-line, running short at linebacker, both their safeties are in the final years of their deal and they lack a return man. They are about to tie up a ton of money in Flacco and Rice, and already have money tied up Suggs, Ngata and Webb. That means they need some bargains for the next few years like Ray Rice has been.

They need to come out of this draft with at least three impact players, as opposed to guys that provide depth. If it’s Konz, great, but beyond the first pick, they need to get lucky later in the draft, finding gems like Webb, Jarrett Johnson and Adalius Thomas, as opposed to busts like Kindle, Darling and Pittman.